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2010 The Start Of A New Decade Brings Excitement For Things To Come!

Well another year starts and alot of changes were made last year in the Southern Gospel world. There are alot of big stories that I won’t cover here personally but I will send you over to Daniel Mounts site to read his incredible list of the top stories from 2009. But I will highlight some things below that stand out to me for the future starting with Gold City.

  • Gold City unveiled their new lineup last night with Josh Cobb. From the videos I have seen I honestly think this may be the best lineup that Gold City has had for a long time! I am the biggest Steve Ladd fan in the world, but I think Josh Cobb will surpass all that Steve accomplished with Gold City. Providing he stays for at least as long as Steve. Here is a video of him singing with Gold City on the Classic “One Scarred Hand” He shows on just this song how much he is going to bring to the Gold City table.
  • Legacy Five started the year with a new tenor as well. I have heard from several reports that he really nailed it. Even though he was under the weather a little. Brandon Coomer stated on his blog last night.Gus Gaches was out of this world in his debut with Legacy Five! I’ve always liked Legacy Five, but now, they may be the best group going.” I have to say that I am truly excited to see L5 with Gus. I hope it will be very soon! A poster over at Southern Gospel Forums has posted a couple of videos from last night.Here is one of Gus singing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” with L5. He did awesome considering he had a head cold! I believe Gus Gaches was the perfect pick for L5, he will lead them to greater things.

I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Southern Gospel music, which in my opinion is the best genre of music in the world! I hope to be still blogging by this time next year. I hope to get into a routine of posting something every day. But my life has been a little more than crazy and hectic lately. Hopefully that will turn around and I will be able to properly blog the way I need to!

Coming Soon!- I am still going to post my interview with Tim Parton and Glenn Dustin. I am just sorting out a few details with Tim. It will be posted ASAP. I also have some reviews forthcoming not sure when but they will coming up so keep an eye out for those as well. Happy New Year everyone I hope it is a good one! Go find you a concert to attend and enjoy it while you still can in this country. We have been blessed lets not take that for granted!

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