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NQC Friday Night Review

Friday night at The NQC was an interesting night of contrasting styles. On one hand you have the Diplomats, The Mckameys, The Pfeifers The Inspirations and The Mike Speck Trio. On the other hand you  Signature Sound, The Gaither Vocal Band, The Booth Brothers and Brian Free And Assurance. Along with several other groups like Legacy Five, Greater Vision, Karen Peck And New River, The Dove Brothers and The Hoppers. I believe that this lineup of groups not only represents some of the whose who of the southern gospel, but also all of the contrasting styles within the genre of Southern Gospel music. Below is a review of most of the Friday night sets, I did not catch some of them.

  • The Pfeifers opened with one of  their old standby’s “He Looked Beyond M y Fault.” John Pfeifer played  well on his trumpet solo.  That is all I caught of their set since I had some business to take care of in the vendors hall.
  • I came back from the vendors hall in time to catch the end of the Original Couriers set. They finished very strongly with “Statue Of Liberty.”  From what I found out later from a colleague, I wish I had caught more of their set.
  • I caught all of the Mike Speck Trio set. They were not bad but their style is not really what I enjoy. They did a decent cover of the songs “What We Needed”(Kingdom Heirs) and “Something’s Happening.”(Mercy’s Mark, Hoppers) They finished well with “Tell Somebody.”
  • Karen Peck and New River had their best set of the week. They kicked off with “Ephesians One” the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. They went from there into one of their new songs “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along.” It has a good message that we all need to get. The crowd also seemed to like this song, but since it was so new it might not  have gone over as well as it could have. They then sang my favorite KPNR song “Four Days Late.” Even though it is around 8 years old it still goes over really well. I am not sure I like the video they play to go with the song. They closed with “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown” with Eric Bennett joining them at the end again. He really pounds out that ending to that song. The crowd ate it up again like they did Wednesday night.
  • Greater Vision sang a pretty good set that went over very well. They opened with “You Better Hurry Up.” and then Gerald Wolfe who is probably the best emcee in Southern Gospel Music. Talked about how it was incredible to see the Original Couriers at NQC again and how they helped get Greater Vision get started. He used this story to set up “We Are So Blessed.” Gerald then had us cracking up by telling us about a older woman that had requested the same song, for the last 4 or 5 years and Greater Vision had never sang it and if they did not this year she would never ask again. So then they started into “There Is A River” which Gerald knocked out of the ballpark. They closed with “He’d Still Been God” which of course went over very well with the crowd.
  • Ernie Haase and Signature sounded really good tonight, they really know what their crowd wants and they give it to them. They opened with “Reason Enough” then “Glory To God In The Highest” and they then sang a couple of songs off of their Influenced project. The group around two microphones is a nice addition. They closed with a short reprise of “Reason Enough” that parlayed into “Oh What A Savior.” They brought down the house,
  • The Gaither Vocal band came out to a cheering crowd and opened with “I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary. Wes Hampton really showed out on this song… Bill told a story about his wonderful piano playing, and jumped on the bench with Gordon and told him to take notes. . . which Gordon did(well in a joking way). I will say I was in stitches. Bill accompanied them on “Hide Thou Me” He also called Gene Mcdonald up on stage to sing with them. I will say that the Gaither Vocal Band sounds just plain amazing with a deep rich toned bass singing with them. It truly left me wishing for more  of the same. Then they sang “When He Blessed My Soul” and if they had kept Gene on stage with them they would have blowed it out of the water. Then they slowed things down with “There Is Something About That Name” Gloria came up and gave a nice little speech. They kept it slow with a big ballad “Worthy The Lamb” that went over very well. Signature Sound then came back and joined them for the ever beautiful “I Then Shall Live.”
  • The Dove Brothers were the first group to follow the Gaither show. And they did very well. They opened with “Hold On” then they sang one of my favorite DB songs “I Can Pray” the crowd still loves that song as well. They sang “Back To Egypt” next and it went over pretty well. They closed with a awesome rendition of “Get Away Jordan” the Booth Brothers joined them on the encores.
  • The Booth Brothers had a very solid set. I really love hearing them sing with a Bass singer and they opened with Glenn Dustin(bass singer for Legacy Five) joining them on “Jesus My Wonderful Lord.” Glenn sounded really good singing with them. Michael then went straight into “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” it went over well as always. Then They sang “He Saw It All.” Which is my favorite all time Booth Brothers. They closed with “Trading The Old Cross For A Crown.” It was quite amazing. Jim Brady is one of the best baritones in the business.
  • I missed the next two sets which was the Diplomats and The Inspirations. I did catch some of the Inspirations set in the vendors hall and they sounded very strong. Dallas and David Ragan are terrific additions to that group.
  • The Mckameys seem to have a way of connecting with the crowd. Their set went over very well. They sang several songs with the highlight being their closer “I’ve Won.” I even got into that one.
  • Legacy Five came out and song a awesome rendition of “Boundless Love.”  They were also joined by the Hoppers. Frank Seamans showed me why I will miss him so much. They sang a couple of songs off of their “Live In Music City” album the two big radio hits “Strike Up The Band” and “I’ve Been Changed” the latter of which went over very well. They then sang a song off of their “Jubilee Project” with Greater Vision joining them. It went over well, especially when the Booth Brothers walked on stage and then promptly walked off stage. They closed with Frank singing his last solo at NQC. “I Stand Redeemed” they got a very nice standing ovation.
  • The Hoppers had an awesome set. They started out with “I’ve Come To Far” and then went into “Jerusalem” which still goes over very well kind of like “Shouting Time” they sang a song off of their upcoming label project “Somethings Happening.” It was quite powerful. They closed with of course “Shoutin Time.” They were joined by L5 at the end.
  • Triumphant had a nice set highlighted for me with “He Loves Me.” Eric Bennett may be the best bass singer in business, man can he carry a lead. They closed their set with a song off of their new project that I love “When The Trumpet Sounds.” The crowed loved it too.
  • Brian Free and Assurance sang a nice set that was, highlighted by maybe the most emotional part of the week. Jeremy Lile who had just buried his dad, decided to try and sing this weekend and he sang “Save Me A Seat” in tribute to his father. He bravely made it through the whole song then broke down on the last line. I will say there may not have been a dry eye in the place. BFA closed strongly with “Long As I Got King Jesus.”

Overall Friday night was great night. Magical? well no but it was still a great night of, like I said in opening of contrasting styles of groups. That was what made it speical. I will be doing a review of todays events either tomorrow or Monday.

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  1. September 19, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    My wife and I both thought that Gerald struggled mightily on “There Is A River”.

    The McKamey’s song that you called “He Fought The Battle” is actually titled “I’ve Won” and is the only McKamey’s song that I like.

  2. Nate Stainbrook
    September 20, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Thank you for clarifying that.

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