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Mark Trammel Quartet Concert Review

I have been intrigued about how the Mark Trammel Trio would sound as the Mark Trammel Quartet, well last night I found out… The church was in Bedford Indiana. Which is about 1 hour from where I live. I left early enough to get a good seat, (it was general admission seating)  I was making really good time until, my GPS decided that this church was in the middle of a housing addition… Needless to say after that I was hopelessly lost… And my GPS just kept telling me the wrong thing… I stopped at a Arbys to ask directions, and no one there knew where this church was. By this time I was nearing panic mode (not really lol) and I called a friend to ask if they could look it up online for me… Needless to say they could not… Then I saw  a library, and thought if anyone would know where the church was it would be someone here… By this time it was almost 7, and the concert started at well 7… I dashed into the library and asked the first person I saw if they knew where this certain church was… Miraculously she did! She gave me some poor directions, but she said one sentence that made my day… She said to get on Highway 37 and go north about 5 miles and you will see the church on the right… Well I ran back to my car elated for I knew where Highway 37 was… I had been on that highway 3 times but I had never went far enough north to actually see the church… Needless to say I arrived at the church at 7:07 and found a seat in the back for the place was packed out… Probably about 350 people or so.

I got a seat in the back of the church next to a couple who would not stop talking to each other… Mark was in the middle of introductions by this time… I asked the couple next to me what the first two songs were and they said the first one was “Gentle Shepherd” and they did not know the second… I believe it was “John Saw Me”  for one older guy knew that it had repeated the word Home quite often. So I put two and two together… After Mark introduced the group with some funny stuff mixed in, (he is a very good MC BTW) he had Pat sing “How Big Is God” I have always loved that song, but Pat really brings it to life, the youtube videos of him singing it do not it justice. Pat really has a nice bass voice that is very pleasing to the ears. He can sing a pretty solo or can rattle the floorboards. He is also a great stage man. After they sang “How Big Is God” they went straight into “Always Have A Song To Sing” which is a toe tapper for sure. They did the song with just piano and bass guitar. They did this for about half of their program, while the other half had tracks. Dustin Sweatman is quite the piano player, that plays similar to Gerald Wolfe in my opinion. After this Mark told the story about how Joel Wood came to the group, and Mark had him sing “Hide Thou Me” on the spot at his very first concert. Joel nailed the song last night. I believe he has really come a long way in my opinion, since that first video of him with the group popped up. I really like how Joel seems to understand what his limits are and he stays within himself without over-singing his part, or trying to do something he knows he can’t really do. I really like his voice, it reminds me a little of Liberty Quartets Keith Waggoner, they both have a soft easy tenor style that is pleasant to listen to. Next they sang the opening tune to their latest project “Leave Your Sorrows And Come Along” I really enjoy the style in which they sing this tune. They straight from that one into “I’ve Got A Mansion” This song is in the same vein as the last one, just good old fashioned straight up quartet singing. I love the old songs and I am glad that some groups are keeping them alive. Another old song was up next in “While The Ages Roll” I have always loved that song and the guys did a great job with it. The next song was a new song that sounds old. “Coming Out And Moving In” featuring Dustin Sweatman. I absolutely love this song! It is on their last project as a trio and I have loved it since the first time I heard it. It is a very upbeat bounce style song, that reminds me of something that the Kingsmen would do… They closed the first half of their program with “Loving The Lamb” I really enjoy this song… It was their first ballad song and it received a huge ovation. Mark Trammel showed on this song that he is still one of the best singers that this genre has. I love his voice and it fits this style song to a T.

The second half kicked off with another old song one that I happen to love. “The Sweetest Song I Know” The guys really nailed this one with Pat Barker really doing a great job on his part. Dustin Sweatman was featured next with a song called “What Good Would A Crown Be” I really like Dustin’s lead voice he has nice tone control and a nice range. Next they sang their current radio release “If Only Just A Few” Mark knocked it out of the park. I love the message and the hope in this song! They sang “Walking With Jesus” next. Then they slowed things down and sang a really nice rendition of “There’s Something About That Name” They had the crowed join them at the end… Then Mark being the preacher that he is had everyone bow their heads and close their eyes. He asked anyone that had a burden or a need to raise their hands and he would pray for them. I had my eyes closed but from what I could tell from what Mark was saying that quite a few raised their hands. Mark said a very nice prayer and just when I thought he was about to dismiss, he suprised us by closing with a off the cuff rendition of the old Florida Boys song “I’ll Have A New Life” They absolutely nailed this song! I could not believe how great they made that old song sound. They had to encore it twice. It was an awesome way to close the concert!

I have to say that I really enjoyed myself last night and I am looking forward to seeing this group again. I had always said that the Mark Trammel Trio was the best quartet without a bass singer. Now that they are an actual quartet I have proven myself correct. They are a very good quartet that will only get better in time. I picked up their latest project which is their first quartet album and I have listened to it about 4 times already. It is full of the good old classics that I really enjoy. They are working on a new project that will be released later this year. It will have new and old songs alike on it. And be orchestrated and produced by Lari Goss. And as you know anything that Lari touches generally turns to gold. So we shall see. If these guys are in your area go and see them! You will come away blessed and impressed!

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  1. Brian
    May 21, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00May

    Lari Goss-produced! Wow! They are going for the home run!

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