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Legacy Five Updates

  • Legacy Five is still searching for a tenor. Frank Seamans will be with them till December 8th, after which they have their Christmas break. On December 31st they will unveil their new tenor. Whomever that might be. I know they are auditioning quite a few tenor singers. Even having them audition on stage with them. That to me is a great way to find the right singer. It really helps you find what you are looking for in a given singer.
  • Legacy Five launches a blog. I am excited about this, I love it when groups or members of groups start blogs. It really gives you a different perspective on them.
  • Legacy Five is cutting their dates back from around 150 a year to 125 a year. I love this idea it is a great move for Legacy Five. It gives their members more time to rest, and to be with their families. It also to me, shows they are making enough revenue that will allow them to do this. I respect them for making this decision with economy the way it is those 25 dates would generate more income possibly. Legacy Five is all class through and through.
  • Legacy releases sing-a-like Christmas music bundle. This excerpt from their websiteThis is a special offer for the holiday season only… with this bundle, you can “sing just like” Legacy Five! You get the Accompaniment Tracks CD for our “A Little Christmas” project including all twelve soundtracks… also included in the package is a downloadable file with the sheet music for five of those great songs! You can simply print the music on your own printer from your computer.
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