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CD Review- Dove Brothers- Unshakeable

The Dove Brothers started slowly changing their style and sound on their projects and in live concert around four years ago, well Unshakable is another step in that direction. They have fully adopted the Country flavor and sound with this project, some people will love it others will be ambivalent and some will not like it altogether. I fall on the love it side, I have a side to me that loves country music and that style, and I also love good ole quartet singing and now the Dove Brothers are offering the best of both worlds with their new direction.  The lineup on this album is the same as it has been for the last five or so years. Lead singer Mcray Dove, Baritone Eric Dove, Tenor Jerry Martin and Bass singer David Hester, round out the Dove Brothers. But the big changes are the fact that the Dove Brothers now have a live band, with Devin Dove on drums, Marc Peele on Bass and Adam Harmon on piano they have arranged this album to reflect those changes so it is even more  country sounding than normal.  Below you will find a song by song synopsis of this terrific project.

1. Good Ole Gospel Song- This album starts out with a great cover of an old Dixie Echoes song. Mcray gets the lead on this one and turns in a fine performance. Mcray has always been one of my favorite lead singers and he proves why on this one. The group also turns in a nice performance on the chorus’s. 4.5/5

2. Ole Buddha- They cover this old Imperials hit with this number, while putting their own Dove Brothers twist on it. Mcray once again gets the feature and he does another fine job. This song has a controversial but great lyric that is right down where we are at today. 4/5

3. Hey Lazarus- The Dove Brothers went to Gerald Crabb for this great tune. Mcray Dove gives what I think may be his best studio performance ever with this song. The song itself tells a story from the perspective of Lazarus after he died and after Jesus  had raised him up from the dead. This song is one of those story songs that reaches out and pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until it is over. I could see this song being their next big live hit. 5/5

4. If I Knew Then- This is a newer country sounding song that was written by Mcray Dove, it is also the Dove Brothers latest radio release. Mcray once again turns in another fine performance vocally, lyrically this song has some touching lyrics reminding listeners to hold on to everything that God has given them. 4/5

5. Preaching In Prison- This song from the pen of Phil Cross, features a nice performance from Eric Dove, who I believe is one of the best baritones on the road today. The song itself is strong lyrically which has come to be expected from Cross. This is a song that goes over very well live and should be a great concert number for the Doves. 4/5

6. King Jesus- This great song first introduced by the Oak Ridge Boys and then Won By One has been given the Dove Brothers treatment. They feature David Hester on the verses and he turns in a wonderful performance on a song that has traditionally featured the lead singer. They use Won By Ones track which fits their country driven direction perfectly. 5/5

7. My Soul Has Been Set Free- This song featuring Jerry Martin is a highlight for me on this album. Jerry is one of my favorite tenors and is also one of the most versatile tenors in the business. The song itself has a great message that should connect very well with audiences across the country. 4.5/5

8. How About You- This is an old retro Southern Gospel featuring David Hester, who turns in a stellar performance with that smooth bass voice of his. 4/5

9. I Recall- This is  most traditional quartet number on this particular album, this song  features some really nice harmony on the verses and chorus. The guys split up and sing separate lines that really mesh well with each other, they have been opening up concerts with this upbeat number to great success. This may be my favorite cut on this album. 5/5

10. Unstoppable- This could be the most bold song that the Dove Brothers have ever recorded. It is a cover that modern day country sensation Rascal Flatts cut and made a big hi. This song was a big hit for them on country radio, and I believe the Dove Brothers are thinking it could do the same for them in the Southern Gospel market. Jerry Martin steps up on this one and delivers on what may be his strongest performance to date. The song itself while it is not overtly christian in theme, still carries a very good message and what they are trying to portray is that God’s love is unstoppable.  4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Final Thoughts: The Dove Brothers have been cultivating their new sound and direction since 2006,  and this album may very well be the culmination of that effort. I personally like the direction that the Dove Brothers have chosen to take their group in, it gives this genre more variety which some people think we need more of and others don’t. For a quartet to take this direction is also very refreshing, the Oak Ridge Boys took this direction and well ended up well they are still one of most popular groups on the road today in two different genres. Am I saying that the Dove Brothers are the next Oak Ridge Boys… No I am not but they are the Dove Brothers and they are taking a bold new approach to Southern Gospel and this genre is better for it.

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