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The Old Paths- A Wonderful Life- CD Review

The Old Paths first came to my attention about three years ago, when I was looking through a message board and a post from Jeremy Peace caught my eye. He had posted a link to the Old Paths Quartet website. On the front page there was a link to a music player with Jeremy, and the Old Paths singing “He Chose The Tree.” I have to say that I was impressed by the sound and quality of this group, especially considering that they were a “lesser known” group. I ordered their Today CD. When I received it I will say that I wore that CD out, for I loved the quartet sound that they presented. I have always been a sucker for good quartet music. So I was disappointed in some respects to find out that after bass singer Brandon Barry left the group, and that the Old Paths would go back to being a trio. Not that I have anything against trios but there is just something about a quartet… But I digress… When I heard that the Old Paths were releasing “Wonderful Life” I was intrigued. It is their first “mainline” higher budget release since their Today album. I got it from Itunes to save time and money… But I will say that after hearing this album, it is very much worth the money for the hard copy. The Old Paths features Jeremy Peace on Tenor, Tim Rackley singing lead and Douglas Roark on Baritone. These guys have developed a nice tight trio sound that is not always easy to achieve… I will be doing a full song breakdown below. The rating system will be 0-5 stars for each song. 0 being the worst possible rating and 5 being the best and at the end I will give an overall rating.

  1. I Get Excited-Great upbeat opening song for this project. This musical style fits the Old Paths well, on their Today CD they utilized this style on several of the included songs. This song is their first radio release as well and I believe it will do well.  I want to see this one in a live concert setting, good upbeat song. (4/5)
  2. Eye of the Storm- This song featuring tenor Jeremy Peace is a very strong song that really touches me… I needed this song at the time I first heard it. This song has such a great message to it. That God will always be there no matter what you are going through… That he will always be in the eye of your storms. Jeremy really turns in a very strong performance on this song. His voice is continuing to develop a quality that really sets him apart from just your everyday tenor. On this particular song he nails some very high notes that his fans love him for.He really communicates this song very well. 5/5
  3. Mercy Decided- Nice medium tempo song featuring Douglas Roark on the verses. He has a nice natural baritone voice that is hard to come by these days in Southern Gospel. The song itself has a great message of hope and forgiveness. It talks about how God’s great mercy decided to not let us be doomed. Nice song. (4/5)
  4. He’s The Foundation- This song is a highlight of the album. It is very upbeat and has a great message within the song.  The song features Tim Rackley on the verses. His voice to me is very similar to Shane Dunlap of N’Harmony or Doug Anderson Of Signature Sound. And that is a very good thing! Tim is quite the vocalist.  The song will have you tapping your toes all the way through, wonderful song. (5/5)
  5. Paved With Grace- I absolutely love this song. It really speaks to me in a special way. It really sums up how my spiritual life has gone so far. God’s amazing grace is truly like a road that if you stay on it you will make it to the Kingdom safe and sound. The guys turn in a great vocal performance on this song. These guys have really developed a nice trio sound that I really enjoy. Once again this a wonderful song that will really bless you if you let it. (5/5)
  6. Too Far Gone- This is another great uptempo song that features Jeremy on the verses. Jeremy shows a little bit of a power tenor style on this song. It has a very catchy tune and hook to it that will have you once a again tapping your toes and humming along. Great song, that would make a great radio release. (4/5)
  7. Calvary Touched-This is another great ballad song. I have to say this whole album is full of great songs. I am very impressed by the quality of this recording. This song features Tim Rackley on the verses and he turns in another quality performances. Tim is definitely very underrated as a Southern Gospel lead singer. This song is another that should go over well live. (4.5/5)
  8. Saved By The Blood-This song is another nice uptempo song that features Tim again on the verses. I like this song but not quite as much as some of the other uptempo songs on this project. I do like this song and if you love a uptempo song then this is right up your alley. (3.5/5
  9. Do You have His Robe- This song written by Rodney Griffin is an acoustically driven song that has a wonderful message in it. The hook is this “Do You Have His Heart Or Do You Only Have His Robe” if that does not challenge you then you have something wrong. I have been challenged by the message in this song. Douglas Roark turns in a great performance on the verses. I really enjoy this song. (5/5)
  10. Wonderful Life- The album closes like it began with a bang. “Wonderful Life” is a catch uptempo song that also serves as the title track for this album. And once again Tim Rackley turns in a great performance. There is some really nice piano licks thrown in and throughout the song. I really like the title cut for this album. It is another song that would do good on radio. (4.5/5)

Overall Album Rating 4.5/5 stars.

This album should open some peoples eyes to the talent that this group truly has. I will always prefer quartets but The Old Paths really impress me as a trio. It is obvious that these guys have really put some hard work into creating a solid tight trio sound that is not very easy to achieve. I can’t say enough good things about this album and this group. Just go buy this album and hear the truth for yourself! You can order the project here. Or you can download it from Itunes.

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  1. May 17, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00May

    Nice review, Nate. I’ve recently attended a concert where several of these songs were sung, and they were great!

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