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News And Notes

I have a few news blurbs and some thoughts on each to share today.

  • Booth Brothers to release new album on June 1st. I have to say that I have been anxiously awaiting for this announcement in the last few days… The album was produced and orchestrated by Lari Goss, and that makes it worth buying. When it comes to a pure trio sound with maybe the best harmony going today. The Booth Brothers have something really special going on that I am in just plain awe of… I have and always will be a huge quartet fan, but the Booth Brothers just have something that draws me. I hope they keep this up for years to come.  I will be reviewing that project as soon as I get my hands on it. If you get the Booth Brothers newsletter you can hear clips from three of the songs on the new project. I have to say the song “I See Grace” is a very good song. The other two are very nice as well. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Speaking of the Booth Brothers, David Bruce Murray is reporting that Joseph Smith has been arrested. He sang with the Booth Brothers for several years before Jim Brady joined. He also sang with the Mark Trammel Trio. This is a sad situation, and I for one will be praying for Joe and his family… Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder what some people are thinking when they make crazy choices…(God knows I am not perfect!) But God is faithful and is able and willing to forgive any trespass.
  • This is not old news by any means but it has been reported by quite a few SG news outlets… The Kingsmen are looking for a new Lead/Baritone singer following the departure of Phillip Hughes. I was a little surprised by this as I really liked the sound that Phillip gave the Kingsmen at the Lead position. His feature on their latest CD Missing People, “God Knows” is a special song to me, that has received a lot of playing time in the last few weeks.  I have a few possible replacements I would love to see join the Kingsmen. Including Derrick or Jason Selph or Jonathan Wilburn. Or even bring back Tony Peace and have Hutson take over the lead spot.
  • Congrats to all the winners of the SGN awards. The Unthanks seem to have something special going on that people are really starting to take notice of.
  • Legacy Five Foundation launched. This is a compassionate move on Legacy Five’s part for sure… I continue to be blown away by the classiness, and genuineness of this great group of guys.
  • I have been working on a CD review that I think you will enjoy. It is the latest effort from the Old Paths Trio. It is a high budget release that is of very good quality. I really like this project and I am enjoying writing this review… It is my first review in a while… Be looking for that this week or next…
  • Speaking of reviews, I will be attending a Gold City concert a week from Thursday and I will be reviewing that concert here. I have to say I am anxious to hear the new lineup! I hope they have their new CD out by then too…
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