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NQC 2011, Wednesday Night

NQC Wednesday Night: Wednesday night at the NQC was a mixture of new groups and some group that have been around for a long time. Wait is not every night that way? Oh well just a thought… I had a pretty enjoyable time Wednesday night, even though there were some meh moments.

The Freemans: The Freemans had a terrific opening set highlighted by my favorite Freemans song “The Father And The Son,” and of course Chris Freeman!

  • One Lonely Hill- This was a good way to open up their set with. I enjoyed this song immensely.


  • The Father And The Son- Chris Freeman sang  the absolute fire out of this song. It got the crowd all worked up early on.


  • He Keeps Sending Angels- This song featured their youngest son, who had never sung at NQC before, he did a nice job for his first time.


  • Children Of The Dust- This song is another one that Chris knocked out of the park, it once again got the crowd going.

THE BROWNS: I Sing The Mighty Power/Canon in D- I was decently impressed by the three brown children with their violins on this number.

Tribute Quartet: Tribute had a pretty unspectacular set until their last song (Homecoming Day) which was when the gloves came off…

  • He’s leading the way- A charming little ditty that Tribute sang fairly well.


  • It makes me wanna go- I enjoyed this nice mid tempo song. Riley Clark is a terrific tenor (more on him below)


  • Its gets sweeter- Their close quartet harmony was emphasized on this one.


  • Bring on the Joy- This is where things started to get interesting, really enjoyed this number.


  • Homecoming Day- As I said above Riley Clark is a terrific tenor. This song and his performance of it showed he has the potential to  become a great tenor. The song itself is an excellent, excellent song written by Melsissa Brady.

The Perry’s: The Perrys had a very enjoyable set, that was highlighted by Libbis stirring song “Celebrate Me Home.”


  • In Time On Time- This catchy song was one of my favorites off of Blue Skies. I was glad to see them doing it at NQC.


  • Celebrate Me Home- I was surprised to see this one so close to the start of their set, but that did not matter it went over extremely well. Libbi is one of the best for sure. The video of pictures they played of passed on heroes during the song was a marvellous touch.


  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness- Tracy introduced Bryan Walker as the singing policeman, then had him sing this song solo with no music. I have to say he impressed me immensely on this one.


  • Jesus Hold My Hand- This old classic is on Libbi’s new solo CD. She truly nailed it last night to say the least!


  • Wish I Coulda Been There- NQC would not be the same without the Perry’s singing this modern day hit song. The crowd ate it up to say the least.

Ernie Haase And Signature Sound: Despite sound issues, EHSS had a very enjoyable set highlighted by their no track all live music rendition of “Until We Fly Away.”

  • Someday- EHSS has not sung this one for quite a while since they have been doing their Cats tribute thing.


  • Moving up to glory land- Never really been a big fan of this song at any time…


  • I Believe- Ian Owens knocked this one out of the park. He reminds a whole lot of Armond Morales.


  • Until We Fly Away- Doug Anderson really shined on this song which is one of my favorite EHSS songs. They did it without a soundtrack which allowed them to do some neat things with the arrangement.


  • Then Came The Morning- Devin Mcglammery has really growed into his lead singer role with EHSS and really did a terrific job on this one last night.


  • Glory To God In The Highest- They closed their set on a big note. They even had Gerald Wolfe join them for their dance routine, it was pretty funny…

Rambos: I had been looking forward to seeing another Rambo/Mcguire set since I experienced the magnificent set they had last year at the 100 year showcase.

  • Troubles can break you or make you a man- This was a nice way to start off the set, I really like this song.


  • Nothing But Good- Destiny really shined on this number, she has a beautiful voice reminiscent of Sonya Isaacs.


  • Mama’s Teaching Angels- Once again Destiny did a terrific job on a song that Sonya has made popular lately.


  • I Won’t Ask No More- A very nice song, that was sung very well.


  • To Much To Gain To Lose- They brought up Buck for this one. It was one of the more touching moments of the week in a week full of touching moments.


  • He Looked Beyond My Faults- No Rambo set would be complete without arguably the greatest Dottie Rambo song ever!

Greater Vision: You would have thought following the Rambo’s Greater Vision would have fallen a little flat; but instead they blew everyone away, especially Chris and the Little Giant.

  • When They Ring The Bells- Nothing to fancy here, just some good sangin from one of the best trios ever in Southern Gospel.


  • You Were Faithful Yesterday- One of my favorite songs from “Not Alone.” Loved the verse Allman sang.


  • Like I’d Wished I Lived- This is one of their new songs featuring Chris. Last night they had him do it with just piano and wow did Allman really pull off a thrilling vocal. He is just a singing maniac. I love his voice especially on a slow song like this one.


  • Til The Storm Passes By- Gerald has had some voice trouble the last year or so. Well that surgery he had must have taken care of that because he blew the top off of this song. His Ab he hit at the end of the last verse was perfect for the most part, he is starting to sound like the 20 year younger Gerald again WOW.

The Hoppers: The Hoppers had a terrific set punctuated by Kim singing a Tribute song to her brother, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

  • Yahweh- Not to sure about starting with song; but it worked for the Hoppers.


  • Nobody’s To Bad- Karyle Hopper has grown in just the last year as a singer.  She may not ever become the powerhouse her mom is; but she will be a excellent singer one day.


  • I’ve Come To Far- Connie Hopper is one of the most consistent female singers in Southern Gospel. She turned in a very nice vocal on the verses of this one, and Kim carried it home.


  • Shouting Time- I have heard this song so many times in my five years of attending the NQC I could scream… It was nice at the end though when they brought Tim Riley up to really pound out some low notes.


  • Well Done,Well Done- Kim sang this beautiful song in tribute to her brother. I can honestly say I shed some tears throughout this one. I loved the video with pictures of Tony they played during the song. It was a fitting tribute to a wonderful man of God who was taken before his time.

Paul’s Journey: This group from Texas who won a showcase to get the chance to perform on main stage.

  • This Is What Heaven Means To Me- They made the most out of their one song. Their tenor got the feature and man can that kid sing. I was blown away by his vocal control and pitch. They got a enormous standing ovation at the end of this one.

Sisters: Oh how I heart the Sisters! I just wish they could have gotten more stage time. Their one song was probably the best vocal performance by any group all week.

  • Under His Wings- The sisters can sing this song like its no ones business. Their smooth as butter harmony is unmatched by anyone else in any genre of music. And it showed out in a big way with their performance last night of their biggest hit song.

Jason Crabb: Not much else can be said about Jason that what I said about him last night. He is just downright anointed, his band seems to be as well…

  • Sometimes I Cry- Love this song and loved Jason’s vocal on it last night. He sings with such passion and conviction, you can tell he truly means what he is singing.

Gold City: Gold City had a pretty decent set of songs, highlighted by “Get Up, Get Ready”  Once again like Monday night their mix was I felt pretty solid.

  • We’ll Soon Be Done- This old classic song was performed nicely last night, even with some mic issues


  • Peter James & John- They again sang this new song last night. I believe I liked it better than the first time I heard it on Monday night. It certainly wets my appetite for the new CD.


  • I’m Rich- Craig West turned in a very solid performance on this one.


  • I Cast My Bread- Tim Riley is still the man and Gold City on this song last night proved that.


  • Get, Up, Get Ready- This old Gold City hit still hasn’t lost its favor with the NQC crowd, they absolutely tore it up. Dan Keeton sang remarkably well on it, he was more in control of his voice on this song than when I had heard him on it before.

Triumphant: TQ usually always turns in a decent set and last night was no exception. They kicked things up a gear after the first song and sent the crowd home happy with three straight fast songs.

Love Came Calling- Scotty Inman is one of the very best young singers in Southern Gospel right now. His smooth delivery on this song last night was very nice, very nice indeed.

Saved By Grace- This hand clapper of a song always leaves the crowd wanting more, and last night was no exception whatsoever.

Old White Flag- White hankies were waving everywhere as Clayton Inman sang the fire out of this bluegrass number, with Jeff Stice looking on in chagrin.

Almost Home- This is a new barn burner written by Scotty Inman. The crowd absolutely loved this song,and TQ had to encore it two times.

Conclusion: Wednesday night was a night of many laughs some tears and some people in a hurry to get out of there… I enjoyed myself for the most part and I got home at a decent hour so I can’t complain too much. Jason Crabb and the Sisters did a great job emceeing. Jason seems to be a pure natural at the job. Half the week is now over,and I am hoping things really get kicked up a notch starting tomorrow with the Gaither Vocal Band Reunion.

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  1. Luv SG
    September 15, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    So glad to get to hear Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound since the addition of Ian Owens at bass. I had heard what a wonderful “singer” he was in addition to being a great bass. Ian did not disappoint last night. I see why he was Ernie’s pick to replace Tim. Ian also appears to be a kind and humble person as well.

  2. meatman
    October 2, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Oct

    I really thought Tribute Quartet had the best performance of the whole NQC. Riley Clark is a great singer and Homecoming Day stole the show.
    All in my own opinion.

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