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Concert Review-Legacy Five-Danville Illinois 04/09/2011

One year ago I attended a Legacy Five concert in Danville Illinois two weeks after my mother had passed away; At the time I was in a state of shock and grief, but when I went to that concert my grief if only slightly for those three hours was relieved by laughter and a spirit of worship… Well one year later my girlfriend and I decided  once again to make the two hour journey to Danville for another L5 concert. The concert was and has always been hosted by a local group Homeward Bound (it was their homecoming) they have been singing in the surrounding area for many years, and every year for several years on their homecoming they have had L5 coming to perform; and before they had always hosted the Cathedrals. So L5 is an extremely popular group in the area, and they almost always usually pack out the large High School Auditorium in Danville. Below I will give an analysis of the highlights from both groups, and a general opinion on the whole set.

Homeward Bound- They are usually a duet featuring brothers Darrell and Randy Paddock; on Saturday night, they had a couple of other guys join them a tenor song whose name escapes, and a bass singer named Les Mor.

Highlights: They sang about twelve songs total on the night, below I will list those twelve with thoughts after the ones that stood out to me.

* Homeward Bound: This was  a lovely song that was just the two brothers their “family harmony”truly shined on this song.

* There Is None Like You: song along with the one following was sung by Darrel and Randy’s niece (I think) and her husband (again I think my memory is hazy) they had tremendous harmony, and they were accompanied by only guitar.

* Before The Throne

* I’m Forgiven: The quartet took the stage from here on out for HB’s set.

* My Savior’s Love: This song was a highlight of their set list of songs; once again the harmony came through particularly well with this classic hymn.

* Nothing But The Blood

* When He Was On The Cross: The tenor of the group did a terrific job with this old SG classic.

* Build An Ark

* I Cant Wait

* I Will Go

* Working On A Building

* Then Came The Morning: They closed with this one, and it was a emotional moment for they brought out a man, that had been attending these homecoming concerts for years. He is a mentally challenged older gentleman that loves Southern Gospel. I thought it was a great thing for Darrel and Randy to do. The song itself was very well performed by Homeward Bound.

Thoughts: The two brothers Darrel and Randy have considerable onstage chemistry and harmony. The other two guys blended right in with them making for a pleasant quartet sound. The bass singer Les stood out to me, as a exceptionally well rounded bass singer with a pleasant tone reminiscent of Pat Barker. I enjoyed their singing for the most part, even though they have some contemporary leanings.

Legacy Five: L5 has had the same vocal lineup for some time now; Gus Gaches on Tenor, Scott Fowler on Lead, Scott Howard on Baritone and Glenn Dustin on Bass; the only recent change is on the piano bench, with young Trey Ivey tickling the ivories (pardon the pun) now instead of Tim Parton. They sang 20 songs on Saturday night, and below I will list each song with thoughts.

* Newborn Feeling: I love this song as an opener; to me it is the best song in their repertoire for opening a concert with besides “Strike Up The Band”.

* I’d Like To Say It Again: Glenn Dustin did a superb job with this song, as did the rest of the group. A song like this showcases a groups harmony, and Saturday night was no exception to that especially with L5.

* I’m Feeling Fine: I have always said that L5′s version of this song is the best I have ever heard, and Saturday night solidified that statement in my mind.

* I’ve Been Changed: This song is just simply not an easy song to sing as a bass singer; Glenn has gotten better and better at singing this song.

* Thankful For The Change: This was a terrific way to follow the last song.

* Trey Ivey-Scarlatti In D minor and How Great Thou Art- The funny stuff began here, they started by picking on Trey for how young he is. When they said he was only twenty one the crowd started clapping; Scott Howard quickly put an end to that by quipping “nobody clapped for you when you were 21 so don’t clap for Trey” I have to say at the time that was pretty funny. Anyway after some more jokes and laughs Fowler told Trey to do something “Southern”, so Trey lit right into a terrific take on Scarlatti’s sonata in d minor, K1. Well obviously that is not southern gospel

* How Great Thou Art (Trey Ivey piano solo)- After the clapping died down from the classical piece Trey started playing “How Great Thou Art” Trey has a particularly elegant touch on the piano that reminds me of a young Roger Bennent. He has superb technique without being mechanical. My Girlfriend who is classically trained piano player herself (she is working on a bachelors degree in Music theory) was extremely impressed by Trey’s playing; that was enough for me to be convinced! Trey has an extremely bright future ahead of him for sure.

* Life Will Be Sweeter: The guys nailed this song as they always do. Also Trey showed off some of his great accompanying expertise on this one.

* I Can Hardly Wait: Glenn Dustin truly stood out on this number.

* I Never Shall Forget The Day- One of my favorite older SG songs, L5 undoubtedly put some oomph into it for sure.

* Boundless Love- L5 nailed this song from start to finish; the crowd demanded an encore so they did it all A Capella and whew wee did Gus nail his ending. He is one of the best tenors on the road for sure.

* Holy Is Thy Name: Speaking of Gus, I have been wanting him to sing this song for some time, and I finally got to hear him sing it live! I have to say after hearing him do this live I do not think there is a tenor that can do this song any better. Gus has considerable power and control he has always had a keen ear, which goes a long way when your a tenor singer. I hope they feature him on this for years to come this song is just “made” for Gus Gaches.

* I Will Serve Thee- The guys sang this one around one mic, I have to say that it was breathtakingly lovely.

* We Shall See Jesus- They closed the first half with my favorite all time Southern Gospel Song. Glenn did a fantastic job with his verses and Scott WOW he took his verse and owned it for sure. You have to hear these guys do this song live to get the full effect… By the way, this song was just released to radio by L5, it is the first time this song will have ever been on the radio.

* Halftime– At halftime, I went out and talked to the guys some, there was a immense crowd, so I did not get to talk to much. I got to meet Trey and man is he a humble guy for all that talent on the piano bench. I asked Gus about the upcoming CD L5 has been working on, and he is extremely excited about it. There will be a couple of old Cathedral songs on it (“Just Because Of You”and “For What Earthly Reason) along with several new songs. Be looking for that CD to come out around NQC.

* Somebody Sing- I have been wondering if they had sung this song since Gus joined the group and now I know they have! Glenn of course gets the feature, but the ending ends with Gus going through the roof for a high C and Glenn reaching into the basement. Loved hearing this song live for the first time.

* Everyday- This song was a pleasant slowdown from the last one.

* Above All Circumstances- Scott Howard finally got his feature on this terrifice song; Scott is truly one of the best baritone singers in SG, and I don’t think L5 features him enough.

* Peace When I Leave It In Your Hands- Gus nailed this song once again, he just has a voice that soothes and impresses at the same time, I could literally listen to him sing a phone book… I needed that song at that time too…

* Hello After Goodbye- One year ago Scott sang this song for me after I told him my mom had died  a couple of weeks before. On Saturday, they sang this song in honor of someone else; but it still touched my soul and as always once again reminded that I will say Hello to my mama again.

* What A Day That Will Be- This started out with the crowd singing along with Scott; but it bears mention here as Scott off the cuff decided to sing a verse solo, and man did he nail it. It was an emotional moment for the crowd.

* Champion Of Love- After praying a prayer they launched into what is probably known as Scott’s most well known song. This was the first time I have seen just them sing this without Greater Vision. Gus nailed the extremely high finish with ease. It was a fantastic way to end a fabulous night of Southern Gospel music.

Final Thoughts: Legacy Five seemingly continues to get better and better every time I hear them sing. Their blend with Gus in the group is right up there with the very best groups in Southern Gospel music. Trey Ivey was an excellent choice for a piano player, and I hope he stays with them a very long time! I encourage anyone who has not seen these guys go  out and see them if at all possible.

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  1. April 11, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Thanks for the review! I hope to see L5 at some point if only to shake Scott Fowler’s hand. I really want to meet him one of these days. He’s one of my favorite “SG people.” A good singer too of course, but just so likable as a person.

    I hope a video goes up of Trey on “Life Will Be Sweeter.” Tim put a great twist on it, and I’d really like to see what Trey does with the piano.

    I can’t wait for an all-new mainline album with Gus on it! I’m excited that they’re doing “For What Earthly Reason.” What a great feature for Gus (assuming they’re keeping it as a tenor feature).

    I find myself wishing I had studio cuts of some of their older songs like “I Stand Redeemed” and “Peace When I Leave It In Your Hands” with Gus’s voice. I like his versions better than the originals in most every case.

  2. Nate Stainbrook
    April 11, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Yes Scott is a great person for sure; I am sure you will get the chance one day!

    Trey does a great job with that turnaround, Tim was/is a big influence on young Trey so if you get to hear him do it then you will hear alot of Tim’s influence in his style especially on that song.

    That new album is going to be terrific; and yes they are going to keep “For What Earthly Reason” as a tenor feature for Gus. His voice is made for a song like that one! It should be out around September… One interesting note about this project is that they are using Dirk Johnson (a popular country pianist) for some of the songs as the pianist.

    I totally agree with you that they should do a new studio release of “Peace” and Of “I Stand Redeemed” with Gus!

  3. L5Ropeholder
    April 11, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Great review as always Nate! So glad they are doing some more old stuff, I miss them so. Holy Is Thy Name gives me glory bumps on glory bumps! LOVE that song!!!! I hope they keep What A Day in the lineup, another old favorite for me.

  1. April 16, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr
  2. April 16, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

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