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NQC 2010: Wednesday

After a somewhat restless night on Tuesday, I got up around 9:00 Wednesday morning to get ready and head out for NQC. I took two of my brothers with me to enjoy the day. Here are some thoughts on the day and night events…

Highlights from the daytime events I attended:

  • I attended the Freedom Singers morning chapel service, and I have to say that I came away humbled and also blessed… Their story is one of the most touching and heart wrenching that I have heard in quite a while; it is a true testament of God’s mercy and grace. Well done Freedom Singers.
  • Ernie Haase and Signature Sound sang seven songs from their upcoming Cathedrals Tribute project. They went over pretty well at NQC. Not as well as they did at the taping mind you, but that is to be expected. The fans at the taping were hard core EHSS fans, while the NQC crowd is a little more diverse…
  • The Gaither Vocal Band’s set was solid but not spectacular in my opinion. They sang mostly newer material, which had mixed results in the crowd response category… “Please Forgive Me” and “That Sounds Like Home To Me” were the biggest highlights of their set for me.
  • The biggest and best one song performance of the week actually came in the “Statement Of Faith” showcase in the East Hall… It was a showcase featuring the Hoppers, Legacy Five, Booth Brothers and Greater Vision. With a choir from one of the largest area churches backing them up on songs that had been produced and arranged by the legend Lari Goss. The performance I was initially referring to was the Booth Brother’s performance of the Dianne Wilkinson/Rusty Golden penned “God It All”  It was the most moving and dynamic performance I have seen out of a group in long time. I was sitting in the very front and Dianne Wilkinson was right behind me; and when I glanced back at her there was no mistaking the look of pure exuberance on her face as she was listening to her powerful song being performed so incredibly well by a dynamic group. Ronnie Booth in particular turned in the strongest lead performance I have ever heard out of him… The groups all joined together to sing the song “Statement Of Faith” at the end that went over very well…

Highlights from the Evening:

  • The Lefevre Quartet started things off; they are without a doubt one of the more solid quartets I have heard this week, their new tenor has quite a bit of potential and actually sounds like a young Gus Gaches (his predecessor) and Keith Inman is an improvement from their previous bass singer for sure…
  • The Liberty Quartet quickly took the stage after the Lefevre Quartet and provided a nice set; they have a very well rounded sound. The big song from their set was “I’m His” featuring tenor Keith Waggoner; while not the highest tenor in the world, he knows his limits and stays within them and you have to respect him for that. Overall I came away impressed by the Liberty Quartet.
  • Tribute once again turned in a solid set as they did on Monday; they once again covered “Calvary Wins Again” which once again went over very well and deservedly so for that is a very good song. The song that really stood out for them last night to me anyway was “I Am Healed” it is not the big power ballad but the lyrics of the song are every bit as powerful as “Calvary Wins Again” and Gary Casto’s performance of said song was spot on. Tribute is going to go places if they can keep a stable lineup at the tenor spot…
  • Dailey and Vincent are the best Bluegrass group out there, and they were at NQC last night to show us why. Christian Davis joined them as a bass vocalist, and guitar player earlier this year he seems to have found his niche. I was blowed away by the sound that they put out. The highlights were Christian singing “Thanks To Calvary” and their impressive rendition of “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” these guys are very good and they know it… I immensely enjoyed their set last night…
  • The final hour and twenty minutes of the night were the best of the entire week… Gold City, Legacy Five, The Dove Brothers and The Kingdom Heirs were the artists featured in that time frame. Those four quartets joined each other on stage to sing “Boundless Love” Josh Cobb really shot through the roof on the tenor spots, he really commanded that spot. At the end of the song he and Scott Fowler met in the middle of what stage there was, and shared a big hug. I wish I had gotten a picture of that moment.
  • I missed most of the Dove Brothers set but what I did hear was strong.
  • Gold City had a nice set highlighted by Josh Cobb singing the newly arranged “I Stand Redeemed”, Daniel Riley said that he had asked Scott Fowler earlier in the day if it was okay with him if they staged that song, and of course Scott gave his blessing. Josh of course performed the song very well, other than what seemed to be a timing issue towards the end. Josh has gotten better as a vocalist over the last ten years and it really showed last night!
  • The Kingdom Heirs had what started out as a pretty low key set, but ended very strongly with a rousing rendition of their latest hit “He Locked The Gates” they encored it I believe about four times, it was fun watching Scott Fowler and Joseph Habedank who were sitting just below the stage getting into the song so much, they kept calling for more encores, I always love seeing artists supporting their colleagues…
  • Legacy Five had the best set I have seen this week… The mix was just right, their song selection was stellar, and the vocals were spot on… After that big performance from the Kingdom Heirs they went low key with their opener and sang “Something About That Name” with just Tim backing them on the piano… They then threw a curve-ball at us by going straight into “Truth Is Marching On” I have to say I did not expect them to go into what is normally a closing song, but it worked… It also helped that they brought up Jim Brady (co-writer of the song) to sing the second verse and sing with them on chorus. The rest of their set worked well too…  They sang an old Henry Slaughter song called “Every Day” that I really enjoyed, that song features some beautiful group harmony, with Gus getting the lead throughout. Gus really did well in his first main-stage appearance as L5’s tenor… He was unbelievably good on “Life Will Be Sweeter”, that song got a great crowd response… L5 is one of the classiest sounding groups out there and they showed it last night. David Bruce Murray gave L5’s set the nod as that “Moment” he had been looking for this week, in his review of last night. I am looking forward to seeing what L5 will come up with for Friday night; they are on right before the Gaither hour…
  • The closing song featured the final four groups singing “Champion Of Love” what made it a highlight was the fact it featured four different singers on the verses, Daniel Riley took part of the first verse and Scott Fowler took the rest of it, Mcray Dove took the lead on the first part of the second verse and Arthur Rice carried it home and he really nailed it! Towards the end Scott had Joseph Habedank and Jim Brady join them on stage making for quite the power ending for sure.

Overall Wednesday was a very good day and night!

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  1. September 16, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    The Freedom Singers’ story is inspiring! God bless Scott Fowler for taking them under his wing.

  1. September 16, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

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