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CD Review-The Kingsmen-Grace Says

The Kingsmen have a long and storied history within Southern Gospel. They have always been recognized by their high energy three chords and a cloud of dust style of performing; whether that be in the studio or on the stage, that is the one thing that has always set them apart from other Quartets in the industry. Lately, the Kingsmen have started blurring the lines some with their musical style; while still holding true to their roots, that is abundantly evident on their latest release Grace Says.The vocal lineup on this CD is Bryan Hutson, (lead) Harold Reed (tenor), Randy Crawford (baritone) and Ray Reese (bass).

1. There Is A Way Back To Grace– This country sounding song featuring Randy Crawford is a terrific way to kick off this album. It has a clear message, with extremely solid singing from Crawford and the rest of the guys. This is one of the more progressive songs on the album and is one I enjoy very much. 9/10

2. What A Hallelujah Day– This song stands in stark contrast to the previous one, it hearkens back to the vintage Kingsmen style. The harmony on the chorus is exceptionally good especially in the top three parts. Harold Reed really stands out on this one; he has refined his singing to a very pleasant tone much like his days with the Florida boys. 8/10

3. I Knew It Was Him– This is the first big ballad on the CD; it features Reed almost as a full solo, until the group comes in to end it with power. The Statement Of Faith Trio (the short lived group Jacob Kitson started) originally recorded this song, I prefer that version over this one; but as it stands the Kingsmen, and Reed in particular do a very respectable job with it. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful songs lyrically on the entire CD. 10/10

4. He’s Everything I Need– This song is getting a ton of rave reviews, (its also the first single) and justifiably so it is vintage Kingsmen with a modern twist. Written by Joe Habedank and Matthew Holt it fits this current lineup of the Kingsmen to a “T” Bryan Hutson gets his first solo lines with this one and he of course nails them. This is one you will find yourself hitting the repeat button on, if you like the upbeat vintage Kingsmen sound. 10/10

5. Grace Says- This is a beautiful song featuring some lovely singing from Randy Crawford. He has a very pleasant voice with a wide range I always liked his singing with the Carolina Boys (The Kingsmen) especially on his big feature “Justified” from the Good News Album. This song has that quality about though it is a little more progressive than other Kingsmen hits has the opportunity to become Crawfords signature song of his career. The lyrics of this piece are what stands out the most it reminds us that even when we make mistakes Grace will always be there for us. 10/10

6. Ordinary Man– This is another one of those songs that is quite progressive. Bryan Hutson turns in a extremely strong performance, this song seems to fit him remarkably well both personally, and vocally. It also lyrically fits my life and testimony, so it is a favorite of mine on this project. This song would make a excellent single. 9.5/10

7. I Can Hardly Wait– This Harold Reed feature is another song that hearkens back to the vintage Kingsmen Style. This song is a toe tapper that will grow on you the more you listen it. Reed does a superb job singing his part, he keeps it down a little and does not over-sing on any of his phrasing. This is one that will probably do extremely well live. 8/10

8. If Not For The Love Of Christ– For some reason this song stuck out to me when I first heard this version of it. It has been previously recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys and Triumphant respectively. Even though, the Kingsmen version is almost identical arrangement wise to the Oaks version, I find the Kingsmens version to be superior. Now don’t go off saying that I believe the Kingsmen are superior to the mighty Oaks; but on this particular song they truly shine in my opinion. It has quickly made its way up my all time most played songs on my computer… I love the lyrics, and Crawford and Hutson stand out on the vocals, terrific cut of a great song. 10/10

9. After The Sunrise– This old classic is a highlight among the traditional songs on this album; it moves along at a very nice clip I love the tenor led modulation the end which Harold Reed nails with great precision. This is another song that I can not wait to see done live by this lineup. 9/10

10.Loving Shepherd, Gracious God- This new song written by Dianne Wilkinson (Daniel Mount interviewed her about this song here) may be the most lyrically profound on the entire album. It is a beautiful song led by Ray Reese on the verses, and Hutson on the chorus. It is a excellent way to close out an all around fantastic album, Dianne has done it again this time taking a passage out of the bible (the 23rd psalm, and writing a lyrical masterpiece). I have to say that this song has to be my favorite (lyrically) on the entire album. 10/10

Overall Rating– 9.5/10

Summary: The Kingsmen have recorded a excellent album, to say the least with Grace Says. I was impressed with the songs that were picked and the arrangements that were utilized. The blend of this current lineup is one of the best in Southern Gospel, they are I believe not far away from being near the top of the Southern Gospel world, as they once were with that unmistakable sound that they developed… I can highly recommend this album to either current fans of the Kingsmen, or to fans of good quartet harmony and ardent lyrics sung in a powerful way. In other words, go buy this album! You can order it here or here.

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  1. August 2, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Awesome review Nate! It sounds like the Kingsmen have done it again with another great project – I can’t wait to hear it!

    • Nate Stainbrook
      August 2, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

      Thanks Lynn! I know you will love this project… 🙂

  2. Luke Forsee
    August 16, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    If Not For the Love of Christ, After the Sunrise, and That’s All I Need were my favorites.

  1. July 29, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jul

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