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SN Fan Awards Nominations/Tickets: Plus some quick news blurbs

It is that time of year again, it is time to nominate your favorite artists, individuals and every other little thing in between for Singing News. If you are a subscriber, then you probably have already went ahead and nominated your favorites. Also they are selling tickets like hotcakes, to the fan award show that is to be held at Dollywood at the SGMA Hall Of Fame Ceremony. For 70$ you can get into Dollywood enjoy both shows and have a good meal. You will be nearing that price range most likely if it was to still be in Louisville, once you consider parking, tickets, food etc… So if you can go and you actually want to go you should get your ticket while you still can. Here is more info on the details.

Now for some newsworthy items

  • Michael English underwent surgery today, for a bulging disc in his neck just inches from his vocal chords. I am not sure how it turned out, I have been praying for him all day. I will report here as soon as I get word on how the surgery went. UPDATE: According to Mark Lowry Michael did very well in surgery. Read his post on it here.
  • Congratulations are in order for Daniel Riley and his wife. They welcomed a baby girl into the world yesterday. Her name is Tessa Hope Riley. May God bless this wonderful family, and may he grant Daniel and Holly the wisdom and guidance, to raise this child to the best of their abilities.
  • Remember The Music project is going to become a CD as well. Last NQC former Cathedral members got together and recorded a live performance of them singing Cathedral hits. I was there and on the front row for that incredible event. I got that DVD today in the mail and wow what a performance it was. They have now decided that, according to Gus Gaches that they will be releasing the live performance on CD. He will be doing the  engineering of the project at his studio the Vox Box. You can read his post on it here. He also helped with the sound engineering that very day in the production truck.
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