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Concert Review- Legacy Five in Greenwood Indiana

Ok I finally have made the time to sit down and write this review! Ok last Friday (Dec, 4) I went to visit my Girlfriend who lives pretty close to where the concert was held. She had never been to a L5 concert and wanted to go with me. So I bought her a ticket. Then I went and picked her up and took her to the church where the concert was held. We got there a little early so I could talk to some of the guys for a little bit. I talked to Glenn first and asked him about the interview I did with him back at NQC. He said that he had read over the copy that I sent him, and he did not notice anything he wanted me to pull so I was elated about that! I did not however get to talk to Tim about the interview before the concert began as he was tied up at the moment… I figured I would catch him later! Well we got our seats and waited for the concert to begin. They did not have a opening act so we sat and talked till the pastor got up and announced that the moment we were all waiting for was finally about to begin… You could feel the anticipation building with every word the pastor was saying. When he said “Welcome Legacy Five” the crowd gave a rousing ovation and L5 took the stage!

They opened with “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” I like their arrangement of this classic hymn. They went straight from there into “The Moment I Get Up There” Glenn really pounded out some low notes on this one! When the next track started up, my girlfriend got all excited and called her mom so she could hear their favorite L5 song “I Found Grace.” I got a kick out of that, her mom loved it! Then Fowler introduced the “Old Man” of the group Scott Howard and had him sing his new song off of the Just Stand project, “Above All Circumstances.” Scott started singing it and I thought wait a minute something does not seem right… Well it did not take me long to figure out that Howie had started the song with the second verse and then sang the first verse! I don’t think very many people noticed since it is such a new song! I got a big kick out of it, and I could tell that the guys on stage were to… Well after that Fowler did not say a word since the crowd did not seem to notice the mistake… He then introduced Glenn and had him sing his new song off the new project, “Just Stand.” Well Glenn sang the first verse correctly and did a great job too I might add… But then he blanked on the second verse but recovered well and sang the first verse again… The crowd liked that. After the song Scott finally came clean on Scott Howards mistake, saying it was only fair to ‘Cuz’. They made those mistakes a running joke the rest of the night! They had the crowd really rolling most of the night! Well after all the laughter and jokes settled down Scott had Tim play a Magnificent rendition of “Wonderful Grace Of Jesus”. My girlfriend who is quite the pianist herself really loved Tim’s playing! She already had both of his CD’s so she knew he was good but she was blown away seeing him “live.” After the song Tim had people rolling after the song when he told Howard and Glenn, “I played all 4 verses in the correct order” It was great! They then started up the song “Thankful For The Change” I will be honest the first time I heard this song on CD it did not go over well with me… Well it has been growing on me the more I listen to it… Well I am glad I got to hear it live again, i had heard it once before live. Now I know I really like that song! Well Scott had Frank give his testimony next. He told his story about singing in the honky tonks. And then his conversion story which I still love to hear him tell. Well Scott told him he could sing whatever song he wanted to sing and Frank wanted to give us some of that “Honky Tonk” flavor so he told Tim to key up “Life Will Be Sweeter” Well it was the first time I had got to see it live! It was great! Frank really nailed the ending on that one! Then Scott had Tim punch up the track to the song “I can Hardly Wait” I really enjoy songs that feature Glenn, and this one is no exception! Well they kept singing songs from the Jubilee! project when Scott decided to sing “Someone Who Cares For You” I love that song! Then Scott pulled out the bible and read some scripture setting up their next song. Scott talked about how this is the Christmas season but he wanted to sing a song about the rest of Jesus life!  They started the song which is their next radio single “When They Found Nothing.” WOW what a song this is in a live setting, I love it on CD, but it so much better Live! The crowd gave them a rousing standing ovation on this song! After the song Scott said “I know it is running past time for intermission but I want to sing some Christmas songs!” The pastor and the crowd readily agreed. They immediately went into their great “Festival Of Carols” Which is 4 Christmas carols arranged wonderfully into one song! I love it! They sang “Winter Memories” which is a nice little novelty song. Scott then set up the song by talking about the “War” on Christmas. I love their rendition of “It’s Called Christmas” It is great “Message” song that I wish everyone could hear! Scott once again brought out the bible and read the christmas story setting up “O Holy Night.” They absolutely brought the house down with that one! O my I will say I was quite moved.

Then it was intermission, and I made my way out to the tables. I talked to Frank for awhile and he thanked me for saying such nice things about him and L5. And he also told me him and his boys are already working on putting a CD together! I will say I will get that and review it here as soon as he does! Then I was standing around waiting for my chance to talk to Tim. He spotted me and quickly made his way over to my location! I immediately asked him if he had, had the chance to look at the interview yet. He said he had and was doing some editing and would email me his final copy back! I said “great just whenever you get the chance” He said he would either post the interview on their blog or link to my blog! That interview will be coming soon I promise! I think you will love it!

Well after intermission Scott sang some request’s they started with “God Will Go”. Which is one of my favorite songs off of the God’s Been Good album! Then Scott honored the request of a 16 year old boy who wore a suit to the concert! He said you never see a 16 year old wear suits anymore! The request was for “He Made A Change” I love that song! Frank really nailed the ending! Then Scott pointed out a woman in the crowd who was a HUGE, L5 fan! She had a T-shirt with all of the guys on it! But Frank was her favorite. So Scott asked her to pick out her favorite ‘Frank’ song and they would sing it! She picked “Peace When I Leave It In Your Hands” That song has always been special to me since the first time I heard it! The crowd gave a standing ovation. Well Scott then told how this was the last weekend that Frank would be with Legacy Five. They closed with their new song “Till We Meet Again”. That song is incredible to hear sung live. Frank did a wonderful job on it!

If you have never been to a Legacy Five concert you really should go to one! They will make you laugh, cry and feel blessed! They also do a great job ministering to people that need it! They are class act’s through and through! I for one am excited to see what the future holds for these guys! Gus will fit right in with the guys in January and I don’t think there will be any drop off at all! I hope to catch a concert with them in January and I will do another report then!

Here is a link to some videos from the concert, I did not take them but someone that was there did!

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  1. Butch
    December 9, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Dec

    Great review! Cut down on using the word “well” so often in your writing, and I’d enjoy it even more.

  2. Meg Graham
    December 17, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Dec

    WOW!! This sounds like a fantastic time! I wish I could have been there; my family and I are the biggest L5 fans west of the Mississippi, so it was a big bummer not to see Frank’s last concert with the guys… We’ll miss him. So glad you had fun!
    Love your blog,btw.

  1. April 11, 2010 at 1:43 -04:00Apr

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