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Catching Up

Once again it has been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog. I mean for that to change starting this week!  There has been a lot of big news in Southern Gospel over the last few months I will hit on the biggest along with some thoughts on each.

  • Dustin Sweatmen left the MTQ as I’m sure you were all aware. I would say that this is a big loss for them; but the fact that they replaced him with no other than Nick Trammel, negates any negative impact Sweatmen’s departure would have had on the group. All they need now is a pianist and they could well be the strongest group out there.
  • Glenn Dustin resigned his spot with Legacy Five- I was shocked to see this come about; but not totally surprised, I have always felt he would eventually leave the group. Now for replacements I have heard people mention almost every name under the sun, from Justin Terry to Gene McDonald. I will be praying that L5 finds just the right person to fill the big shoes that Glen left behind. Personally I would like to see them hire Randy Byrd if they wanted a seasoned  older bass singer, or Paul Harkey who is one of the best up and coming bass singers on the road today. Paul currently sings for the Anchromen. There have been a lot of great bass singers come through that group including Jeff Chapman (which is who Paul reminds me of) Aaron Mccune, and David Hester.

Alot of the other bloggers are doing it so I will post my votes from the NQC awards:

  1. Bass Singer – Paul Harkey (Anchormen)
  2. Baritone Singer – Jim Brady (Booth Brothers)
  3. Lead Singer – Bill Shivers (Brian Free & Assurance)
  4. Tenor Singer – Gus Gaches (Legacy Five)
  5. Soprano Singer – Judy Martin (Martins)
  6. Alto Singer – Libbi Perry Stuffle  (The Perrys)
  7. Soloist – Jason Crabb
  8. Male Group –Legacy Five
  9. Mixed Group – The Collingsworth Family
  10. Musician – Trey Ivey
  11. Album – Somebody’s Coming– Gold City
  12. Song – Ask Me Why– Legacy Five

That’s it for now, I have started on a couple CD reviews (Jubilee 3, and Nothing But Love-BFA) that I really hope to have up soon!

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