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CD Review- Keith Plott I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Keith Plott has been and still is one of my favorite bass singers. And when he left BFA to start a solo career a couple of years ago. I thought he is one bass singer that I think can make it solo! He has enough range on both ends of the spectrum to pull it off. And it is not just his range that makes him a great bass singer, it is his tone placement and his knowing how to use that big voice of his to really draw you in! About a week ago, Keith added me as a friend on Facebook I quickly accepted his friend request. He then sent me a message telling me he wanted to send me a CD! I gave him my adress and told him I would review whichever CD he sent me. Well today I got home and checked the mail and he had sent me two CD’s. His first Solo CD and his Christmas CD that he just put out. And since it is the Christmas season I decided to review his Christmas CD. This CD features many contrasting styles of Christmas songs, from “Mary Did You Know” to “Mr. Grinch” I really enjoy this Christmas album. So with no further ado here we go.

  1. Away In A  Manger- Keith does a splendid job on this Christmas classic. His more country sounding voice really fits this song well. 4/5
  2. Mary Did You Know- When I first saw that Keith had tackled this song, I immediately thought that it would be pretty good. A bass singer has covered this one before (Eric Bennett) So I knew that Keith would cover it pretty well. As far as the song he does a great job on it. Including a really solid low note at the end. 4.5/5
  3. Go Tell It On The Mountain- I think when Keith went to pick songs for this CD he picked them to fit his country influenced voice. This is another one that really fits his voice. I also enjoy the the nice BGVs. 4/5
  4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas-I am not as sure about this song. Vocally Keith does a great job as always. But This is a song that I don’t think “fits” his unique voice as well as some others. I do like the song though. 3/5
  5. Hark The Herald Angels Sing- This is one of my favorite traditional Christmas Carols. And Keith does a great job putting some feeling into it. 4/5
  6. Oh Come All Ye faithful- This is a of the album that is full of great singing. Keith really puts his all into this song with feeling. I really enjoy this cut. 5/5
  7. Mr. Grinch-This is a nice novelty song, that I absolutely loved when I was a kid. He does a great job on it. This song always makes me laugh.3/5
  8. Jingle Bells- I like Keith’s voice on this one as well he really pulls this one off well. 3/5
  9. Christmas Shoes- This is the Highlight of the album. I have heard several different versions of this song and this may be the best I have heard yet. Keith really puts alot into this song. And it shows this song has always touched me and does not fail to do so here. 5/5
  10. White Christmas- Another song that through the years has been a favorite of mine. I love snow so I do love a White Christmas. Keith does another great job on this cut. 4/5
  11. The Christmas Song- Keith does a admirable job on this song. Even though I don’t think it fits his voice all that well. Keith shows here that he is capable of singing this style of song and do it admirably well. 3.5/5

Overall rating 4 Stars.

I have changed my rating service with this album and will be doing it this way from now on with every review. I really enjoy this album and would encourage everyone, that is a fan of good solo bass singing to add this one to your collection. Keith is a wonderful singer, that I am pulling for all the way in his solo career! I am hoping to catch a concert of his in the future.

*This album was provided to me at no charge. That did not in ANY way effect my review of this album.

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