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Concert Review- Legacy Five In Danville Ill.

Saturday April 10th is a day that I will never forget… It marked two weeks since my Mom’s home-going. It has been the toughest two weeks of my entire life… I could not laugh or seem to enjoy much of anything at all until, April 10th…  Now I know that it will still be tough, but Saturday gave me hope that I could once again enjoy life and find laughter… On that day I was with my girlfriend, who is much more than that to me… She is also my soul mate and best friend… I can’t live without her… She was with me on this great day… I had ordered tickets to a concert in Danville, Ill. It featured Legacy Five as the headliner group. With a regional group Homeward Bound. It was Homeward Bounds homecoming… So I was looking forward to this day for quite a while but I was not sure whether I would truly have a great time… Ever since my mom passed I just could not enjoy anything that I used to enjoy… So I was a little timid about this concert…  We got to the Danville High School Auditorium about an hour before the concert, and I made my way to the product table. Glenn Dustin was the only one there manning the table and he recognized me right off, we talked for a little bit, and I bought one of the Legacy Five handbags. We then found our seats in the big auditorium, we had floor seats about halfway back which to me the perfect concert setting seats. We admired the auditorium for a little while and just talked to each other for a while… I then decided since we had about 30 mins before the concert started that I would make my back out to the table, and chat with some of the guys for a little bit. As I made my way out to the table Glenn saw me and waved me over, he immediately asked me where the groups trophy was. I was a little confused at first (as always)  but then I realized he was talking about how L5 had won the Southern Gospel Forums(where I happen to be a moderator) March Madness contest. I said “Sorry cuz there is no trophy” he said “O man I was hoping to pour Gatorade over Fowlers head!” I have to say that made me laugh at the image I had of that… Me and Glenn talked some more about other stuff like his passion for LSU football… After I finished talking to Glenn, I made my way over to Scott Fowler to make my song request’s. I told him I wanted them to sing “Hello After Goodbye,” and “Peace When I Leave It In Your Hands” Unfortunately Gus did not know “Peace” yet. Scott then gave me his sympathies about my momma and told me thanks for coming. I started to make my back to the auditorium when I noticed that Gus had made it to the table… I stood there for a little while waiting my turn to get to meet Gus. Everyone seemed to mob him wanting to know who the new guy was… Gus then made eye contact with me and recognized me immediately, and even though he had never met me, we had chatted some on Facebook.  He came right over and shook my hand, and gave me a hug. He said that I was on the L5 praying list and his churches praying list! I have to say that made quite the impression on me. We chatted for around 5-10 mins. We talked about the upcoming project that he is very excited about. He told me they are shooting for a late May release. He also said that the album will feature very little orchestration if any… The only instruments are Piano, Drums and Bass Guitar and maybe an acoustic. I will say that I am excited about that, I don’t think they have ever done an album with that little of orchestration throughout the entire album(not counting their A Capella album) That will put the emphasis on the singers and not the track! Gus and I also talked about the upcoming Remember The Music CD that will be coming out very soon. He just finished his part on the engineering/mixing side of it. He once again gave he his sympathy and told me to enjoy the concert. I will have to say that I came away very impressed with Gus as a person, I was already impressed with his vocal stylings now I have met him in person and he seems very genuine. Scott Fowler in my opinion could not have picked a better person, or singer to replace Frank Seamans. I will talk more about his excellent singing ability further down.

We found our seats again about 10 mins before start time. At around 2 mins till start time Scott Howard came out and put in a plug for the Singing News magazine. He tried to get everyone that was interested to come out and sign up. The auditorium was full by this time and he did not realize that the concert was about to start. Well the Lead singer for Homeward Bound came out and told Howie that they were about to start, and Howie ever the comeback king made a smart comment about the crazy time zones. He said “On one side of the stage it was eastern time and the other it was central time.” Needless to say he had everyone in stitches over that one. He left the stage with everyone still laughing, and the other members of Homeward Bound then took the stage. They sang for about an hour they started out with some great old hymns that they had the crowd join them on. They then proceeded to sing most of their songs that they had written or their sons had written. The two guys in the group are brothers, they used to travel as a quartet and just recently started traveling and recording as a duet. They also had a piano player who also served as their producer. Their names are Randy and Darrel Paddock and the piano player was a man named JD Miller. They were not bad at all for a regional group. They had great harmony and some pretty good songs. Some of which were a little to on the contemporary side for me. They closed out around 7 CT and introduced Legacy Five.

Legacy Five came out and opened up with a great rendition of “I Found Grace.” Which surprised me because they usually go with a slower song to start their concerts with. Gus sounded really great on this particular song. He is really comfortable and confident in his upper registers. They then went straight into “What A Friend,” I have always enjoyed their cut on this song. The harmony is smooth, and the vocal arrangement is nice. They sang “The Moment I Get Up There” next. After which they sang one of my favorite all time Southern Gospel songs. “I’m Feeling Fine” I can honestly say that I don’t think any group has or does it better than L5. To me they own this song. Gus really nailed his part on it he can really sky on those high notes with confidence. After they finished that song to a roaring ovation Scott said they may have to move their home base from Nashville to Danville. He then introduced Gus and had him sing L5’s biggest hit “I Stand Redeemed” I notice that for Gus they sing it with only piano. And they lowered the key about 2 steps below the original. I don’t think this has anything to do with Gus’s range per sea, but it may be more of an attempt to just make the song “his” without any comparisons to past singers. Because I believe that he has the range to sing it in the original key without any trouble. I came away very impressed with Gus’s rendition of this particular song. He can really deliver a lyric and communicate it in a way that few singers can. The man can just flat out sing a song. Mike Lefevre put it this way in a interview with SogospelNews about Gus. “Southern Gospel Music has many tenor singers, but few that can sing the part naturally and as flawlessly as Gus Gaches. No squeeky, weird, nonhuman sounds come from this guy, just an incredible, natural vocal that interprets a song like few can.” That statement sums up the singing ability of Gus Gaches. The man is something else.

Now on with the review. Scott introduced Tim and had him play a solo. Tim played his ever amazing rendition of “Wonderful Grace Of Jesus.” My girlfriend (who also plays piano) noted that Tim changed a few things from the last time we heard him play this song which was back in December. I reviewed that concert here. Tim is one of the smoothest piano players I have ever heard, and he just keeps getting better! After Tim finished his solo Scott introduced Howie and had him sing his new song that is one of my favorites off of the new album “Above All Circumstances.” The guys really have some fun with this one. There is some really nice harmonies spread throughout the song, and Howie really turned in a great performance on the verses. He is one the most underrated baritones in the business, and is also a very very funny guy. They sang “Thankful For The Change” next and that is a song that is much better live than it is on the CD. After they sang that song there was some of the best off the cuff humor I have EVER seen in a concert. These guys had everyone rolling with laughter. It all started when Scott was telling one of his stories about his boys that he tells at just about every concert. Tim was sitting on the piano bench seemingly minding his own business, Scott looked over at him and noticed that Tim was not fully paying attention to his story. So he walks over to Tim to give him the what for. And that is when the laughs started. I can’t go into full detail because I was asked to not describe what happened…(nothing bad happened it is just a little embarrassing for certain member of L5) Lets just say it was quite funny and went on for about 20 mins. If you see L5 in concert anytime soon be sure to ask Tim about his shoes… I will say this though during this entire laugh fest a woman that was sitting close to the front gets up and tries to slip out unnoticed, but nothing escapes Fowler… He promptly came down off of the stage and catches up to her and whispers in her ear that she was embarrassing him by getting up in the middle of the concert… To which the woman responded “if you don’t let me go I will embarrass my self.” Needless to say I laughed more during that 20 mins than I have in a very long time. I had a camcorder but I did not get any of it on video much to my chagrin. (I was running low on battery life) Well after all the hysterics Scott had the guys sing a couple of songs off of the Jubilee Record. The first of which was “I Can Hardly Wait.” They then sang “Life Will Be Sweeter” I can honestly say that I never thought anyone could top the Cathedrals on that one but L5 has. Gus in particular sounds great on this song. Towards the end of the song on the word “I’ll” he holds it out for over 10 seconds and holds the pitch perfectly on line, that to me is very impressive,and the note was a High Bb. And Tim on that piano turnaround is second to none. Scott then gave a testimony and read some scripture and they closed the Half with “When They Found Nothing.” I love that song and L5’s delivery of it. During halftime I got to speak with Tim and Scott some. It was so busy around the table that I just decided to go back to my seat and wait for the second half to begin. Everyone came filing back in around 10 mins later. The place by the way was packed out with about 1200 people. Homeward Bound came out and sang some more they closed their set with a nice rendition of “Then Came The Morning.”

Legacy Five came back out and opened up their second half with “What Faith Does.” I have always loved that song from the first time I heard it. Then Scott realized that with all the crazy things that happened in the first half he had forgotten to introduce Legacy Fives resident “Freak Of Nature” (Glenn Dustin) They featured Glenn On “Roll On” While not a bad song, I was hoping they would feature him on “Just Stand.” After that song Scott also realized that he had forgotten his song request list. So he asked the crowd what some of their requests were. An overwhelming shout out was given for Glenn to sing “I’ve Been Changed.” Scott said “You guys always want the freak to sing.” Well he sang it and did a bang up job on it. I think Glenn gets better every time I hear him sing. Then Howie who had been surprisingly silent in between the first few songs of the second half, decided to share what we thought at first was going to be a sweet story about Fowler… He told about how him and Scott had went to the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago, and they were walking down a street and they saw this little boy coming towards them, the sole of his shoe was just flapping away he obviously could use a new pair of shoes. Scott told Howie “I am going to help that little guy out.” Howie  said “Scott then proceeded to reach in his pocket and pull out a roll of bills that had a rubber band around them.” (By this time people were tearing up thinking that Fowler had done something as sweet as giving this little boy some money to buy new shoes) Well Howie proceeded to say this. “Fowler pulled the rubber band off of the bills and handed to the boy and said.” “Son if you will just wrap this band around your shoe it won’t flap as bad.” Needless to say Fowler did not find it funny, he proceeded to take off his shoe and pretended to hit Howie with it. The crowed howled with delight, these guys sure can make you laugh. Scott then started to set up their next song he said it was a song that they did not know very well, and that Gus did not really know it at all. So Scott asked Tim to sing his part and Scott would sing Gus’s part… Gus chuckled some when Scott said that. Scott said that they normally would not do a song they did not know very well, but a kid had requested it and he did not want to disappoint that little boy. Howie proceeded to say “Let me talk to him I will tell him for you.” The song was “Wedding Music” and Scott gave it his best shot… All the while Gus (who was sitting behind them now) was holding back laughing at Scotts weak tenor voice. In all actuality Scott did OK, but he is definitely NOT a tenor singer. Well right towards the end, at the part where the Tenor really needs to nail a high power tag, Gus jumps up  and kind of brushes Scott aside and showed him how it was really done.  Much to the crowds delight! Scott then proceeded to say “That’s good singing sister.” To which Gus gave a little curtsy. Legacy Five really does a nice job on that song, and I would love to see them record it one day. After all the laughing died down Scott went into a little more of a serious mode. He  named me from the stage and told about how my momma died, and that he was sure that there were more people there that were dealing with the loss of a loved one. They then sang my request “Hello After Goodbye.” I have to say that I was cried some, I had a hard time with the camcorder on that one. Scott then had Tim sing “God’s Been Good” after which he prayed and asked God to move upon hearts that were there. They closed with their beautiful arrangement of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Gus really nails his part on that song with true power and full voiced authority!

Overall I would rate this concert a 10/10. It was exactly what I needed that day. I know that I will be up and down emotionally over the next few months and even years but I will never ever forget April 10th 2010. I cannot thank Legacy Five enough doing their part. I truly believe God used them to really minister to my heart and soul. I have to say I can’t wait to see these guys in concert again, which will be Lord willing on May 7th in Evansville Indiana. Legacy Five is a group that you absolutely have to see in person to truly appreciate them! They will make you laugh and cry and just feel all happy inside… They tell it like it is but they don’t shove anything down your throat. They take their calling seriously I truly believe that with all of my heart. You have to see these guys to believe it, so go to their newly designed website (which is very nice) and check their schedule for a show near you. You will go away knowing that your money and your evening was very well spent.

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  1. April 12, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    Great review!

  2. M Nijdeken
    April 12, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    As I lost my mother a year ago I know how you feel. My condolences … and I’m glad this concert was such a big comfort to you. A great review!

  3. Phil
    April 13, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    awesome review. Felt like i was sitting there!

    Praying for you Nate!

  4. April 16, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

    GREAT review Nate!!

  1. April 11, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

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