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Concert Review- Mutiple Artist Concert Including Gold City; Brian Free & Assurance; The Bowlings and Jeff And Sheri Easter

This past Friday night I attended a benefit concert in Bedford Indiana; that featured some of the best groups in Southern Gospel music. These groups included Brian Free And Assurance, Gold City, The Bowlings and The Easters along with some local/regional acts. The concert was to raise money for the Riley Children hospital in Indinapolis Indiana.

The Bowling Family: It was marvellous to see the Bowlings out on stage and in perfect health. This weekend was just their fourth full weekend out since their accident. They are of course vocally headlined by Mike Bowling, Kelly Bowling and Terah Crabb Penhollow. Their piano player is John Jeffery formerly of the Greenes; and running sound for them now is Troy Peach formerly of the Perrys, First Love and The Steeles. Below is a song by song analysis of their set.

* This Is Your Moment- This song was a terrific way to start off their set; It is one of my favorites from their Shine album, so I was  glad to see them sing it. Mike Bowling is a very talented singer, and his performance on the verses of this song was not an exception.

* Don’t You Wanna Go- This was a terrific upbeat tune that the crowd certainly got into for sure.

* Your Cries Have Awoken The Master- This is probably the Bowlings most requested song, and for good reason as it is a brilliant song. Once again Mike Bowling blows me away with his impressive singing ability, and the harmony between the three is quite remarkable.

* A Miracle Today- Kelly set up this beautiful song by talking a little bit about their accident. I truly loved the passion Kelly puts into singing this song; I  could tell she truly meant what she is singing, and how much this song means to her. She may be one of the most  underrated female singers in Southern Gospel today.

* I Thank You Lord- This upbeat “Pentecostal style”, song featured Terah. The crowd really seemed to enjoy this one.

* I Still Glory In The Cross- Their performance of this song was perhaps one of the highlights of the night among all of the groups. They put everything thing they had into this breathtakingly brilliant song. It builds slowly; but man did it end with power and certainly gave me some “glory bumps” by the time the end of the song arrived.

Overall: The Bowlings seem to have  gotten right back into the swing of things rather quickly. They  belt out their songs with conviction and power, reminiscent of  the Crabb Family days. I do look forward to seeing this group again, and I encourage anyone who reads this to do the same, you will be blessed trust me!

Gold City: This quartet has been going through quite the storm lately with different issues. Tim Riley put it to me this way “It just seems like sometimes Satan comes in and tries to disrupt and discourage; but I just hold on to God’s hand, for he has always seen us through the storms.” Their vocal lineup Friday night included Daniel Riley singing baritone; Dan Keeton on tenor; Craig West on Lead; and of course Tim Riley singing bass, with Bryan Elliot on the keyboard.

* I Cast My Bread Upon The Water- Gold City usually opens with this song (at least most of the times I have seen them) It  is a fantastic song to start your set with especially when you want to come out with a punch. They sure did that on Friday night.  Part by part at least, this lineup could stand with most of the lineups in GC history.

* By His Grace For His Glory- This is a lovely song where Daniel Riley in particular  stood out. He has a particularly pleasant voice that is easy on the ears, and he showed some nice range with this one. They ended it on a high power note; that Dan Keeton nailed.

* When He Blessed My Soul- This has been of my favorite Gold City songs for a few years now, and their performance of it Friday night was no exception. Dan Keeton nailing those high notes and Tim Riley dropping into the basement with his low notes had the crowd going crazy.

* Under Control- Tim Riley set this song up nicely, and then delivered a soul stirring of my one of my favorite all time Gold City songs. I needed this song at that time in my life for sure. Dan Keeton once again nailed another high ending. He is an outstanding tenor that is doing a splendid job filling in for Brent Mitchell…

* Midnight Cry- (Warning gushing over Craig West is about to commence) I am going to say it right now Craig West (providing he stays around for 3+ years) will go down as the best lead singer Gold City has EVER had. I know Ivan Parker fans are saying “no way he is better that Ivan was in his prime” Well folks I truly believe that he is and will be even better as time goes on. His performance of this song Friday night was absolutely jaw dropping good; especially his ad lib on the end of the second verse when instead of taking the low ending he sent it through the roof with the power of a exceptionally strong power tenor (and Craig is a lead) I just can not get over how marvellous a singer Craig West is. Think Michael English meets Ivan Parker, and you have Craig, the best of both in one lead singer this is all in my opinion of course! (gushing over)

* When I Get Carrried Away- They came back at the end of the night at closed with this one. I have always loved this song, and while I prefer Mike Lefevre on the verses Danny did a splendid job with it; and once again Dan Keeton certainly did a terrific job on  the high notes.

Overall: All in all Gold City did a superb job with the songs that they sang. I like this lineup quite a bit  even though Dan was just filling in. Even though they are facing some tough times they can still put on a great performance. Daniel Riley is a great man, and Gold City is still a formidable group that is just facing some tough times right now, and they need our prayers now more than ever!

Brian Free And Assurance– BFA  has had one of the most stable lineups the last ten years than any other quartet in Southern Gospel. Their vocal lineup features Bill Shivers on Lead, Brian Free On Tenor, Derrick Selph on Baritone and Jeremy Lyle on Bass. The only thing I wish they had was a pianist.

* Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee- They usually open most of their concert sets with an A Capella song; and Friday night was no exception. They did a splendid job with this hymn, and the crowd always loves numbers with no music just the natural sound of the singers voices carrying the melody.

* Go Tell The World- This upbeat song undoubtedly had the audience tapping their feet; BFA always excels at this type of song in a live setting and Friday was no exception.

* Anything Is Possible- This is one of my favorite newer songs of theirs. It like the one preceding it is very upbeat and fun; but it certainly has a strong message about how all things are possible with God.

* I Believe God- This was probably the best song from their Real Faith project. They usually sing it at just about every concert, Derrick and Brian did a fantastic job with their solos,on the verses.

* Glory Road- This old Kingsmen hit was sung exceptionally well by these guys on Friday night. Brian Free was especially in splendid form, as he raised the rafters with his high notes.

* Never Walk Alone- This beautiful song was priecisely  what I needed to hear on Friday night. As this past weekend was exactly one year since my mom passed on to heaven. It has been a tough year, and this song just helped to remind me that I have never walked alone through it all. Brian Free put his all into this solo, and it really showed.

* You Must Have Met Him- This was another upbeat number featuring Bill Shivers who I believe may be the most underrated lead singer in all of Southern Gospel. He continually proves that over and over again. Friday night just proved that once again in my eyes.

* For God So Loved- This is a sugar stick ballad for BFA; Brian always nails this song with conviction and passion and he did just that on Friday night.

* Long As I Got King Jesus- Another sugar stick song  that usually always follows “For God So Loved” The audience almost always loves this song, and they always  get into to it, and why not? It is a excellent song that gets stuck in your head and just does not let go long after the final notes are sung.

Overall– BFA always puts on a impressive performance, and Friday night was no exception to that rule. I have followed BFA for years and they seem to get better and better with time. I encourage anyone that has not seen them to give them a chance they might just surprise you immensely!

The Easters– I personally have never been a big fan of the Easters style; but that is a matter of personal preference. With that said the Easters put on a great performance. Their lineup includes  Jeff Easter Lead vocalist/keyboardist, Sheri Easter- Alto, and Morgan Easter- soprano. Madison Easter plays the bass guitar, and Kyle Calloway plays the drums.

* Life Is Great- This was a fitting way to start their set; with this upbeat number, featuring some lovely “family” harmony.

* Praise His Name- This is my favorite Easters song; Sheri always turns in a wonderful performance, and that was true also for Friday night. She has a remarkably smooth alto voice that she has  developed nicely over the years.

* I Need You More Today- This message song featured Morgan, she has a still developing voice that is remarkably similar albeit much less polished than her mothers.

* I’m Working On A Road- This full fledged blue grass song was a pleasant change of pace from the last two slower songs.

* This Is What Heaven Means To Me- This song featured young Logan Smith who travels with The Easters and who happens to be a Vestal Goodman sound alike (somewhat). He got a standing ovation, and had to encore this number. I’m curious to see what he will do when his voice changes in his mid teens; as for now he is a great singer for his age.

* Thank You Lord- They closed their night with this classic song. They had the audience join them in the ending.

Overall: The whole night: All in all it was a great night of Southern Gospel music in Southern Indiana. I have to say it was well worth the money I paid for the tickets. I enjoyed most of the groups that sang, the highlight for me was Gold City singing Midnight Cry followed very closely by The Bowlings with “I Still Glory In The Cross”. I would encourage anyone that has not heard any of these groups to check them out for yourself.urself!

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  1. March 28, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Mar

    I don’t mind your gushing about Craig West! He’s an extrememly strong singer and I hope he stays around for a very long time!

    It sounds like a wonderful evening. I would love to see the Bowling Family in concert. I’ve only seen them at NQC.

  2. March 28, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Mar

    Good review! And welcome to the Gushers Over Craig West club. 😛

    • Nate Stainbrook
      March 28, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Mar

      Glad to be a part… 🙂

  3. lee65
    March 28, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Mar

    Anyone influenced vocally by Vestal will be able to sing no matter the range. Logan will be fine whever his range settles!!!

  4. lee65
    March 28, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Mar

    Oh I forgot . Great review!!!

  5. April 4, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    It will be interesting to hear what he sounds like!

  6. April 4, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Great review Nate! I’m so jealous that you got to see GC, BFA, The Bowlings and Jeff & Sheri all at the same time!!! Sounds like you had a GREAT evening. I just saw BFA in concert for the first time last month and I really enjoyed their music. Their new cd is the best! It’s the favorite on my playlist right now! I love their single Never Walk Alone.

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