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NQC 2010: Tuesday Night Nuggets

I wasn’t planning on doing a review of last night, but since I did get the chance to catch a few sets, I decided to give some quick thoughts on what I did see… I was only at NQC for a few hours last night, and around an hour of that was spent interviewing a singer, and meeting up with some friends that I had not seen since last year at NQC.

  • Southern Sound had a very nice set, they sang mostly old Statesmen songs, including a spot on version of “Up Above My Head” Rick Fair is a very solid bass singer. Lead singer Ben Harris made me do a double take when he started channeling Jake Hess, when the lead of the song was handed to him. They closed their set strongly with a medley of great old hymns including “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” “How Great Thou Art” and included was “How Big Is God” Rick Fair’s smooth bass voice really shined on that one. I have to say I really enjoyed Southern Sounds set immensely…
  • The Crist Family had a nice set that was highlighted by Jackie Crist singing “My Heart Knows” That is a very good song and Jackie sings it very well, she has a very pretty voice. The Crist family has worked hard to get to where they are at today they have developed into a terrific family group with thick harmony and a great stage presence…
  • The Booth Brothers have always been masters of the stage and last night was not exception, they started with their new song “Don’t Hang Your Head And Cry” which is found on their Jubilee II CD. It was a nice song to start their first main-stage appearance of NQC 10. The highlight of their set was “We Believe” and it went over very well as it did on Sunday night, I think the more the Booth Brothers sing this song the bigger the responses will get… This song has truths in it that people absolutely need to hear…

I left for the house after the Booth Brothers set, for I had a prior commitment that demanded my attention at home. However, David Bruce Murray has a good report up of what he saw last night check it out here.

Today I will be at NQC all day; I will be covering the Freedom Singers Chapel appearance, and the Gaither Vocal Band/Signature Sound showcase. I will then of course cover the highlights of the nighttime happenings… Scott Fowler and Legacy Five will be emceeing the night’s events. I believe this is Scott’s first time to be doing that job, so we will see how that goes…

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  1. JTH
    September 15, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    The Southern Sound medley sounds very similar to the Friends IV/Anthony Burger arrangement.

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