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NQC Shopping List/Upcoming CD Releases

I have compiled three short lists  Southern Gospel CD releases that either are or will be available come NQC, which is less than a week from today. There have been plenty of major groups that have been working diligently on new projects so they can release them at the largest Southern Gospel event of the year. Groups will plan the release of their CDs around this time because of the fan exposure it brings, they hope that fans will like what they hear from the new albums and they might just buy some of the rest of their projects/wares (Wares as in Tee-shirts, bracelets well you name it) I personally don’t buy anything but the CDs I just don’t have room for all the other stuff… Below I will attempt to handicap what I feel are the must haves for this years NQC purchasing. Along with some albums that you can take a flier on and you might just be surprised, so with no further ado here goes.

Must Have List Of Already Released 2010 CDs: (I own all of these CD’s but one)

  • Booth Brothers- Declaration- This album has been out for about 4 months but it is absolutely a must have if you don’t have it. Here is a mega review of this particular album.
  • Gaither Vocal Band- Greatly Blessed- This has been one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, and it doesn’t disappoint. Check out reviews here, here and here.
  • The Hoppers- Somethings Happening– This is a great CD produced by the legendary Lari Goss, you can read a review of it here.
  • The Dove Brothers- Unshakeable- This is a great CD on many levels, check out reviews here and here.
  • Legacy Five- Just Stand- They released this at last years NQC but have re-dubbed it with new tenor Gus Gaches adding his superb vocal stylings. Wes Burke has a review of this version here.
  • Mark Trammell Quartet- Testimony- I have not heard this CD but I have heard good things about it. Read reviews here and here.
  • Crist Family– Oasis- This album is a superb project of varying styles and musical direction from one of the best up and coming family groups in the business.
  • Greater Vision-Welcome Back– This is their first CD with Chris Allman once again manning the tenor slot, it is mostly redubbs of previously recorded GV songs, that aside this is a must have.
  • The Nelons- Beside Still Waters- This is the best Nelons album in twenty years. Read review here, here and here.
  • Brian Free And Assurance- A Capella- this is a great album done with not music, it showcases just the groups superb vocal stylings, with breathtaking high endings, and interesting arrangements. Here is a review.
  • Sisters- Healer Of My Heart- If you like smooth as cream three part harmony then this CD is for you. These three sisters are just getting started, so pick up a copy of their new CD, you will be blessed for sure. Check out a review here.

Must Have CD’s that will be released at the start of NQC. (Some of these I have heard, others I have just heard great things about)

  • Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Legacy Five- Jubilee II- From what I am hearing, this is a superb album that is even better than the first of its kind.
  • The Perry’s- Blue Skies- I know there are several people that are very excited about this release, I am one of them.
  • Brian Free And Assurance- Never Walk Alone– This will be first full blown album with Ricky Free producing, I am very curious as to the direction in sound/style they will have with this one.
  • Legacy Five- Give The World A Smile- This is the best table project that this quartet has done to date… This CD brings out the strengths of the group in a big way, it has a stripped down musical sound that meshes well with the vocals, and the harmonies are breathtaking. A review of this CD will be up on this site soon.
  • Triumphant Quartet- Love Came Calling- The members of Triumphant really feel that this is their best album to date, it is also their freshman release with Mansion Records. I have heard some cuts off of this one and if they are any indication to the rest of the CD then it should be very good.
  • Gold City- A Collection Of FavoritesVol. 1- This is one that was just realeased last week, and I am one of those that can’t wait to hear the new lineup on a studio recording.
  • Greater Vision- Everything Christmas- Greater Vision has put almost a year into making this CD and it will show I am sure, Gerald Wolfe is especially excited about this release.
  • Wes Hampton- A Man Like Me– A reader brought this one to my attention, this is one that just slipped through the cracks. I am excited about this CD for sure, and it will be available at Wes Hampton’s booth starting next Wednesday at NQC, you can also order it from his website.

Flier CD’s- These are ones that don’t quite make my must have list/lists but they are very good CDs that I have either heard or heard bits and pieces of. Several of them are from up and coming groups that deserve some recognition.

  • Statement Of Faith Trio-Self Titled CD- This album is the freshman release from Jacob Kitsons new group, there are some very solid numbers on this CD, the highlight being a new song from Joe Habedank called “I Knew It Was Him” If you like good young harmony from a trio then this CD is for you…
  • Kingdom Bound Quartet- Call Jesus- This up and coming quartet has put out a very nice album featuring some nice songs with great messages and solid vocals. Here is a review.
  • The Kingsmen- Honoring The Heritage Vol. 3. This CD is one that die hard Kingsmen fans will love, and if your a casual fan of good ole quartet singing then this CD would do well in your collection.
  • Freedom- Self Titled CD- This is the first release of a great up and coming trio with Josh Garner and John Rulapaugh headlining the group members.
  • Lefevre Quartet- Encore- This is an album of covers from a very solid quartet. It is also the first with new tenor Jeremy Easley and Bass singer Keith Inman.
  • Tribute Quartet- Hit Replay– This is the first album featuring their new tenor, it is an CD full of covers, including “One Holy Lamb” which is one of my favorite all time Phil Cross penned numbers.

So there you have it, I have mostly likely missed a few but I believe this is a solid list/lists of CD releases that if you are attending this years NQC or just wanting to buy some new Southern Gospel CDs, these are all worth checking out. I am sure that there are others that are worthy of making this list but alas I cannot list every groups CD releases. I do hope this list will help anyone that is trying to decide what new Southern Gospel CD’s they want to buy whether at NQC or from your home or at a concert.

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  1. Janet B
    September 7, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    You missed Wes Hampton’s very first solo cd, that releases next week (I believe). Can’t think of the title at the moment… Have heard a snippet of It Is Well With My Soul (duet w/Steve Green)…very, very nice.

    Then again, Wes isn’t a group, so maybe that’s why he’s not on the list.. 😉

  2. David Stuart
    September 10, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    It will be tough for me this year, money is a little tighter, so i don’t have an unlimited amt. to spend on Cd’s like some years. I have only X amout, so i have to think very carefully, which projects i will pick up at NQC , and which ones can wait till later. I know for sure i want the Jubillee #2, and Greater Visions Christmas, and Legacy 5, Give the World a Smile. I’ll have to think hard about the others.

    • Nate Stainbrook
      September 10, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

      I understand that David! I am sort of in the same boat, I have a specific list that I will hold myself too, I have a “NQC Budget Plan” lol 🙂

  3. David Stuart
    September 10, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    I’d also like to get the 2 new Gaither Homecoming releases, but that may have to wait a while.

  4. September 10, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Hey Nate!!! Thanks for including our brand new CD on your list!!! We won’t have a booth at NQC this year, but we will be there on Thursday and Friday! Just in case someone wants a copy of “Call Jesus”, you can go to our website and order the cd or the digital download!! http://www.kingdomboundquartet.com

    Kingdom Bound Quartet

    • Nate Stainbrook
      September 10, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

      Your welcome Ross… I really enjoy your new CD and it is worthy of the recognition it has received on various blogs.

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