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Singing News Top Five Nominees

Yesterday the Singing News released the top five nominees for their annual fan awards. The voting will continue in July. There are no suprises to me in the voting whatsoever. I remember attending the fan awards last year with a good friend of mine. We sat there and predicted just about every winner… I don’t see that changing this year… I am not knocking any of the nominees whatsoever. It is just too predictable for my tastes. I also wish that the Singing News would release the full voting results… But alas I don’t see that happening. Here are my votes along with my actual predictions.The first selection is my pick the second is the predicted one. Here is the full list of nominees.

Favorite Artist: Booth Brothers- Prediction- Booth Brothers- They are still the hottest group going right now but the Perrys are close behind.

Favorite Male Quartet- Legacy Five- Prediction- Triumphant Quartet- They are a great quartet as is L5 but TQ seems to be the hot quartet at the moment.

Favorite Mixed Group- Perry’s- Prediction- The Perry’s- They are one of the hottest groups on the road right now.

Favorite Trio- Booth Brothers- Prediction- The Booth Brothers as I stated above they are the hottest group going still. Even though Karen Peck and New River is close behind trio wise.

Soloist- Jason Crabb- Prediction- Jason Crabb- He is the best by far out of these… Guy is a close second IMO.

Favorite Male Singer- Joseph Habedank- Prediction- Ronnie Booth, There are several on this list that are deserving… I would like to see Joe get it but one of the Booth Boys will take it… Can’t really go wrong here.

Horizon Individual- Gus Gaches- Prediction- This one is to close to call… It will either be Gus or Pat Barker. Those two guys are very deserving… If I was to guess I would have to go with Pat…

Horizon Group- Soul’d Out Quartet- Prediction- Soul’d Out Quartet with Ball Brothers close behind.

Young Artist- Brooklyn Collingsworth- Prediction- Amber Thompson who is very deserving. Her and Brooklyn are two of the best young sopranos in the genre.

Tenor- David Phelps- Prediction Michael Booth- If this was based on talent Phelps would win going away… But it is not… And I am not saying that Michael does not deserve it… Just saying…

Lead- Scott Fowler- Prediction- Ronnie Booth he is one of the best there is… Fowler and Habedank are both also very deserving.

Baritone- Jim Brady- Prediction Jim Brady without hardly a question IMO.

Bass- Tim Riley- Prediction- Tim Riley with Eric Bennett and Glenn Dustin close behind.

Soprano- Taranda Greene- Prediction- Taranda Greene, this is her year IMO.

Alto- Libbi Stuffle- Prediction- Libbi Stuffle without a doubt.

Musician- Tim Parton- Prediction- Jeff Stice- Tim IMO is the most talented of all the nominees, he fades to easily into the background however… I believe he will win one year but not this one… Jeff is also very talented and deserving.

Songwriter- Jim Brady- Prediction Rodney Griffin- IMO its a shame that a great songwriter like Dianne Wilkeson was not nomitated for this award along with others like Marty Funderburke, Joel Lindsey, Barry Weeks and others… This award should be split into two separate entities… One should be artist/songwriter and the other just pure songwriter.

Album- Jubilee!- Prediction- Jubilee this album is one of the best selling albums in quite a while… The groups that created it (Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five) are releasing another one around NQC.

Song Of The Year- When They Found Nothing– Prediction If You Knew Him- Both songs are similar but If You Knew Him is more recognizable since it has been out longer. The other songs on the list are very solid as well.

Well that is it for my picks and predictions. We will take a look in September when the results are announced.

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  1. May 12, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00May

    I agree with all of your predictions except for Young Artist and Tenor. I think YA may go to Morgan Easter… she seems to be making more “waves” than Amber IMO. On tenor, for some reason, I have a feeling that Brian Free will take it this year. Again, that’s just my opinion 😉
    I can only hope we will be surprised in a few areas!

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