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Saturday News and Notes

There have been several newsworthy and noteworthy items over the last week since that I am going to cover in this weeks issue of “News And Notes.”

  • First off I am going to give a shout out to Aaron Swain, for a magnificent interview with Michael English! He posted the video of it here. I have seen it several times already and I come away very impressed by Michael as a personable humble man. There are also some interesting tibits about the upcoming Gaither Vocal Band album!
  • The first news item today is the news that Dan Keeton has joined the Blackwood Gospel Quartet (Marks group) Replacing Dale Evans who decided to come off the road to spend time with his family. I am looking forward to hearing this lineup of the BGQ.
  • Legacy Five has announced on their blog that they heading to the studio on Monday to record a album of Gospel Classics. And you can go to their blog right now and put in a request for them to record. 35 people have responded so far with some great selections. So if you are a fan of L5, or not a fan put in your requests by Monday, and see if  what you requested gets recorded!

That is it for the weekend  roundup. Be looking very soon for an album review on this blog! It has been quite awhile since I have written one. I am working on two right now one is a DVD the other is a CD… We will see which one gets done first.

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