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Concert Review- Dove Brothers

Saturday night I went to see the Dove Brothers in concert for the first time outside of NQC. The concert was held in Indianapolis. I was very curious to see them with a live band, as I really wish more groups would go that route. I came away very impressed by the class and overall stellar performance of the Dove Brothers.

Below I will list all of the songs they sang, with thoughts about the standout moments.

  • I Recall- This song which makes for a great opener really set the tone for the rest of the night. The song itself is off of their newest studio project Unshakable which I will be releasing a review of this week sometime. Thoughts on the actual song will be on that review.
  • Little David- I grew up singing this song at my church. So getting to hear it sung live by the Dove Brothers was a treat for sure. David Hester does a great job with this one.
  • He’s Gonna Smile On Me- This song features Eric Dove who in my opinion is one of the most underrated baritones in the business. He does a great job on this song.
  • If I Knew Then- This is another song off of their new project. Mcray Dove really does a great job with this one, it is in a slower style that I feel suits his voice a little better than the faster songs.
  • I Can Pray- This has been Jerry Martins signature song now for three years. His voice is one you would think would burn out over time but it seems that it gets stronger and stronger with time. The song itself is one of my favorites from the last decade.
  • You Don’t Know Gods Love- Mcray is featured on this great song. The song has great message that just reaches out a grabs you.
  • I Know He Heard My Prayer- This old classic is one that I am glad to the see the Doves bring back. They recorded it on their 2001 project Every time I Feel The Spirit. Their arrangement of this song is very nice, with a high power ending that Jerry Martin nails.
  • Group Intros
  • The Band-Getting Ready To Leave This World- Adam Harmom was the star of this one though… Devin Dove (Drummer) and Marc Peele (Bassist) provided some excellent accompaniment to Harmons stellar piano stylings.
  • How About You- This old Blackwood Brothers song is sung very well by David Hester. It was just accompanied by the piano. This song can also be found on their latest album.
  • A Little Good News- Jerry  Martin does a great job on this country sounding number. I like the message in this song.
  • Hold On- This was probably the highlight of the night. Mcray Dove really goes to town with this one, his voice is perfect fit for this particular song and he has really mastered it… The crowd ate it up, and really got into this one after they had been pretty stoic most of the night. They encored this number 3 times. This song is also the new number one song (on the Singing News Chart) for next month.
  • You Would Think He Would Learn- This song came after a brief intermission… They had to catch their breath from “Hold On” I really like this song and Mcray once again turns in a great performance.
  • Did’nt It Rain- They always crank up the energy on this one. Jerry Martin really sounds great on this one… And Mcrays rain dance was not as drawn out as normal… They did not encore this one they segued straight into their next song when they reached the final note.
  • Get Away Jordan- They closed with probably their greatest hit that they have ever had and the song they are most known for currently. They encored it twice and then had the crowd stand and sing “God Bless America” with them. It was a fitting close to a great night of music and entertainment…

Final Thoughts: I was not let down a bit by my first Dove Brothers concert. I would go to another without a doubt. The Dove Brothers Band also did not disappoint. The Drummer is Devin Dove (Eric’s Son) He is only 15 and he plays the fire out of those drums. Marc Peele is the bass player, and he really played well I was impressed by his abilities. Adam Harmon is quite the pianist and is a perfect fit for the Dove Brothers. Jerry  Kelso is a tough act to follow and Adam makes it seem as if there was not a change on the bench at all…

Vocally the Doves are top notch from the tenor to the bass… Jerry Martin is one of the best tenors out there. Likewise for Mcray at the lead spot and his brother Eric at the Baritone. And David Hester is one of the smoothest bass singers you will hear on the road today, he can also rattle the floorboards when he wants to.

If the Dove Brothers are in your area anytime soon go and see for yourself about the quality and class of this terrific quartet, and band.

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