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Concert Review- Bean Blossom Southern Gospel Jubilee-Saturday Night

Saturday night at The Bean Blossom Southern Gospel Jubilee  was another fantastic night of Southern Gospel Music at its finest; on this night, the featured groups were The Perry’s (the host group) Legacy Five and Gold City. I reviewed the Friday Night festivities here. I will be doing the same review  layout for Saturday night. Let’s get started!

Gold City–  I have seen Gold City three times since their current lineup of Dan Keeton, Daniel Riley, Tim Riley Craig West and Bryan Elliot has been together. I can honestly say that they have gotten better each time. That is good news for Gold City fans, who have been getting frustrated with the lineup changes and whatnot. There were several highlight moments in Gold City’s set the first of which came when Dan Keeton stepped up to sing “God’s Building A Church” I linked a video of him singing that song elsewhere a few weeks ago. On Saturday, he and Tim Riley  made that song come alive in a big way. Dan is the best tenor Gold City has had for quite a while. Another highlight also featured Dan. He sang a jaw dropping version of “O What A Savior” on which he sounds quite a bit like Rozie Rozell. The other prominent highlight for me was Craig West knocking “Midnight Cry” out of the park which was fitting in the setting we were in, especially since it was getting dark when he sang it. I certainly hope this iteration of Gold City stays together awhile, and brings Gold City back to where they belong in the Southern Gospel world. Hopefully their new CD that is supposed to come out on September 13th will start them in that direction, because though their older hits are fantastic songs (and this lineup does a great job singing them) they certainly need some new material that fits this lineup. Continue to pray for Gold City!

The Perry’s– The Perry’s picked up right where they left off on Friday night. Brian Walker was much more comfortable singing the Lead spot for Joseph Habedank. They featured him on “If You Knew Him” and well I have to say that Brian did an phenomenal  job with a song that Habedank has made his signature song. The biggest highlight of their set came; however when Tracy Stuffle called Wayne Maynard (former Kingsmen baritone) and his son Kenyon up on stage to sing an unrehearsed version of Maynard’s signature song “Child, Child”. Maynard has a big  powerful voice, with a broad range even at his slightly older age. His son sang a superb tenor (though not quite Ernie Phillips understandably) Walker and Stuffle filled the other two spots. They brought down the house for sure, the crowd had them encore it several times! Its moments like these in Southern Gospel that truly make this genre special. Its funny how sometimes the most spontaneous moments in music (or life in general) are usually the very best!

Legacy Five– Like Gold City, this was my third time this year seeing Legacy Five. They were as strong and consistent as they have always been. They have a smooth  and refined yet powerful sound that is very pleasing to my  ear. They with the addition of Gus Gaches have created a brand-able sound that they will hopefully be able to capture in the studio, and give L5 something I believe they have lacked that certain “sound” that when people hear just a few bars of a L5 song and know immediately just who it is…  As for L5’s set, they covered quite a few songs out of their repertoire even pulling out a song from the “Heroes Of The Faith” album. That song was “Somebody Sing” on which Glenn, and Gus  did a splendid job . Glenn Dustin also turned in a fine performance on “I’ve Been Changed” that number has turned into Glenn’s signature song, and he sings it like he means it! Their grandiose highlight of the night was them singing “We Shall See Jesus” they have been singing this one pretty much every night since releasing their latest CD last September. They have gotten better and better at it as well; the crowd ate it up as it is a timeless classic that NEEDS to be sung.

Summary– The closing night, though it did not feature as many groups as the night before was another great night especially for a quartet fanatic like myself! When you put two of my favorite quartets and my favorite mixed group on the same stage, well lets just say I was gobsmacked most of the night! I am already making plans to return to Bean Blossom next July, and I encourage anyone that lives close enough to attend to make plans to go, you will undoubtedly be blessed!

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