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Kingsmen Quartet Concert Review

Last Friday I went to a Kingsmen Quartet concert in Bedford Indiana. This was my first time to ever get to attend a full Kingsmen Concert outside of NQC. I will say that I was not disappointed. I had been looking forward to seeing them with Randy Crawford as their official baritone. With he and Bryan Hutson dominating the middle of the Kingsmen sound this may be the strongest lineup they have had for a very long time. Here is their song set list. It is not it in exact order, but most of them are.

  • I’m So Glad- Great way to open a concert. This song showcases this groups blend.
  • Traveling Home-
  • I’ll Live Again- I have always liked this song from the first time I heard it when it was big radio hit about 12 years ago. This lineup does a great job with it.
  • I’ve Got A Reservation-
  • The Word- This song along with its great message is also very well sung. Bryan Hutson steps out for the lead on this one. He can carry a ballad like few lead singers can.
  • When Its All Said And Done- I love this song. it is a new song that is reminiscent of the old classic 3 chords and a cloud of dust type song that the Kingsmen are famous for. I have been waiting to see this one done live since I first heard the song on CD.
  • God Saw A Cross-Harold Reed set up this song very nicely with a personal testimony. This song really shows his ability to carry a ballad. It brings out a softer fuller sound from his vocal cords. Which is a very pleasing sound. He utilized this style to great effect with the Florida Boys. I am glad to see he has not totally abandoned that style of singing. I don’t mind the “Kingsmen” style tenor singing. I just prefer a fuller softer tone. The song itself is very strong lyrically maybe the strongest in that sense the Kingsmen have ever done besides “When God Ran”
  • God Knows- This particular song has really helped me out quite a bit these last 3 months since my mom passed away. I listen to this song when I am at my lowest and it never fails to encourage me to know that God truly does know and that he cares. Randy Crawford really adds a new element to this song. I liked Phillip Hughes voice but Randy’s voice has a smoother fuller sound that is more pleasing to my ear.
  • Meet Me At The Table-
  • Someday- They threw some humor into this one.
  • Without Jesus- This Rodney Griffin penned tune was recorded by the Kingsmen about 10 years ago. They are bringing it back much to my delight. Bryan Hutson nails his part on this particular song, and really shows his great range and control as a lead singer. Update: Greater Vision actually just recently recorded this song on their 20th anniversary live album… They are re-recording it in the studio.
  • Glory Road
  • Justified- This song was my favorite of the Kingsmen during their time as the Carolina Boys. I listened to this one over and over again. Randy Crawford really carries this song very well. It seems that he has gotten better these last few years, he has more of a cut to his voice now that is very appeasing.
  • When I wake up- This number never fails to get the crowd going.Ray Deen Reese really did well with this one on the low end. I have alot of respect for Ray and his commitment to Southern Gospel music. I hope he can sing til he drops (so to speak)  And on the high end of this song Harold Reed carried it into the rafters for sure.
  • When My Feet Touch Those Streets Of Gold- Jim Hutson (Bryan Hutsons Brother) was there and he joined them on this song and actually sang the lead including the verses. He has a very strong voice that is different from Bryan he is more of a power lead. While Bryan has a softer but yet still powerful voice with plenty of range.
  • How Beautiful Heaven Must Be- Jim then gave his healing testimony that was very touching. He led the crowd out in “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” his story is a great story that brought a tear to my eye. I never ceased to be amazed by the Faithfulness of God.
  • Beautiful Home- The guys really knocked this one out of the park as their closing number. Harold Reed took the encore into the universe… He went higher than any tenor that I have ever heard live. I won’t even begin to guess how high he was… I just wish I had gotten the encore on video.

Overall it was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This lineup of the Kingsmen (providing they stay together) could go places. The blend is there. And Harold Reed is continuing to develop into that prototypical Kingsmen Tenor, with a side to him that can really carry a ballad which he proves on “God Saw A Cross”… This lineup can not only do the old classic Kingsmen stuff they have developed their own sound that is unique to them… Randy Crawford seamlessly blends in with guys, and that blend will only get better.  Moving Bryan Hutson to lead was a great move as well, he can really carry the melody like few lead singers can. So if you get the chance to see these guys in concert go. And I can assure you that you will come away impressed and blessed.

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  1. AndyS.
    June 26, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Jun

    So is that song, “Without Jesus”, the same one that Greater Vision recently recorded on their “20 Years Live! in Texas” cd/dvd?

    • Nate Stainbrook
      June 26, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Jun

      Yes it is… I should have included that in the review!

  2. David Stuart
    June 27, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Jun

    Thanks for this great review! I can’t wait to see them on July 8th. It’s been a while since i’ve seen them.

  3. Josh
    June 28, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Jun

    do you have any videos of this concert on youtube? If so can you give me the web address? Thanks and God Bless…Enjoyed the review!

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