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Saturday NQC Review Plus Final Thoughts On NQC 2009

Well the culmination of NQC was Saturday. It is the highly anticipated Singing News fan awards night. My day however started much earlier than the awards show. I started my day by attending the Janet Paschal cancer walk. It was being broadcasted by Daniel Britt of Joy FM. And there were a few special guests there besides Janet. Frank Seamans was there and he told his story about his son battling cancer. There was a young lady there that told a story about her dad but I cannot seem to remember their names. These stories were very touching to me, for my grandma died of cancer.

After this I made my way to the media room to catch up on some things. I then made my way over to Freedom Hall to see if I could get a early seat for the Cathedral Remembered Video taping. I got a seat in the very front row about five feet from the stage. I got to actually watch them rehearse  some of the songs they were going to sing. Glenn Dustin came down and talked to me some as did Scott Fowler and Danny Funderburke. They kicked the concert off at promptly Twelve. I did not take notes since I was on the front row so I am not sure of the song list. There will be a DVD of this performance released in December sometime. I will review that DVD whenever I get it. A few performances that stood out to me were “Plan Of Salvation” featuring Glenn Dustin. I was very impressed. Another highlight was Danny Funderburke singing “I’ve Just Started Living” folks this man still has “It.” He really nailed it on Saturday and really impressed me. As I said I will be doing a full review when I get the DVD in December. So be on the lookout for that.

Well the rest of my Saturday afternoon was pretty uneventful,I went to the media room and typed my Friday review. Then I wandered around the exhibit hall where I ran into an old buddy and we caught up on old times. I had a extra ticket to the Fan Awards so I invited him to sit with me. We arrived at the fan awards in time to hear the Apostolic Boys sing “Get Away Jordan.” I will say that I was impressed. Well the fan awards was how shall I say it… Predictable as always… But I am  happy for each of  the winners. It was very good to see Eric Bennett win the Favorite bass singer award. And it was terrific to see Triumphant win Favorite quartet. But to me anyway the rest was quite predictable. That is not a bad thing per sea but I always like to see surprises. I will say that I am happy for the Booth Brothers as well. Those guys deserve everything they get. They have put in their time and now they are being rewarded for their hard work. Well after the fan awards, I headed straight out for an interview with Glenn Dustin and Tim Parton of Legacy Five. I stood around their table for a little while, then when they got the chance to slip away I took them to the media room for the interview. It went about 40 minutes. I was very pleased with how it turned out. I learned quite a bit about these two great guys. I will be posting that interview as soon as I can get it transcribed and edited. When that was over I headed back to the vendors hall and got me a much needed bite to eat and a drink. I got back into Freedom Hall in time to catch the last part of Janet Pascal’s set to be honest I did not catch any of the songs she sang. I will list my review of the following sets from here.

  • Brian Free and Assurance had a strong set once they actually got going. They were having trouble getting the tracks to play. So they sang a A cappella song “There Is A Kingdom Coming” that song is on their newest album. It got a great crowd response. They finally got the tracks to play and they sang “You Must Have Met Him” and then went straight into their current radio release “Die Another Day.” Brian set the next song “Only God Knows” very well with some on the spot comments about abortion. They closed strongly with “Jesus Will Pick You Up.”
  • The Talley Trio had a nice set. They sang my favorite newer Talley Trio song “Life Goes On.” And another recent favorite “That’s Enough” both of those were number one songs for them. They closed with their new arrangement of “Amazing Grace.” Overall they had a solid set.
  • The Reggie Sadler Family sang a set that seemingly took forever. Not that it was bad but it just seemed to take a long time to get through. The highlight from their set was “Anytime Anyplace Anywhere.”
  • The Perry’s had a nice set. They started with “Did I Mention” which the crowd seemed to love. This song is Libbi Stuffle at her very best. They then sang the song that everyone seems to be buzzing about “If You Knew Him.” It of course received a rousing response even from the Saturday night crowd. They closed with a chorus of “I Wish I Could Have Been There.” Basically getting the crowd warmed up for the finale.
  • The Grand Finale featured Legacy Five, The Hoppers, Greater Vision and The Booth Brothers. They sang the new ballad “Statement Of Faith.” It got a wonderful response from the crowd.
  • Final Thoughts- I had a great week at NQC that was very fulfilling yet very tiring. I got home  late Saturday night early Sunday morning. I pretty much went straight to bed and I had very busy days Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And I just now have had time to write this final report. I was not disappointed with a whole lot at NQC except for the poor sound.  Which has been an ongoing problem at Freedom Hall for several years. The microphones were another problem and I suppose that ties in with the bad sound. But I commend The NQC for putting on a great program year in and year out. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to make all what happens at NQC happen. I do know that next year could be the last year in Freedom Hall. As the NQC has yet to sign a contract extension with Freedom Hall officials. But I am sure a deal will be made one way or another. The NQC will live on. I am looking forward to going next year. I am also looking forward to seeing if the Booth Brothers can continue their immense popularity or whether it will be a passing thing as Michael so eloquently put Saturday night. Stay tuned.
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  1. September 23, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    I read your notice that you wanted to get the Glenn Dustin and Tim Parton interview transcribed. How’s progress on it? I do this, at VerbatimIT.com so if you need it, verbatimit.com

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