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Some noteworthy news/rumblings

  • First off some rumblings, it is being reported over at Musicscribe by Kyle Boreing and at Brandon Coomers blog, that Chris Cooper is no longer with Gold City. And  a new tenor will be announced at the first of the year. It seems like Chris never could quite find his range place with Gold city… I wish him the best of luck because I think he is a terrific singer… And for Gold City if they want to some stability, they really need to keep Tim on as Bass singer. And then hire Jay Parrack back! I am not sure Jay will do it, but that would put Gold City back where they belong immediately! Also of note they are still looking to hire a new Piano player. I think they should try and bring back Channing Eleton he is doing a solo gig right now, I believe… I think the future can be VERY bright for Gold City if their chips fall the right way over the next month or so…
  • The Dove Brothers quickly efficiently announce that Jerry Kelso is leaving the group, and that Adam Harman (Formerly of the Kingdom Heirs) will join them in January… I am surprised by this somewhat. I thought Jerry really helped to solidify that group. He also did some songwriting and arranging/producing. I wish him and the Doves the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Upcoming reviews and in no particular order.

  • Keith Plott- I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  • The Collingsworth Family- The Answer
  • Greater Vision- 20th anniversary project
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