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Legacy Five Concert Review: Westfield Indiana

Last night I took in a concert in Westfield Indiana that featured Legacy Five. I have seen these guys four times now this year and I can honestly say they sounded better than ever. The blend that they have already developed with Gus Gaches is pretty incredible. I went to the concert with my girlfriend who took me there as part of my weekend birthday gifts. I have to say that I had the time of my life for certain. The Legacy Five lineup is Gus Gaches- Tenor, Scott Fowler- Lead, Scott Howard-Baritone, Glenn Dustin- Bass and Tim Parton- Piano. Below will be a full list of the songs they sang last night, with comments after most of them.

  • What A Friend- They have some very pretty harmony on this old hymn, though it is a rather interesting choice as a opener.
  • Heavenly Signs- This is one of my favorite songs from their “God’s Been Good” project. It features all of the guys in short lines then they put into second gear with some very nice harmonies interspersed throughout.
  • I’m Feeling Fine- In my honest opinion no group that has ever done this song has touched Legacy Fives version. There is just something about the way that L5 sings this particular song, with a energy that is just infectious.
  • Roll On- They have been introducing Glenn on this particular song for a while now. I like the song but I like his new feature “Just Stand” more, and I would like to see them introduce him with that song more.
  • I’ve Been Changed-They stayed with Glenn with this one. This is one my favorite all time L5 songs and Glenn has only gotten better at singing this one since they recorded it on Live In Music City. Gus did a great job taking the lead at the end and brought it to a rousing finish.
  • Thankful For The Change-This was a nice follow-up to the last song and this is one of those songs that sounds much better live than it does on the CD. It is another one of those great energy songs.
  • Tim Parton- Wonderful Grace Of Jesus-Tim Parton is one of the best (and most underrated) musicians out on the road today. Every-time I hear him play this song he does something a little different that makes it even better, this tells me that he works on his craft and is always striving to get better. He is.
  • Above All Circumstances- This was Scott Howard’s only feature of the night. He is a fine baritone, and he can carry a nice lead when he needs to and this country sounding tune is perfect for his voice. The harmony on the chorus of this one was spectacular, the guys really had some fun with this number.
  • Peace When I Leave It In Your Hands- I emailed Scott a week ago and requested that they do this song. Gus told me at intermission that during sound-check Scott saw my name on one of the reserved seats, and he remembered that I had requested it so they rehearsed it. Well I have to that I was not let down one bit by the end result. Gus Gaches completely nailed this song,(it was the first time he had sung it live) which is a perfect fit for his softer full voiced style of tenor singing. Gus has a very rich and pleasant tone to his voice that stays clear and full  in his upper registers without sounding shrill. I have to say that I really love his voice. He is on his way to being a top tenor in this business.
  • Wedding Music- I have to say I was thrilled to see them stage this one once again. Glenn really has gotten better on his part and Gus didn’t miss a beat when the lead was handed to him. The crowd really loved this one giving them an extended ovation.
  • I Can Hardly Wait- This is a nice song off of the highly acclaimed Jubilee project. Glenn did a great job with hitting some really nice solid low notes.
  • Boundless Love- This was a highlight of the night for sure. Their arrangement is pretty much the same  as the original Cathedrals version. The guys knocked it out of the park, Gus in particular really did a splendid job with this one. He sang his notes right on pitch and did not over-sing them like some tenors tend to do. The crowd really got stirred up on this one giving them a standing ovation and demanding an encore, so L5 of course obliged by giving a full A Capella encore that was spot on and really brought out the stellar vocal ability of Legacy Five. Not many groups would or could  sing an unrehearsed A Capella encore like that, and nail it like Legacy Five did.
  • Life Will Be Sweeter- Legacy never fails to disappoint on this song. Last night was not exception to the rule. Gus in particular really sounds good on this one especially with his vocal ad lib on towards the end. He holds out his high note (Bb) for a good 10-15 seconds. That to me is very impressive. The crowd also really loved it.
  • My Soul Is Firmly Anchored- This is Legacy Five’s current radio single written by Woody Wright is a great upbeat song with a positive message. Last night Legacy Five knocked it out of the park, showing why it is a current top ten song on the radio charts.
  • When They Found Nothing- Scott Fowler did a great job setting up this song and great job singing it. One commentator said that Scott Fowler’s voice has really matured like a aging cheese over the years since moving to the lead position with Legacy Five. He has quietly become one of the best lead singers in the business and his performance on this song proves that point exactly. Gus Gaches also really nailed it on this song.
  • Intermission
  • Newborn Feeling- They opened up the second half with this great old song, and while I loved this song on the studio CD I was curious to see if they could pull off their arrangement of this song live and it not lose anything… Well it passed the test and then some. I actually think I liked it better live than I do on the CD.
  • I Go To The Rock- This great old number is one that they breathed new life into a few years ago and it is still a big hit with the crowd. Gus really sings his lines with authority on this one.
  • I Stand Redeemed- Once again Gus did not disappoint with this one. This is the most recognizable song that Legacy Five has ever recorded. And while most still associate it with Josh Cobb, I am very glad that L5 has decided to keep on singing it. And Gus with just piano on this song is just perfect. I usually prefer the soundtrack with a song like this one but if anyone can pull it off without a soundtrack it is Gus Gaches, and last night was no exception.
  • God’s Been Good- Scott Set this one up by telling a sweet story about his boys and Tim always sings this one with passion and feeling. I love this song!
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness- I always get chills when I hear the Legacy Five/Lari Goss arrangement of this song. And even more so when I get to hear it live. Gus (and I have mentioned him alot but talent has to be recognized and praised) totally killed his part of the second verse. And when they went up for Gus to hit his high C well he nailed it with his full voice, and that my friends is no easy task.
  • Til We Meet Again- This is a great concert closer and I am glad they closed with it. Once again this song fits Gus voice very well and he really did a nice job with it. Also the harmonies throughout the song are hard to beat.

Final Thoughts: I have to say last night was worth more than what the ticket cost was for sure. Legacy Five never fails to cheer me up and make me laugh, and bless me all at the same time. This group does not have weak link vocally or personality wise and if they stay together (and something tells me they will) they could see that run atop of the genre that you see other groups have. They have a new CD coming out soon that…  Well lets say I have heard some of it and it is going to be fantastic, the blend and harmonies are incredible. I think it will be their best table project that they ever done, and one of the best overall projects vocally they have ever done. Also they were in the studio a couple of days ago starting on their next “Label” release. So the guys will have some good stuff coming out over the next several months. If you have never seen Legacy Five live and in person you really need to, you will find a new appreciation for their music and them.

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  1. August 6, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    AWESOME review, Nate!!! You’ve gotten my even more pumped for next Saturday!!

  2. TIm
    August 6, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Thanks for the review, Nate. The reason we opened with “What A Friend” (and you’ll find this with most caring artists) was to disarm the crowd. There had been some prior concern regarding volume…we calmed their fears on the first song and they stayed with us the entire evening! It’s called “knowing your audience and your art”. Great to see you again!

  3. Nate Stainbrook
    August 6, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Thanks for reading my review Tim! I better watch what I say 🙂 And thanks for a great concert, you guys outdid yourselves for sure. That’s a great response to my comment about “What A Friend” I have seen you guys open with different songs, and “What A Friend” and I had always wondered why, now I know! You guys definitely had the crowd in hand… 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you guys at convention!

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