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NQC 2010: Friday Night

For weeks I had been looking forward to Friday night at the 2010 NQC, based mostly on the strength of the night’s lineup… When 6:00 finally arrived, I made my way down to my seat (which was basically on the floor about 40 feet from the stage) and watched as things started unfolding on what would turn out to be quite the magnificent night of Southern Gospel music.

  • The Isaacs had a very nice set that was punctuated by Sonya Isaac’s breathtaking version of “It Is Well” though the crowd response wasn’t as big as it normally is; it still went over very well. Sonya Isaac’s has a singing voice that just captivates you, and leaves you in awe every-time she opens her mouth…
  • Legacy Five had probably the most unexpected set of the night. They came out with an all A Capella rendition of the national anthem that was quite well done for something that L5 very rarely if ever does in their concerts…  They then sang their latest single “My Soul Is Firmly Anchored” and followed that with a superb rendition of “I’d Like To Say It Again”. Gus Gaches really stood out on that one, his ability to harmonize, stay on pitch and blend with the other guys is just magnificent. Then things got interesting… Scott started talking about how much he appreciates the hard work that the sound crew and video crew put in night after night. Well he pointed out one cameraman in particular who had been covering the NQC for like 16 years… He then proceeded to ask the man what was something that he could do for him. The man replied “I want to sing up on the stage with you guys” Glenn Dustin immediately went down and handed the man his mic and Glenn took over control of the camcorder… Scott looking bewildered said “You want to sing right now?” the man said “Yep I want to show Glenn what it is like to be a cameraman that has to put up with singers moving all over the stage and dancing etc…” So off they went into the funniest rendition of “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” I have ever heard, the cameraman was singing bass and well he just isn’t a singer but it wasn’t meant to be good just funny and it was very funny… It was probably the funniest moment of the week… Legacy Five closed with their biggest radio hit “I Found Grace” which as always received a nice response… I am curious as to what Scott and his guys have up their sleeves tomorrow night!
  • The Talley Trio had a nice set that was once again like on Monday night punctuated by Lauren Talley’s breathtaking spellbinding rendition of “He’s Alive”. Debra and Roger both got solos tonight as well which was nice to see; sometimes it just seems like the Lauren Talley show with two backup singers…
  • Ernie Haase And Signature Sound had a great set… One thing I did notice is that their new arrangement of “Boundless Love” did not go over nearly as good with the crowd as I have seen it before… It could be the setting I am not sure but anyway I digress… The big part of their set was their closer “We Shall See Jesus” it started out normally with just EHSS but it ended in scintillating fashion with all of the former Cathedrals that were there Scott Fowler, Gerald Wolfe, Danny Funderburke and Mark Trammel all joining EHSS on the chorus of “We Shall See Jesus”. I have to say that was a great move on Ernie’s part reaching out like that… Especially since he can’t be a part of today’s Cathedrals reunion… They closed with a reprise of “Boundless Love” and all of those great singers on stage with EHSS really made for quite the finish, kudos to Ernie for really putting together a great set.
  • Janet Paschal followed EHSS, (poor Janet) she really handled it like a pro however… She put together a quartet of ladies (Her, Joy Gardner, Katy Peach and another lady) They only sang two songs and those two were highlighted by “I’m Not Ashamed Of The Gospel” Which is a great song for sure. Janet is a great lady with a big heart and I was glad to see her on main-stage last night.
  • The Gaither Vocal Band came out with one of their standbys “Alpha And Omega” I was glad to see them open with this one instead of opening with “Better Day” as they did on Wednesday, they did sing “Better Day” though right after “Alpha & Omega” I believe that song fits better as a second or third song in a set instead of opener… They sang a highlight of mine from the new project “Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored” third, Wes Hampton really showed out on this one… Michael had two features “That Sounds Like Home To Me” and “Please Forgive Me” the former of which is a song that I really like the GVB’s version of… David Phelps takes over at the end and really does some fine singing, nothing that will blow the roof off, just fine singing… Michael then turned in an inspired performance on “Please Forgive Me” though there was some heavy stacking on that one, it was still a hit and the GVB are masters at songs like that one… Their closer “Let Freedom Ring” was quite well done as always by the Gaither Vocal Band. Wes Hampton once again showed considerable chops on this song, and of course David was well… David, that man isn’t human and I mean that in a good way. I have heard he has been battling allergies, but you would have never known it last night… The Gaither Vocal Band rarely disappoints and they certainly didn’t last night…

Unfortunately that was all I caught in person last night (besides blazing piano with Tim Parton which was of course most excellent) I once again had pressing matters to attend to at home and had to leave the Convention early… I did hear once again from second hand reports that several of the closing groups turned in nice sets… I will be at the NQC all day today and all night I promise that! I will be covering the highlights of the 100th anniversary celebration of Southern Gospel Music and of the night’s sets.

  • I did catch the end of the Perry’s set at home on my live stream online… They sang “Calvary Answers For Me” which was quite breathtaking… Joseph Habedank turned in what I thought was a stellar performance… Several Groups joined the Perry’s at the end to sing “I Wish I Coulda Been There” it went over well with the limited number of fans that were left in the auditorium…
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  1. September 18, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    I wasn’t really surprised by the response to Boundless Love. Even a diehard fan like myself, its harder for me to get into that song.

    Overall for EHSS, I thought their set went much better tonight than the showcase did.

  2. Nate Stainbrook
    September 18, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    I agree with your comment about Boundless Love, I was basing it upon their video taping where the song went over extremely well… That was the video taping though, their most die hard fans were there…

    And I agree their Friday set went much better than their showcase…

  3. Priscilla Miller
    September 18, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    The other lady in Janet Paschal’s quartet was Sherri Parker Miller. She is the wife of former Kingsmen member Randy Miller. Her father, Kenny Parker, played piano for the Rambo’s and later formed the Kenny Parker Trio. The trio consisted of Sherri her father Kenny and mother Peggy Parker.

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