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NQC 2011, Tuesday Night

Tuesday night at the NQC was probably one of the better early week nights I have seen in a long time. I arrived early in the day and enjoyed bits and pieces of various showcases the highlight being Legacy Five’s chapel service. I will be doing a group by group highlight analysis from just the night sets that I was in the auditorium for below.

Dove Brothers– The Doves biggest highlight was seeing Burman back with the group. Man does he give them a shot of energy at that bass position.

  • I Recall- Burman really sounded good on this one, which was a theme through their whole set.
  • Life Can Have New Meaning- A new song featuring Eric Dove, nothing really special here.
  • Operator- Burman brought down the house with this old classic. You could tell The crowd was pleased to see porter back with group.
  • Get Away Jordan- No Dove Brothers NQC set would be complete without a little of “ole chilly jordan” once again Porter nailed it.

Jeff And Sheri- They might have had the moment of the night when they had Jeffs dad come on stage with them and sing “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me”

  • God Knows What He Is Doing- Morgan Easter is starting to really get a more mature sound to her voice, which is a very good thing.
  • Praise His Name- I will probably never get tired of hearing Sheri sing this modern classic.
  • I Get To- A Nice song, that was sang fairly well by Jeff Easter.
  • Thank You Lord For Your Blessings- As I mentioned above this was a highlight moment of the entire night.

Legacy Five– They had a consistent set highlighted by Gus’s superb rendition of “For What Earthly Reason”.

  • I’d Like To Say It Again- Glenn Dustin sounded better than he ever has on this one.
  • Wonderful Life- Off their new project this one seemed to connect well with the crowd.
  • Piano Solo- Trey Ivey turned in a superb rendition of “Leaning On The Ever Lasting Arms.”
  • For What Earthly Reason- Gus Gaches knocked this one out of the park, even though he had a sore throat.

Crabb Family– Most of the Crabb family were there together and they sang a few together before splitting it up.

  • Amazing Grace- Adam Crabb played the fire out of this one on his Harmonica.
  • Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of that City– Nothing really stood out about this Terah Crabb Penhollow Feature.
  • Leaving On My Mind- Mike Bowling stood out on this one in a big way, he is such a superb vocalist.

The Bowling Family– They had a very strong set highlighted by a soul stirring rendition of “I Still Glory In The Cross.”

  • Unclouded Day- This old hymn was sung exquisitely by the Bowling Family.
  • Your Cries Have Awoken The Master- I have always loved this song, and there is nothing like the Bowlings singing live.
  • I Still Glory In The Cross- This song featured some superbly good singing. It got probably the strongest response of the night.

Jason Crabb– His whole set was pure gold. As is his  incredible band, WOW can those guys make some killer music.

  • I Saw The Light- Not sure if there is a better performer anywhere than Jason, this song proved that last night.
  • Beulah Land- Beautiful rendition of this Squrie Parsons classic.
  • Who Am I- Jason was joined by Adam for some exquisite harmony singing on this one.
  • Midnight Cry- Jason said he has adopted this song. He did a solid job putting his own unique spin on it.
  • Through The Fire- No Crabb set would be complete without this amazing song.

The Hinsons– I unfortunately missed most their set; but what I did catch was jaw dropping.

Mark Trammel Quartet– They pulled off a very solid and consistent set, that featured all former Cats songs.

  • Wedding Music- Pat Barker really showed here why he is one of the best bass singers out there.
  • Old Convention Song– Never really liked this song much; but the MTQ did a solid job singing it.
  • Gentle Shepherd- Very smooth, and it was a nice follow up to the upbeat song preceding it.
  • Its Almost Over- A big moment of the night, Mark Trammel still has it without a doubt!

The Whisnants– They pulled off a nice set highlighted by “New Day Dawning.”

  • King Jesus Is Coming-Nothing really stood out about this one.
  • Be Not Afraid-The title track to their latest CD, the crowd seemed to really like it.
  • Getting Ready To Leave- The Whisnants excel at this type of upbeat song last night was no exception.
  • All Is Well- A gorgeous song set up, and sung superbly by Suan Whisnant.
  • New Day Dawning- This was the Whisants “Shouting Time” moment, they turned it around several times…

The Booth Brothers– The Booths proved once again that they are one of them most popular groups at the NQC.

  • Look For Me At Jesus Feet- This was a nice rendition, accompanied by Eric Ollis on piano. Michael dedicated it to Squire.
  • Welcome To The Family- Still a VERY popular song at NQC. The crowd ate this one up.
  • She Still Remembers Jesus Name- This one seemed to connect with the crowd in some ways and in others it didn’t…
  • Since Jesus Came- This is even better live than on CD. Smooth as butter harmony sounds better live anyday…
  • Trading The Old Cross- Jim Brady rocked the house with this one.

Christmas Finale– This seemed to go over fairly well with what crowd was left.

  • Crist FamilyLove Me Some Snow– Love that family harmony on this one, it was fun watching them throw fake snowballs too…
  • Greater Vision/Chris Allman– Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year- Allman proved once again why he is so good with this one. Even while having gifts piled on him he still sang the fire out of it, and on perfect pitch too.
  • Matt Holt Piano Solo– Matt Holt is one of the best players out there without a doubt, and this proved it.
  • Triumphant– Glory To The Newborn King- Nothing really jumped out at me on this one.
  • The Talleys-Away In A Manger- I could listen to Lauren sing all day…
  • The Hoppers– I Want To Hear The Angels- As another blogger said the Hoppers really need to incorporate this into their sets year round.
  • Legacy Five– Carol Medley- A nice medley of carols, sung in that unique L5 way.
  • Greater Vision- O Come, O Come Emmanuel- This was not as good as it could have been, but still some very nice singing from the GV guys.
  • Jeff Stice- Hallelujah Chorus- Jeff proved why he is the fans favorite piano player, he knows just the right buttons to push (or in this case keys!)
  • Silent Night- Everyone joined in on this one including the crowd.

Tuesday Night Conclusion: I came away fairly impressed with most of the sets I caught on Tuesdday night. The sound wasn’t nearly as bad as what I had experienced in the past. A big moment for me was when I got invited to sit in the artist circle for a couple of sets (L5, Jeff And Sheri) I had never set that close to the action before, so it was a neat experience. I didn’t really like the sound that close up though.

For the most part it was a really good night that left me feeling like I had not wasted any time whatsoever… The Christmas thing wasn’t a flop; but it wasn’t a HUGE hit either. They could continue it or discontinue it next year, and I don’t think fans would really care one way or the other.Well its almost three in the morning, I will wrap this up by saying that I will be back tomorrow with more reports from NQC land…

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