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Songwriting Burnout?

Daniel Mount has a post up about whether or not songwriters can get burnout… He has a very convincing argument against the thought that, ALL songwriters get burnt out at some point in their career. He cites Kyla Rowland and Dianne Wilkinson as his cases in point. Along with Mosie Lister and Neil Enloe. While I agree that these songwriters may not be burnt out ,they may however start at some point in their career lacking original  ideas… Most successful songwriters only have a few, (or less) mega hits in their career. They then seem to take those mega hits and build off of them, using the same theme or ideas for future songs… It makes for a lyric that sounds all to familiar to the listener… I am not saying that is all together a bad thing… Some songwriters like Ronnie Hinson utilize this technique to great success in my opinion. While others do not.

However some songwriters with long careers of hits have been stepping out of the box lately. Case in point is Dianne Wilkinson, I have been hooked on a new song of hers lately that Hisssong recorded “Can You Burn” while the song may not quite be a mega hit  it is a song that will grab your attention and hold it, and leave you wanting more… I would love to see one of the big quartets record this song… I think a group like Brian Free and Assurance could nail it… Another song that she has recently written that really could be her next mega hit is “God Did It All” she co-wrote that song with Rusty Golden, and The Booth Brothers recorded it on their most recent album Declaration which was reviewed here. That aside, and back to my original point.

I think songwriters today, especially the older songwriters that have had huge hits could take some notes from Mrs. Wilkinson and step out of the box and take a chance on a lyric that could very well be their next big hit… That would in my opinion keep them from so called “burnout” I am not a songwriter but I am a good listener and that is my humble opinion on this certain subject.

Another interesting take on this subject has been posted over at Averyfineline. He has some thought provoking things to say about this subject as well.

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