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Gold City Concert Review 04/29/2010 Wesport, Indiana

A few months ago I was on the Gold City website looking for a concert that would be within driving distance for me. I saw that were going to be in Wesport Indiana, on April 29. I went last night and I have to say that I had a wonderful time. I had heard great things about the new lineup but wanted to see it for myself before making any judgments. When I arrived there was a line outside the door. It was first come first serve seating so I got there plenty early. I got a seat about 3 rows back center row, which was really great seating in a church that held about 300. It was packed to the gills. Since there was about an hour before the concert started, I laid some things on my seat to save it, and made my way back to the product table. No one was there so I just looked over their product. The first thing I noticed is that Josh Cobb has a solo album out with him singing with just some light instrumentation. It was released very recently. It has alot of old hymns and gospel classics on it, including his hit that he is singing right now “Satisfied.” But more on that later.I made my way back to my seat and waited for the concert to begin.

At 7:00 a local group of ladies came out and opened for Gold City. They did a good job singing a couple of songs that I did not really recognize, but they had pretty good harmony and a solid stage presence. Finally they introduced Gold City and they kicked things off with a bang by singing “I Cast My Bread Upon The Water” I really like this song, and Tim Riley did a  great job on the bass repeats towards the end. I am so glad that Tim chose to hit the road again with these guys! He may be the best bass singer on the road today. Gold City went straight into one of my favorites from the new CD “By Your Grace And By Your Glory” this song really shows the groups ability to harmonize, and the chemistry that they have already is pretty incredible. They took things up a notch with a rousing rendition of “When He Blessed My Soul.” As much as I like the  Gaither Vocal Band, Gold City owns this song. Tim Riley really shook the floorboards on this song. And Josh Cobb really shined on his part of this song.  Daniel Riley then talked a little and set up their next song, which was “It’s Still The Cross” I have loved this song for a long time. It was my first time getting to see it sung live. And the guys did a awesome job. After this song Daniel introduced the guys. Roy picked on Daniel quite a bit when Daniel said “we all have wives and kids.” Roy said “you might have ‘wives’ but I only have one, good luck with that one Daniel.” It was quite funny to say the least… Roy took it a step further, when Daniel talked about his little girl. Roy was like “Which wife had her?” :I have lost track of how many you have now.” To say the least Roy had the crowd in stitches. That man is one funny guy. After all the laughter died down they sang “I’m Rich” which features lead singer Bruce Taliferro. That guy is without a doubt one of the best lead singers in the business. His voice is very strong and he has great tone and pitch control. He also has great range though maybe not as high as Wilburn however he more than makes up for that with his pure vocal power. Daniel set up their next song “What Children Believe” with a nice story about his daughter. I really like this song it brings back some memories from my own childhood. “After Awhile” was up next and Tim Riley does great on that one. After which Daniel told the story of how his dad came back to the group. And set up the next song “Rainbow Of Love” And man did Tim really dig deep on that one. His voice in my opinion has gotten stronger than it ever was before. Roy Webb played a very uptempo rendition of  “Have A Little Talk With Jesus” I have to say that I was very impressed by how smooth he played that song at that tempo. He made it look very easy and well I will say that it is not easy! He is truly blessed with a great ability. After Roy finished Daniel introduced Josh Cobb. Josh sang “Satisfied” and really showed how great of a vocalist he really is. That song allows him to show all sides of his vocal ability. He started smooth and ended it on a high power ending that really blew me, and everyone else away! They went straight from there into “I’m Not Giving Up” The guys always do awesome on that one Bruce espiecally. Tim in was once again pounding out some awesome low notes. Daniel then set up the song “Preach The Word” by telling people even if you cant preach, just get out there and do what you can to spread the gospel. Steve Ladd owns this song, but Josh Cobb is very quickly making it his own. He really nails the high notes on that song without to much trouble. The more he sings it the better he will get at it. After this song was intermission. During intermission I made my way back to the product tables. Where I got to meet Josh and Roy for the first time. Those guys are great and personable and also very funny. I bought Josh’s new CD and said a few more words and made my back to my seat.

After intermission the guys came out with a great rendition of “When I Get Carried Away” I am glad they brought this one back. Bruce really did a great job on this one. They then sang a song that I was not familiar with, but one I really liked. It was “He’ll Do It Every time” That song was on their What A Great Lifestyle CD. I love it that they are bringing back some of their older songs and putting a fresh sound to them. They then sang “I’m Saved I’m Sure I’m ready” I love that song. Daniel said afterward that his brother Doug wrote that song, and when they were going through Doug’s things after he died, they found the hand written copy of that song. So that song will always be special to Daniel. After he told that story he told Roy that some people were wanting him to play a solo on the Grand Piano that the church had. (Roy had been playing on a keyboard) Roy of course obliged by playing a beautiful soft rendition of “Softly And Tenderly.” Tim Riley then set up the next song by talking about all the troubles that we as a christian people have to face each and everyday. He then sang probably what would be considered his signature song “Under Control” the guys really do a nice job with this one… The ending was really solid. To be honest I was choked up throughout this song. I really needed it tonight. The last month has been the roughest of my life since the passing of my mother.  They closed the night with “Midnight Cry” that song is one of my all-time favorite Gold City songs. And if you ask me it has never sounded better. Bruce really sings it from his heart. To close the night Bruce preached a little bit and gave an invitation. Bruce seems to be a very sincere genuine man. He led the crowd in singing “There’s Something About That Name” and prayed for everyone that was there. After his prayer it was over. I made my way back to the table and talked to Josh and Roy some more. They said the new Doug Riley Tribute CD should be out soon. I told them it was great meeting them and left. I listened to Josh’s new CD on the way home and was blowed away.

Well after last night I can honestly say that this may very well end up being the best lineup that Gold City has ever put on stage, in my humble opinion. The new guys Josh and Roy really add quite a bit to the group in their own respective positions. Josh brings a dynamic to the tenor position that is not easy to find. His voice is very different from any other tenor Gold has had… The only one close was Steve Ladd. Josh has the range of Steve but with even more power and authority. He can also sing very soft and tender with a tone that is really easy on the ears. Roy on the other hand, brings a great musician and comedian to the stage all wrapped up in one like a package. He can really play the piano with ease and he does not show off, he just plays. What he really provides the group is his onstage humor. I saw Gold City last April and I honestly cannot remember laughing one time throughout the night. And I am not saying that I go to gospel concerts to just get a good laugh. I am saying that it does not hurt at all to have some comedic relief mixed into your program. And Roy helps to brings that and then some. Overall I would say that if this lineup stays together it could be the best Gold City lineup ever. And I grew up listening to Jonathan, Tim, Mark and Jay. That was the best lineup IMO but this lineup really has a good chance to reach that ‘elite’ status once again. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Their new CD is being produced by Michael English, and he will really push those guys to their limits it should be some good stuff upcoming. Tim Riley also has a solo CD coming out this year and there will be another CD of gospel classics along with the Doug Riley Tribute. So if Gold City is in your area anytime soon you really need to check them out. They will make you laugh and really impress you and you will come away feeling refreshed and renewed.

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  1. April 29, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Great review, Nate! I didn’t know about Josh’s album, so I’ll have to get it the next time I see them.

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