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NQC 2010: Monday Night

The first night of NQC used to be quartet night, but now it is just another night that featured variety of quartet’s, trios and even a soloist…  In my opinion that was a mistake on NQC’s part. I am not saying however that the night was a disaster or anything. I am just saying that I enjoyed it more when they did a night featuring solely quartets, hence the name of the event. But I digress… The stage in Freedom Hall has once again been changed, they lowered the middle of the floor and this is where the band section is now located, leaving the singers walking around the piano player, drummer etc… I actually kind of like the new look…Below is a rundown of my thoughts (in an unordered list) of most of the sets on Monday Night.

  • Tribute Quartet started the night out with the first full set of the night. They sounded pretty solid with the highlight of their set being “Calvary Wins Again”. I also really enjoyed one of their newer songs called “That’s Why I Love Him So”. Their new tenor, who tended to oversing his part a bit (nervousness maybe?) sounds like he has quite a bit of potential, Gerald Wolfe (who superbly emceed last night) was also impressed by young Riley Harrison Clark. Tribute is definitely one of the best young groups on the road today…
  • The Inspirations set was like the exact opposite of Tribute. They used maybe a bit too much time on the song “I Have Not Forgotten” as their opening song… I will say that Jodi Hosterman their new tenor sounds pretty solid with them. He really gives them a different sound that is different from the Watkins years… This is the strongest I have heard the Inspirations for years. The highlight of their set was their closer, which was a song off of their new project On The Sunrise Side the song was “That’s Why I Call It Home” I believe they might have had issues with the track for they sang it A Capella (the song has a track on the CD) and it went over very well.
  • I missed the Hunter Family and The Dixie Echoes, I wanted to catch the Dixie Echoes set but alas I got tied up in the Exhibit hall a little too long.
  • The Dove Brothers have found a new song to encore multiple times at NQC and in their concerts; the song is their recent number one hit “Hold On”. It seems they might have retired the old Didn’t It Rain routine along with Get Away Jordan, and have adapted “Hold On” into their set to much success… Mcray Dove gave a very strong performance of said song. The crowd really ate it up, and it was of course as I mentioned encored multiple times… The highlight of their set, for me anyway was their opener “I Recall” that is a great song that the group really shines on especially live.
  • The Talley Trio had a very strong set that was highlighted by Lauren Talley singing her powerful version of “In Christ Alone” which went over pretty well, but not as well as the closer of their set “He’s Alive”. Lauren really thrives in the lead role on a big ballad, she did not disappoint on this Don Francisco classic.
  • The Perrys had a great set; they started with the title track of their upcoming project Blue Skies Coming it is a great song featuring some nice group harmonies. After singing one more and then with a great lead up by Troy Peach, Tracy Stuffle made an appearance on stage and sang their last two songs with them. Tracy set up the highlight song of their set “If You Knew Him” with an emotional story about his stay in the hospital; he said that this song has taken on an entirely new meaning for him. The song was performed incredibly well by the Perry’s and the crowd rewarded them with rousing standing ovation… Joeseph Habedank in particular impressed me tonight with the Perry’s, he has really developed into a first rate lead singer for the Perry’s. I am looking forward to seeing more from the Perry’s this week.
  • Squire Parson’s had a short set that was highlighted by his hit song “Beulah Land”. His son, who is a very good singer, joined him for the last half of the song. They ended it nicely, and the crowd loving every second of it gave them a nice standing ovation…
  • Gold City was the group I was looking forward to seeing the most last night for it was Josh Cobb’s first appearance back at NQC since he left Legacy Five two days after the 2000 quartet convention… Scott Fowler came down to the stage to watch Gold City’s set; it was the only time that I personally saw him down around the artist circle. I may be reading into to it a bit much but I thought it was a nice gesture from Scott to come down and see Josh sing in his first set with Gold City. Gold City’s set itself was solid enough, I was hoping that they would have Josh do his solo that he has been blowing away crowds with all over the country, but alas they did not. Maybe they are saving that for later in the week… The highlight of Gold City’s set was “When He Blest My Soul” Tim Riley has so much power in that big voice of his you could feel the seats shaking all over the place! “By Your Grace, For Your Glory” was also a highlight… They covered one song from their new table project which was their rendition of “We’ll Soon Be Done Troubles and Trials” they really add some oomph to that one for sure. I am looking forward to more out of this great quartet this week.
  • The Collingsworth Family had what some might consider the strongest set of the night… When you get three straight unanimous standing ovations (which is something that I have never seen at NQC for any group) it makes it easy to draw that conclusion. They started their set with “I Shall Not Be Moved” which featured the entire family, it went over ok… But the next three songs were breathtaking to say the least… They started their last three songs with “Fear Not Tommorow” which is a very powerful song featuring Kim and her two oldest daughters as a trio. They performed it perfectly and with their close harmony, and soaring vocals it was a sure thing for a standing ovation. Next up was Kim playing a stunning piano solo she played “And Can It Be” and did it magnificently… She is without a doubt one of the best piano players on the road today, and her performance last night was proof positive of that, she received a standing ovation for what seemed like forever… They closed their set with the hymn “I Want Jesus More Than Anything” The song has a slow buildup but man did it end on a strong note. The crowd really loved the Collingsworth family last night and deservedly so…
  • Brian Free And Assurance opened their set with “What A Beautiful Day” the first thing I noticed was the fact that they had a full live band accompanying them, Ricky Free was of course on the drums, I am not sure who was on the bass guitar or the piano, it looked like Adam Borden on the Bass but I am not 100% certain of that… They sang a new song from their newest project Never Walk Alone the song was called “God Will Close The Door” it featured Jeremy and should be another fast paced hit for them. Brian Free hit some really nice high notes towards the end of the song… They closed their set with the ever popular “Long As I Got King Jesus” The crowds at NQC never seem to get tired of this song, it was a great way to close, what was a solid set from Brian Free and Assurance.
  • Greater Vision slowed things down from the faster paced Brian Free and Assurance set with a great rendition of “We Are So Blessed” though for some reason it sounded like there was a bass singer in the mix with them, I may have been just hearing things… Gerald Wolfe then introduced Chris Allman and had him sing “I Could Never Praise Him Enough” he turned in a great performance as was expected. It is really good to see Chris back with Greater Vision, he really seemed to be enjoying himself last night, and he was down by the stage most of the night snapping photos with his camera… Greater Vision closed their set with a powerful version of “It Is Well With My Soul” Gerald Wolfe turned in a very strong performance. The Lari Goss orchestrated/produced track on this song really makes it soar. It was a great way to close their set for sure; the crowd was on their feet before the final note was sung.
  • Triumphant Quartet got the last set of the night, which was really too bad because half of the crowd was already gone… But Triumphant did not disappoint… They opened with my favorite TQ songs “Look For Me” and since my mom passed away several months ago that song has taken on a new meaning… They also sang the title song from their new CD “Love Came Calling” I really like that song it has some very nice harmonies throughout and it has some good lyrics… The highlight of their set was them singing their cover of the Mcgruders hit song “Saved By Grace” TQ really nailed it last night. Scotty Inman in particular turned in very nice performance, he like Joe Habedank with the Perry’s, has really developed into a very good lead singer for TQ, I see great things for Scotty in the future. Greater Vision and BFA joined TQ at the end of this song making for a nice finale…

Overall Monday night at NQC wasn’t too bad… The Sound which was a little spotty at the beginning of the night seemed to be locked in for most of the groups sets, other than some mic issues…(but there are always mic issues at NQC) I just hope it stays that way or gets better as the week goes on… Well that’s it for now; I won’t be posting much about tomorrows sets. I will only be at NQC for a short while and that will be to do an interview with one of leaders of this industry (if it works out with his schedule) (H/T Josh) and potential future hall of famer… I won’t reveal who it is, but stay tuned, I will have that interview available to read on this blog hopefully a couple of weeks from now…

One more thing if you want to follow what is going this week I will be twittering live from time to time throughout the week… Follow me on twitter here.

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  1. September 14, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    So this person you are interviewing is only a potential hall of famer if it works out with his schedule? (LOL!)

  2. Nate Stainbrook
    September 14, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Thanks for catching that, it is fixed… 🙂 It is past four in the morning here… 🙂

  3. Bill Lamb
    September 17, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    This was my first NQC and since Squire Parsons was my first introduction to Southern Gospel music and my favorite soloist, I personally liked him being on the first night. I think the powers that be showed great respect to a real legend in scheduling him for Monday night. Squires signature song is “Sweet Beulah Land”. And I’m not ashamed to say he had me crying singing that song!

    We had to fly back home yesterday, but we really enjoyed the Jubilee Sunday night and the three nights we were able to be there. We will be back in the future! i won’t steal your thunder by commenting specifically on any other groups, but suffice it to say we did find several other groups that we would drive to see them in concert. Specifically, the Booth Brothers, the McCameys and Legacy Five.

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