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Legacy Five Just Stand Album Review

When Legacy Five first formed about 10 years ago they released a very strong album called StronJustStandCDcoverlargeg In The Strength. Some say that Strength was their best album, some say their best was London others say it was Live In Music City. Well I am here to say that Just Stand tops all of the above in the category of best overall album that Legacy Five has put out. When I heard back about a year ago that Lari Goss was to be the producer for L5’s upcoming major release,  I will say I got excited thinking about the possibilities. The lineup on this album is the same as their last several albums. Scott Fowler- Lead , Frank Seamans- Tenor, Scott Howard- Baritone, Glenn Dustin-Bass and Tim Parton- Piano. Now I have confirmation that when they hire a new tenor to replace the departing Frank Seamans. They are sending him straight into the studio to record the tenor vocals over. So there will be a unique opportunity for people to own two copies of this album with two different tenors. There are precedents. One time with Legacy Five with their Heritage Vol. Three album they originally recorded it with Tony Jarman singing tenor. He left about the time the album was released so Frank came in and recorded his vocals over Tony’s. Also Gold City did the same thing with their First Class album, Jay Parrack recorded his vocals on that album originally then left the group soon after the release. Steve Ladd then came in and recorded his vocals. So be looking for a comparison review of this same album whenever Legacy Five hires a new tenor and puts that copy of this album out. So with no further ado lets get started on this review.

  • New Born Feeling- Whenever I first heard the clip of this song on Legacy Fives website I thought “Is this Legacy Five?” Well it is very much Legacy Five ,and this is a new style for them and I really like it. This song has a jazzy swing feel to it that also involves some intricate harmonies that are very pleasing to listen to. 9.5/10
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness-  This song has always been one of my favorite hymns of the church. And when I first heard that Legacy Five was covering it on their newest album I will say I got excited. Well my excitement was increased when I actually got to hear them sing it. Lari Goss really did a number with this song. He put a arrangement on it that really makes it sound better than it ever has. If you was a person that knew nothing about this song you would think it was a newly written big ballad type song. Excellent vocals as well on this great old song, Frank sounds better than he ever has on this particular song. 10/10
  • One Thing God Can’t Do- This is a very nice song, sung fairly well by Legacy Fives pianist Tim Parton. I love the harmony on the chorus between Parton, Fowler and Seamans. The song itself is strong lyrically, with a great message about God’s undying love for us as his children. Parton seemingly has worked on his singing. And while he will never sing as well he plays piano he does a very nice job here. 8.5/10
  • Just Stand- This hard driving title track written by Doran Ritchey is maybe “The” highlight on a album that is full of highlights. When I say hard driving I mean that. It is probably the most hard driving tune that Legacy Five has ever recorded. Glenn Dustin really knocks this song out the ballpark. This song is not unlike something that Gold City would do with Tim Riley. It is an absolute winner. Glenn nails some very nice low G’s on this song he has steadily improved over the last ten years with Legacy Five. And has established himself as a premier bass singer in the genre.10/10
  • Faithful To The Cross- This big ballad is very quickly moving itself up my most played list on my computer. I cannot get enough of this song. It has such a wonderful message and  is very hard to get past this song when you are playing this CD. Scott Fowler’s voice fits this song very well. He himself also fits this song very well. Scott Fowler has put his life into this genre for over twenty years and from what I know he has always been in the last twenty years faithful to the cross. They also made a great move by handing the lead off to Frank Seamans towards the end. He has never sounded better as he does on this song. This song is  a absolute winner. If I could, I would give it a 12 out of 10 rating!10/10
  • Above All Circumstances- This country flavored song featuring baritone Scott Howard fits his voice very well. I really like this song and the style that it is sung in. The song has a nice hook in the fact that above whatever circumstance God is able to save anyone. Scott Howard has really improved his tone quality over the last couple of years. He has always been a solid baritone but he is now becoming a more rounded singer.9/10
  • When They Found Nothing- This big ballad like “Faithful To The Cross” features Lead singer Scott Fowler. I first heard this song at chapel on Wednesday morning. It brought down the house so to speak . It is a very powerful song about  the resurrection. I don’t think it is another “There Rose A Lamb” but it is still a very powerful Easter type ballad(it reminds me of “Carved In Stone”). Fowler shows here his incredible ability at singing a epic ballad. I am very impressed by his vocal on this song and on “Faithful To The Cross.” This song is also going to be their first radio release.10/10
  • My Soul Is Firmly Anchored- This is a great upbeat relatively hard driving tune, that showcases some nice harmonies stacked on one another. Scott Fowler is featured on the first verse, in a style not unlike what he would have done with the Cathedrals. I love the  ending when they hand the lead up to Seamans, and everyone else sings a different line similar to the song “The Sweetest Song I Know.” Good song. 9.5/10
  • Statement Of Faith- This is the song that features not only Legacy Five but The Hoppers, Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers. It is a very powerful song that has already shown at NQC that the people will love it. I love the addition of the reading at the end by Gerald Wolfe. The Legacy Five guys that were featured on this song, were Scott Howard and Scott Fowler. But the standout moment vocally comes from Jacob Kitson the tenor for Greater Vision. He really sings his line with power. I truly hope these groups will strive to live by the message in this song. And one that I hope people listening to will take on in their own lives.10/10
  • Thankful For The Change- This is a nice upbeat number. That actually goes over better live, in my opinion. I saw them do this one at NQC. It has a nice message to the song. That lyrically in a way reminds me of the song “Amazed At The Change.” This song has definitely grown on me since I first heard it.8.5/10
  • Till We Meet Again- The first time I heard this song, I thought wow what a great song to close out a concert with. Tim Parton told me that is one of the reasons they picked this song. It is also of course a fitting send off for Frank Seamans. He gets most of the solo work here and does a incredible job. They brought out a quality in Frank’s voice, on this album and this song in particular that I had not heard before. And I have always enjoyed his singing but on this song and this album he really sounds better than he ever has. This is a wonderful song that I think will be a staple for them for years to come.10/10

Overall- 10/10- This is my first review that I have given an album a 10/10 on. I honestly don’t think there is a weak point on this entire album. It is lyrically and musically strong, and the song order is as good as it has been since their London project. There is a healthy mix of styles and themes in this album. But the theme that seems to be the overarching theme is being faithful to God and we will see him someday. Legacy Five made a brilliant move by bringing in Lari Goss to produce this album, what he adds to an album is priceless. There are several songs that I could see getting sent to radio and doing very well. They really need to put pressure on their label to single “Faithful To The Cross” I could most definitely see this song going top five or even number one on the charts. It just has that once in a lifetime quality about it.  “Just Stand” would also be a great radio release along with a few others. This group has put out some great music these past ten years, and this album is the best yet in my honest opinion.

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  1. October 2, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Oct

    Hey Nate! Great review… makes me want the CD even more! You’ve got me expecting an awesome CD.

    About Gold City’s “First Class” project. Jay Parrack recorded some, if not most, of his vocals for the project. Rumor has it that they gave him a copy of the CD with his vocal on it as a going away present. However, they never actually released it to the public with his vocal. All manufactured copies of “First Class” featured Steve Ladd.

  2. October 3, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Oct

    I saw a copy of Legacy Five’s “Songs We Used To Sing” project with Tony Jarman on the cover, which I’m assuming means he re-cut the vocals that Josh Cobb originally sang. I never got to hear that particular version of that project, but it would definitely be an interesting listen.

  3. Andrew S.
    November 2, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Nov

    Interesting point about “Thankful for the Change.” This song was recorded 12 years ago on the Talley Trio’s first major-label album, “So Thankful.” I’m sure others have recorded it over the years; but that’s the most recent rendition of which I could think.

  1. October 3, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Oct
  2. August 9, 2012 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

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