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New Years Celebration Concert Review Day One- Legacy Five, The Booth Brothers And Greater Vision

I am currently in Nashville Tennessee for Legacy Fives first New Years celebration at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (which is a spectacular architectural wonder as far as Hotels go IMO)  they have been doing this event since 2004, and it is usually on memorial day and labor day; but due to the Nashville flooding last May they had to reschedule this event. I was elated when I got the chance to attend this event, and I have been looking forward to it for months. Last night kicked things off in style with the Booth Brothers, L5 and Greater Vision ringing in the new year Jubilee style. The set up went like this; Greater Vision started things off; followed by L5, and then the Booth Brothers. They closed the night with a one hour jubilee segment. What could be a better way for me to spend my New Years Eve? Below will be the highlights from each segment of the night.

Greater Vision: They kicked things off with “He’d Still Been God” which never seems to get old with the crowd (I suppose you could say that about more than one of their songs) They followed that one with “You Were Faithful Yesterday” which was fitting considering this was New Years Eve; that song though is a very good song and was sung very well by Greater Vision. They also sang their latest number one hit “Never Been” which is very deserving of its number one spot on the radio charts. “It Pays To Pray” was my own personal highlight of their set, that song has really taken on a new meaning lately for me, as I have family and friends that I have really burdened to pray for. They closed their set with “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” They put some oomph into that one for sure; it may be one of the higher keyed recent Greater Vision songs that I have heard; Chris Allman really showed his chops on that one. They also sang “My Name Is Lazarus and Hallelujah Square (which Allman nailed)

Overall: GV had a very solid set of songs showcasing their abilities; and their blend with Chris has only gotten better in the nine months since he joined them. I just wish this wasn’t their only night here.

Legacy Five: L5 had a nice classy set that went over very well; they have got to be one of the classiest sounding quartets in SG. They opened with “Newborn Feeling” I absolutely love their vocal arrangement on this particular song; it is a very challenging one that requires a precise skill on the singers part, and L5 pulled it off perfectly. They went from that one into their old standby “I Found Grace”, that song (which is L5’s only number 1 song) has always been a favorite of mine and never gets old. Glenn Dustin then stepped up and delivered a spot on rendition of “I’d Like To Say It Again” ,the harmonies on the chorus have never sounded better from L5. Gus was then introduced; and he then sang “I Stand Redeemed” and he as per usual nailed it. I would prefer however that they raise the key on that one some; but that is just a personal preference. They closed their set with “Life Will Be Sweeter” and “Truth Is Marching On” the former is always a highlight reel of humor, and some great singing, and usually with Gus making peoples jaw drop on his part where he holds out a high note on perfect pitch for about 15 seconds. The latter “Truth Is Marching On” always gets the crowd stirred up,and L5 sang it with true passion and conviction; Scott had the writer of the song Jim Brady come up and sing the second verse which he nailed!

Overall: L5 had a solid and well rounded set that showcased L5’s bread and butter material (meaning what they are most comfortable singing on any given night) I am looking forward to seeing what they pull out today.

The Booth Brothers: Americas new favorite SG trio really livened things up with their uptempo high energy style of singing. They opened with the high octane “I Have An Anchor” and followed that up with the smooth harmony infused song “Absolute Peace”. This group can transition from one style of song to the next with absolute ease. Then as if welcoming friends in for dinner, they sang “Welcome To The Family” which is always a crowd pleaser.They slowed things down a bit with their next two songs, one being a Ronnie Booth feature “I’m The Lamb” his voice is SO smooth that it make me jealous (in a good way) then Michael sang his signature song “Look For Me At Jesus Feet”. Then suddenly without warning they went into “All Over The World” which if you have heard it, was a complete departure from the last two songs. The crowd absolutely ate this SG samba up! I have to say that it has gotten in my blood as well… It has taken me a while to warm up to it. They then sang a song that I don’t believe I have ever heard them stage; the song was “Storm Now And Then” which Ronnie Booth nailed with that incredibly smooth voice of his. That song like GV’s “You Were Faithful Yesterday” was fitting for last nights setting. They closed with two fast paced songs “Sail On” and “Trading The Old Cross For A Crown” the latter of which was the personal highlight of the set for me.

Overall: I was slightly dissapointed in their song selection. They sang them very well; but I was hoping for more stuff from their Declaration project, especially since this was their only night to sing this weekend. I am not really complaining, for I really did enjoy their se,t and the way they presented themselves. There is a reason people keep voting on these guys in the fan awards, they are the real deal for sure.

Jubilee Portion: This portion of the night served as the one hour lead-up to midnight. They opened it with the ensemble singing “Jesus Is Coming Soon” The tenors really stand out on this one. They kept the ensemble thing with the next song being “Sing Me A Song About Jesus” Glenn Dustin and Tim Parton really shined on that one. The Booth Brothers were the first single group to do a number, they sang Jim Bradys new song “Don’t Hang Your Head And Cry” L5 backs them up making for some nice harmony repeats. L5 then sang “I Never Shall Forget The Day” Gus Gaches really showed off his great pipes with this one. they have built in a turnaround that is a crowd pleaser for sure. Greater Vision then sang “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” Chris Allman stood out and really nailed his lines. The Ensemble then sang Rodney Griffins new song “Undeserving” which led to some humor as some of the guys forgot when they were supposed to come in. They made a big deal about it after the song. The ensemble sang “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More” with Glenn stepping up and knocking his lines out of the park. The Booth Brothers sang their new A Capella arrangement of Crown Him King/He’s My King next and blew everyone away! L5  then sang their big band sounding song written by Henry Slaugter “Everyday”, the harmony on this song is so tight and smooth; once again Gus really stood out on that one. Greater Vision then gave everyone a challenge for the new year with their sobering song song “My House Is Full but My fields Are Empty”. After this they had a prayer; and then had a countdown to the new year. They closed the night in full ensemble mode again with the guys singing “Jubilee” in what was a fitting way to end the night.

Overall: Last night was a great experience; with all the groups really on thier game to start the new year. The future is looking very bright for all of these guys as long a there is no group turnover. I am really looking forward to seeing each one of these groups in 2011.

Today will feature L5, Triumphant Quartet, The Freedom Singers, The Collingsworth Family and Ken Davis. I can’t wait to see what today will hold it starts at ten with L5 and the Freedom Singers. The nightcap will include the other groups along with L5. I will be reviewing this mornings event, and tonight’s possibly in one post.

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  1. January 1, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jan

    Great review!

    Say, an idea for future entries – perhaps you could put both the group name and the “overall” in bold – for whatever reason, with this formatting, my eyes kept wanting to skip to the “overall” headers when I’d finished the previous group’s – which would have led to missing the meat of the reporting.

    • Nate Stainbrook
      January 2, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jan

      Yeah I meant to do it that way; but since it was 4 in the morning when I typed I just forgot… 🙂 Fixed now…

  2. January 1, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jan

    Yeah, what Daniel said–I’d see “Overall,” then realize I had to back up to read the actual reports. 🙂

  3. Janae
    January 5, 2011 at 1:43 -04:00Jan

    I so loved being able to be there this weekend!!! I had a great time! I loved the songs Undeserving and Booth Brothers A Cappella song that was sung friday night!! I had never seen them before in concert and was very pleased!!! It was an absolutely awesome weekend!!!!

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