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Some Blog Posts Worth Reading From Around The Blogging World

  • I posted recently that Tim Parton had started a personal website and personal blog; his personal blog is a great read especially on Sunday’s when he posts his breakdown of a well known hymn, he has titled each post of that sort The Sunday Hymn. Anyway onto to what this post is about, last week Tim posted a look into his life as a busy musician. It is a very interesting read, if that is something that interests you. Check it out here.
  • Kyle Boering is back with more recording oddities; check out his post here and keep an eye out for like minded posts from Kyle they are always very interesting.
  • Check out Steve Eatons review of the  Freeman’s new CD. Which I personally believe is the best CD they have released besides maybe Eye On The Prize; As Eaton says in his review “The sound found on Eyes On The Prize is cemented with the release of Evidence” I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Here is the review
  • Daniel Mount has a post about the recent SG Grammy nominees; He has an interesting take on why he feels some of the nominations are “Head Scratchers” While I agree with Daniel, I don’t really put much stock into awards shows as a measure of the success of a Southern Gospel group or a groups CDs. Check out his post here.

I am hoping to have a few reviews forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

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