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Bowling Family Benefit Concert Review

Last night a benefit concert was held for the Bowling family after their terrible bus crash, twenty different artist came together in support of this wonderful family. I got to watch it via a online stream, that had some issues but stayed on and was of decent audio and video quality. The main issue was that the audio was ahead of the video, but nonetheless it was a really good concert. I will do a list below of all the artists in the order that thy appeared and the songs/song that they performed.

They started things with a video of  The Bowling Family singing “I Still Glory In The Cross” They are some of the best singers in the business without a doubt! Les Butler then came out to start the program, he was also the emcee for the night.

1. Ivan Parker- He sang “When I Get Carried Away” I was a huge fan of Ivans from his Gold City days but I have never been a big fan of his solo work.

2. Tribute Quartet- They were solid on their only song, which was I believe called “I Am Healed” Their new Tenor shows quite a bit of potential.

3. Charlotte Ritchie- I have always thought she had the voice of an angel. She sang one of my favorites by her “In Everything Give Thanks”

4. Legacy Five- They had the first set that had more than one song, they started with their current radio single that is in the top ten for September, “My Soul Is Firmly Anchored” they have really mastered this number and it over really well, they had a extended ovation I think some in the crowd wanted an encore… They then sang “Life Will Be Sweeter” Gus Gaches is particularly good on this one. And to close their set they sang their great arrangement of  “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Gus once again sounded terrific, in my opinion he is soon to be one of the leading tenor vocalists in the business.

5. Booth Brothers- Ronnie Booth was not able to be at this concert so Scott Fowler filled in for him. They only sang one song which was “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” the blend of Michael, Jim and Scott was very good…

6. Karen Peck and New River- They like L5 also sang 3 songs. They started their set with “I Want To Thank You” which was a very fitting song for this Benefit Concert. They went into a song that is very touching song called “Special Love” Their new lead singer that replaced Devin is very good at blending with the two ladies. They closed their set with a awesome rendition of “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown” The crowd ate it up and they had to encore it. This song ended the first half of the benefit concert.

7. Dailey And Vincent- They kicked off the second of three hours of the concert (which was the bluegrass hour) They started with “When My Time Comes To Go” the highlight of their set was next on a song which they featured Christian Davis, the song was “Thanks To Calvary” Christian’s voice has really developed since he first burst onto the scene with the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet and The Old Friends Quartet. They closed their set with a rousing rendition of “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” I was not all that impressed by their take on this old classic hymn, but to each his own.

Bill Gaither And Jason Crabb came out next, the first thing I noticed was that Jason has shaved his goatee that he has been sporting for a few years now.Bill told some jokes that I thought were a little lame and forced, but Bill is still a great emcee and he always has the crowd eating out of his hand… They then introduced the next two groups.

8. Ricky Scaggs and The Whites- They came out and sang a song called “The Salt Of The Earth” I am not a big bluegrass fan so I am not real familiar with the Whites. They were very good though, they finished their set with “Keep On The Sunnyside” which of course I am very familiar with.

9.Ricky Scaggs: The crowd really liked Ricky, he opened with a great song called “Can’t Shake Jesus” and he closed with “Someone Is Praying For You” which is a song that I love. Ricky Scaggs is a great singer and picker and I really enjoyed his short set.

10. The Issac’s- They were THE highlight of the Bluegrass section in my opinion. They opened with “A Little Bit Of Heaven In Every Gospel Song” and then sang one of the best renditions of “I Will Praise Him” that I have ever heard,and it was all A Capella. The Issac’s (Sonya is fantastic) never cease to amaze me. They then sang one of Mike and Kelly Bowling’s biggest hits “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master” (which Sonya And Becky wrote) WOW I have to say they really nailed that song without a doubt and it may been THE highlight of the nigh. The Issac’s as a whole were definitely a highlight of the night.

They played a very touching video of the Bowling Family that talked about how miraculous it was that no one was hurt more than they were in that bus crash.

Jason Crabb and Bill Gaither seemingly took over the emceeing from Les Butler… At this point they took up the offering and several of the artists were the ushers.

11. The Crabb Revival came out and sang “Something Going On In The Graveyard” which was a bit to progressive for my taste but it was very well performed and Adam Crabb is amazing on the Harmonica. “He Knows My Name” closed out their set,and they nailed it.

12. The Perrys- They opened with “Did I Mention” (Libbi Nailed It) which went over very well with the crowd, the Perrys are definitely one of the best groups in the business. They then sang “I Know It Was The Blood” Which is a favorite of mine by them, Habedank was particularly good on that one. They closed with “If You Knew Him” which also went over very well with the crowd, Habedank once again impressed, they encored “If You Knew Him” and nailed it.  The Perrys were very impressive last night and were a highlight for sure.

13. Gordon Mote- He opened and did a great job on “I Can’t Even Walk” he was joined by Bill Gaither And Jason Crabb… The crowd ate it up for sure… That was the only song that he sang.

13. Jeff And Sheri Easter- They opened with one of their recent hits that I personally love “Over and Over” it once again was a perfect song for the setting in which it was sung. They featured Morgan Easter on “I Need You More Today” she has a young but promising voice and she has her mom written all over her in looks and in voice. They closed their set with “Hear My Heart” which featured Sheri and her unmistakable voice, the song was very touching. It was a nice way to close a very nice set.

14. Ernie Haase And Signature Sound- They came out with “Step Into The Water” As I said in my Cathedrals Tribute taping review I love their arrangement of this classic Cat’s tune.  Next up was “Oh What A Savior” which is of course Ernie’s  sugar stick… The crowd loved it of course and why not it is still a great song after all this time… They closed with their new rendition of “Boundless Love” I have to say that I love it, they have breathed a new life into this Wilkinson classic.

15. The Gaither Vocal Band- They started with their new version of “You Are My All In All” I really love this version of the song, David Phelps is featured and once again shows he can take any style of song and kill it, the background vocals from the rest of the group are stellar. The crowd received it with a mixed response I don’t think some of them knew how to take it… We shall see as they continue to stage this song… Next up was Michael English featured on “Please Forgive Me” and wow you would not know he had surgery, though Jason Crabb did come out and nail the high part… I kinda wish Michael would have just did it… I love Jason but I don’t think he was familiar with their new arrangement and it was a little awkward, but it still went over very well. They closed their set with “Let Freedom Ring” which sent chills through me and obviously the entire audience. The Gaither Vocal Band were the highlight of the night for me!

16. Aaron Wilburn, he came out and made the crowd laugh and he sang a funny song.

17. Jason Crabb- Opened the last and final artist set with a great song called “Someone Like Me” It is on his solo CD which is a great CD. I also really like his band, it looked like Tre Corley of Oak Tree Studios on the drums, he can really play without a doubt. The next song Jason sang was one of my favorites off of his solo CD, it was “Sometimes I Cry” that song really speaks to me personally after what I have been through the last four months. He sang “Through The Fire” after taking requests from the crowd… That boy can sing like no other I will say that! He closed with “Be Thankful” I like the lyrics of this particular song but not a big fan of the track. It was a fitting way to close the night though and Jason is a master communicator… The Band did have fun with this one though.

Final Thoughts: Overall it was a great night, even though I could not be there to feel the energy the video crew and sound crew did a great job portraying it through my brothers 42 inch Vizio Flat screen. So It was like I was there and had the comforts of home at the same time… It ran longer than it was scheduled to run but that is the way it goes when you have so many artists in one arena, and only one night… I am very happy for the success of this concert the Bowlings I am sure were happy and felt very blessed and thankful for all the people that made this happen the crowd included… I have to say that I was right in my post the other day when I said this would be very much worth the 10 dollar donation that I made to watch it. Keep the Bowling family in your prayers and thoughts as the days and weeks go by as they recover. A night like this truly makes me proud to be a Southern Gospel fan/supporter.

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  1. JayTee
    August 4, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Loved the review, Nate. I tuned in and out throughout the evening and was so excited to hear the GVB set with “You Are My All in All!”

  2. August 4, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Michael English looked and sounded fantastic! I think he was leery of taking the solo on the key change because it might have been too much on his voice for now, but it was still great.

  3. Betty McCaul
    August 4, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    I’m with you Nate…proud to be a SG fan..These guys made us proud…And of course The Bowlings….I will continue to pray for them..Thanks for all tour hard work..

    August 7, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    Thanks to all of these Great artists who came forth to support one (some) of their own!!..May God continue to bless them all!. THEY WERE ALL VERY , VERY OUTSTANDING IN THEIR PERFORMANCES!! .

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