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NQC 2011, Thursday Night

Thursday: I didn’t catch quite as many sets tonight as I wanted to due to unforeseen issues. It was a pretty good night with some decent sets and some uninspired sets. I will list the ones that stuck out to me, and my thoughts on each one.

The Collingsworth Family: The Collingsworth’s were stuck in a crummy time slot, right at the start. Which IMO is one of the worst slots a group can get, as there are still lots of people streaming in looking aimlessly for their seats. The Collingsworth Family handled it fairly well and turned in a decent set highlighted by “Tell The Mountain.”

  • Joy- This is a charming little song from their new project, the crowd seemed to enjoy it.
  • Fear Not Tomorrow- This was their monster hit last year. It did not seem to go over as well as last year primarily due I believe to the early time slot. It just did not seem to connect as well.
  • Tell The Mountain- This was the highlight of their set for me personally. I certainly like Phil Jr’s voice, he  has matured a great deal over the last couple of years. The crowd still did not really bite on this song either; but I sure enjoyed it.
  • Jesus Is All I Need- This song was set up by a moving testimony by Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed this song, the crowd seemed to warm up some by this time. It went over extremely well.

The Kingsmen: The Kingsmen had  a mediocre set. Highlighted by their new hit single “He’s Everything I Need.”

  • – When My Feet Touch The Streets Of Gold- Bryan Hutson turned in a very nice vocal on this old hit.
  • -If Not For The Love Of Christ- A song from their new album, that I personally liked better on CD than I did live.
  • – After The Sunrise- Another really old song, Ray Dean turned in a nice performance.
  • – I Knew It Was Him- Harold Reed was often criticized last year for his performance of “He’s All  I Need.” This year he came out and turned in a solid vocal on his new ballad from their new CD.
  • – He’s Everything I Need- This was the highlight of their set tonight. The crowd certainly got into to it big time as they turned it around about three or four times. Great song to say the least vintage Kingsmen.

The Kingdom Heirs: The Kingdom Heirs had a rather forgettable set, highlighted by “Tell Me Why.”

  • -Im Not Worried About Forever- A charming ditty that the crowd seemed to enjoy. I actually prefer Arthur Rice on a more mellow song of this sort.
  • -Tell Me Why- I thoroughly enjoyed this song, it just has a very catchy tune that the crowd picked up on as well. Very hard-driving vintage Kingdom Heirs number right there.
  • – When Heavens Gates Open Wide- This song featuring Jerry Martin, was well received. He is still a very popular singer from his days with the Doves.
  • – He Locked The Gates- This was a huge hit last year that they seemed to turn around a million times… Thankfully last night they did not turn it around to many times.

L5: Legacy Five had a pleasant albeit predictable set. I will give them one thing they are remarkably consistent. Their set was highlighted by their lovely piano only rendition of “There’s Something About That Name.”

  • – Everyday- This jazzy number was a hit with the crowd. I worked L5’s table some last night and several people came by asking what CD this song was on.
  • – God Cares For Me- This one from their new album was another song that was well received. It’s a enjoyable upbeat ditty that featured some lovely inversions from Gus towards the end.
  • – I’ve Been Changed- Glenn Dustin has certainly mastered this song in the last 6 years. He has not always sang it as good as he did last night.
  • – Thankful For The Change- This song always follows “I’ve Been Changed” in the lineup no matter where they sing, so I knew it was coming. I have always enjoyed this song more live than I ever did on CD. Some songs are just made for the live setting I suppose.
  • -Something About That Name- Trey Ivey offered some particularly tasteful piano only accompaniment  to this fabulous  Gaither song. The vocal blend was terrific.  Since the addition of Gus L5 has this blend that is just incredible, maybe it has always been there; but Gus just helps bring it out. That was abundantly clear on this song last night. The crowd seemed to love it as well.
  • – We Shall See Jesus- L5 did not stage this last year at NQC due to EHSS doing it. Well L5 got their shot at it last night. I will say the response was almost as big or bigger as what EHSS got last year. It’s just a phenomenal song, that L5 did an excellent job on.

The Isaac’s: I have grown to love what the Isaacs bring to the table at NQC every year. They are not quite full on bluegrass, and they definitely are not full on Southern Gospel. Maybe you could call it Southern Grass?! Anyway they are brilliant, and I can not wait to hear more tomorrow night!

  • -Walk On- Sonya Isaacs is astounding need I say more?
  • -Three Bells- Never truly liked this song, but Ben always turns in a delightful vocal and last night was no exception.
  • -Im Gonna Love You Through- This is a new song from their new album. It was written and recorded with Lily in mind. It is a hauntingly beautiful song. Last night it was even more chilling when they brought some cancer survivors on stage to hold up signs, stating how long they were free from Cancer.
  • -I Will Praise Him- The Isaace really soared to the rafters on this all A Capella rendition of this great hymn.

EHSS: Ernie Haase and Signature Sound churned out some new songs last night for the first time in what seems like forever, they have been on this stroll down gospel memory lane for what seems like forever, so it was refreshing to hear some new material from this great quartet.

  • – Here We Are Again- I really like this new song, it has a modern yet laid back feel that drew me in from the first strands.
  • – I’ve Been Here Before- They seemed to drag this one out a little (maybe trying to drive it home) they encored it like 4 times without really much response from the crowd. It is a pleasant song but nothing earth shattering.
  • – I’ll Take What’s Left- This was a song featuring just Doug Anderson as it is from his solo album. I absolutely cannot get over just how good of a singer Doug is. This song and his take on it was a big highlight for me without a doubt.
  • – Oh What A Savior- Ernie turned in a very nice piano only version of his long-standing ballad.
  • -Glory To God In The Highest- It was strange to see them go to this one again at the end of their set, what was even more puzzling was the confetti they shot at the crowd…

Dove Brothers: Once again Burman Porter was a highlight reel. I just can not get over what he brings to the Doves table.

  • – Hold On- This is their number one hit from last year. The crowd and Mcray were really into it. Me not so much, maybe it was because I was so tired. I don’t know..
  • – Still Singing The Song- A new song that didn’t really stick with me after it was over. Mcray turned in a nice vocal though.
  • -Didn’t It Rain- NQC would not be complete without Mcray sliding all over the stage, and all over pitches with this song…
  • – Get Away Jordan- Burman Porter is breathing life back into this one while Mcray is killing it…

Booth Brothers– The Booths had a well paced set highlighted by “When I Met The Master.” They are crowd pleasers to say the least. A huge crowd stuck around just to hear them.

  • – He Saw It All- This song is still as popular with the audience including myself, as it was the first time they and I heard it…
  • – I’m Feeling Fine- I have actually never been a big fan of the Booth Brothers take on this song, but the crowd sure ate it up to say the least.
  • – Tears Are A Language- Jim Brady is a singing machine for sure. I loved  his vocal inflections on this tender ballad. Brady has just gotten better and better as a singer in his years with the Booths.
  • When I Met The Master- This was a big hit last year, and I believe a bigger hit this year. Ronnie turned in a masterful vocal for sure. The crowd ate it up like there is no tomorrow.

Thursday Night Conclusion: I was pretty tired tonight, so I might have missed some good moments while I was drifting into la la land… I was also in and out of the arena a lot, so I missed some sets. I believe that Thursday night overall was a good night. It seemed to be front logged with some great groups and great singing and back logged with some mediocre groups and uninspired singing. Maybe it was like that from start to finish. It’s funny how someone watching the same car crash tell the story of how it happened in a different way, that is a lot like NQC…

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  1. Ben
    September 16, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Finally, some real genuine critiquing in this blog. Keep up the good work

    • Nate Stainbrook
      September 17, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

      Hmmmm hope I don’t let you down on my next post… 🙂

  2. September 16, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Nate, I’ve always known you were capable of critiquing, but this is an especially good example. You just told it like it was, not trying to be snarky, just honest. You called the high points as you saw them while frankly acknowledging there were low points as well. I really enjoyed it.

    • Nate Stainbrook
      September 17, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

      Thanks Yank. I feel myself starting to shift a little as a writer, I feel there are things that no longer need to be left unsaid. There are also still those things that need to be said, and I will just be honest and call it like I see it from now on…

      • September 17, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

        I think it will make you a better writer, together with a little polishing on your mechanics. (By the way, I’ve noticed you’re cutting out some of those ellipses!)

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