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Album Review-Greater Vision-The Only Way

  Greater Vision has put out many outstanding albums throughout the last twenty years; with some excellent material lyrically and musically. The vocals have always been top notch on every album they have put out, the lyrical content is usually very solid to exceptionally strong, and the tracks whether it be a big track or just a simple arrangement has also always been strong. Their latest effort showcases all of the above aspects of a Greater Vision recording in a big way. This is the first CD of mostly all original material since Chris Allman returned to the tenor spot, and he is featured prominently throughout this whole album anchoring a sound that many have missed since he first left back in 1995. He also contributed several songs written by his pen. Another note on the technical side of things is the fact that this CD is actually produced by Gerald Wolfe instead of Lari Goss. Lari did, however, produce the strings.(and he did a stellar job as always)Below is a song by song breakdown of The Only Way.

1. He Didn’t When He Could Have Passed By– The album opens with a great upbeat song that is lyrically reminiscent of My Name Is Lazarus or “He’d Still Been God. This should  be a excellent live number for Greater Vision; it would also do very well as a radio single.9/10

2. Safe Within His Hand– This slower song has a country flavor musically with some extremely encouraging lyrics written by Chris Allman. This is  one of my very personal favorites on the entire album. The vocals are exceptionally good with Chris Allman selling the second verse in a big way.10/10

3. No Longer Chained– This powerful song starts with a slow piano and strings intro that gives way to a more upbeat mid-tempo guitar driven sound. The lyrics (written by Rodney Griffin) are powerful (though Daniel Mount points out a historical mistake) and straight to the point, about how we are chained by our sins and how we can be “no longer chained” by accepting God’s wondrous grace. It certainly is a exceptionally lovely song. Rodney Griffin turns in a stellar performance on the verses. 9.5/10

4. I Know A Man Who Can– This song has for years been “owned” by Kirk Talley; but with this stellar version turned in by Chris Allman I have to say that Chris now OWNS this song… He put everything he had into singing his part, and just knocked it entirely out of the park! 10/10

5. The Only Way– This barn burner of a song is a typical upbeat Greater Vision. You will quickly find yourself tapping your foot  along with the beat of the song, and find yourself singing along. This is one that clicked with me right away, and if you like the barn burner type songs than it should with you, as well. The lyrics are also stellar saying that Jesus is not the best way or just a good way to heaven; but he is the “only” way to life everlasting. I am looking forward to seeing this one performed live. 9/10

6. Like I Wished I’d Lived– This song serves as the projects first radio single; it is a excellent lyric written by Rodney Griffin. Chris Allman gets the feature and truly does a superb job with it; he keeps it slower and meditative. I truly enjoy this song on more than one level; I love the lyrics as it speaks to me on a intensely personal level; but it is also a very soothing song that is  relaxing to listen to. 10/10

7. But God– Legacy Five recorded this song on their Live In Music City Project with Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler featured on the verses. Greater Vision makes it a Gerald Wolfe feature and slows it down a notch from the L5 version. I personally prefer L5’s take (maybe because it was live) However Gerald certainly did a superb job communicating the lyric with a passion in his voice that most singers have trouble pulling off in the studio. 9/10

8. We Still Have To Pray– Greater Vision almost always has a song about prayer on their latest albums, and this one of course was no exception. While this song is not quite as strong as “It Pays To Pray” it is still a great lyric that should speak to every christian; that even when we are in God’s will we still have to pray no matter what. 8/10

9. Eternity’s About To Begin– This song featuring Chris Allman, picks things up a bit. It is a great song about how we as Christians are watching and waiting for the second coming. The song starts out with some soulful singing from Allman that is quite enjoyable. The rest of the song is typical GV. I thoroughly enjoy the Hammond B-3 that is featured prominently in the track. 9.5/10

10. Heaven Cant Be Far Away– Greater Vision originally recorded this song on their “The King Came Down” project over 18 years ago. Well this version is similar; but in a way better. Gerald Wolfe really “sells” it this time around. You can tell he can not wait  finally to go “home” he communicates a song in this vein like few singers can. I can not wait to see them stand on stage and possibly close a concert with this gem of a song. 10/10

11. Another Child’s Coming Home– This song is one of the strongest songs lyrically on the entire project. It takes a common lyrical theme (the prodigal son) and is written from the perspective of the father as he prepares for his son’s return (even though he has no assurance the son will return) It shows the fathers loving aspect in every aspect. Chris Allman does a gorgeous job singing the verses, It as if he is the father himself. 10/10

Overall Rating- 9.5/10

SUMMARY: This project is, in my opinion their very best since “Quartets” over eight years ago.They have released some solid projects since that time; but none that quite measured up to this recording. Having Gerald produce was a terrific move, he is a talented producer for sure; he also provided all the piano playing. The return of Chris Allman to the group has undoubtedly brought a breath of fresh air to the group. With his higher range, the other guys have a little more freedom with their own voices. This whole project is a joy to listen, and I would highly recommend fans of Southern Gospel music to go out and buy this project. Which can be ordered here, Or downloaded from Itunes.

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  1. July 8, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jul

    Thanks for the great review!

    • Nate Stainbrook
      July 12, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jul

      You are welcome Gerald. Thanks for giving me such great material to review!

  2. cheryl
    November 25, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Nov

    Hi, Nate.

    I’m trying to get my hands on the lyrics to their song, “Like I Wish I’d Lived”, but am having a heck of a time! Any ideas on where I could see them? I’ve searched and searched and keep coming up empty. Their own website doesn’t even appear to have this album on there yet. Any help you could give would be appreciated! Thanks

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