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(Gaither Vocal Band and Ernie Haase And Signature Sound Showcase Review) Plus The End Of The Thursday Night Set’

This showcase was something that I had been looking forward to for quite a while. So I got up at 9 this morning and made the drive to Louisville with Daniel Mount (who is staying with my family) and my brother. We got there about one hour before the doors opened and waited so we could get a front row seat. It was totally worth the wait. We sat about 10 feet from the stage and it was awesome. Ernie Haase and Signature sound was up first and they sang a very solid  set. They opened with “Our Debts Will Be Paid” before going into a rousing rendition of “Glory To God In The Highest.” They slowed it down considerably by singing my favorite EHSS song “Reason Enough” that one went over very well. Then they sang the old hymn “Wonderful Grace Of Jesus” and did it “A Capella.” I don’t think anyone will touch the Cathedrals on that one, but EHSS did a bang up job. They then sang a new song off of their Christmas project “Changed By A Baby Boy” it was not bad, but it is arranged in a style that I really don’t enjoy. Then they did some songs off of their “Influenced” CD. “My Heart Is A Chapel” “Swinging On The Golden Gate” and “Walk With Me.” Ernie did a great job on setting up and singing “Walk With Me.” They closed with an old Bill Gaither song which fit nicely since the GVB was coming up next. They sang “Since Jesus Passed By” which is one of my favorites. It received a very nice ovation.

Then it was suddenly the moment that the crowd had been waiting for. As the lights dimmed the anticipation built and built some more. Then the music started and the vocalist’s made their way onstage. When you could actually see them up there the crowd went nuts. They started with a wonderful rendition of “Alpha and Omega” which is a song I love. It really set the tone for the rest of the show. They then sang their wonderful arrangement of “At The Cross” David Phelps was awesome on his verse. Then they really amped things up a bit and featured Michael English on “Temporary Home” it was very well received I really enjoyed that number. Then there were a few comedy moments from Bill and Mark that I can’t remember all the details of, so I won’t try to butcher it here. Then they sang “The Love Of God” and Kevin Williams had us laughing at his comments of them starting the song A Capella. He said “The dream of my life has always been to be able to play guitar for a A Capella group. It was very funny at the time and the crowd loved it. They featured all three “Tenors” on the song and it has never sounded better. They sang “Satisfied” next and got a rousing response from the crowd. Then it was back for more laughter between Mark and Bill as they started to sing “My Journey To The Sky” every time Mark would start the first verse Bill would cut him off with some random comment about the Jordan Heirs. He did this several times and the crowd was rolling. When they finally did sing it was very strong vocally as always. David was then featured on  “Nessun Dorma” off of his most recent solo album. It was a very moving performance the crowd gave it a prolonged standing ovation as if welcoming back David to NQC. Then the Vocal band sang “He Touched Me” it went over very well. Then Michael gave a short testimony about how good it was to be back and then sang a very moving rendition of “Lord Feed Your Children.” They closed with the ever powerful “It Is Finished.” Then EHSS came back out and the two groups did a few songs together off of their “Together” project. I really liked the moving performance of “I Then Shall Live” they also featured Gordon Mote on the “Old Gospel Ship”. They closed the program out with a nice rendention of “Because He Lives” Wes  finished the first verse with a nice high power note. Then Bill suprised Gordon by having him come up on stage to sing Mark’s part on the last verse then David took over and nailed the ending of that  verse. They finished the song very strong. Overall it was a very good afternoon at the GVB,EHSS showcase.

Well I had to miss most of the Thursday night set’s due to a EMT class. But I did however catch the last 4 sets of the night.

  • The Easters had a decent set. While I think Morgan Easter is a wonderful young singer. I still miss Charlotte Ritchie singing with them. The highlight song of their set was “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings.” They were joined at the end by the Talley Trio and Jeff asked Lauren to sing the last verse. The crowd really seemed to enjoy this song.
  • The Talley trio really had a very good set tonight. I love their new arrangement of “Amazing Grace.” They also sang their latest single “My Hope Is In The Lord” featuring Roger. They kicked things up a notch by singing “My God Is A Mountain Mover”. Their set was closed very, very strongly by Lauren Talley’s amazing rendition of “He Is Alive.”
  • The Tribute Quartet sang pretty well “I’ve Been Blessed” fits Tribute well, and “He’s Been Faithful” is a very solid song. Tenor Brian Alvey did not blow me away but was pretty solid on “Who Am I.” But something about their set just seemed off.  A blogger friend of mine mentioned that they still had over six minutes left on the clock when they handed the reins over to the Perry’s.
  • The Perry’s came out strong with “Old Fashioned Altar.” Then Tracy told a short story setting up their latest hit “If You Knew Him.” Joseph Habedank continues to prove why he is one the best lead singers going today. He really conveys this song well. The crowd was on their feet before the song even ended. They closed “I Wish I Could Have Been There.” They encored it three times. They were joined at the end by a whole host of different singers from various groups.

Even though I only got to catch four sets. It was a great way to end my night. I will be at NQC all day today so I will be reporting on various events throughout the day. I am really looking forward to “The Song Of A Lifetime Showcase.” And of course the piano estravanganza thing that Dino and Kim Collingsworth have going on should be intersting. I hope it is similar to the “Parade Of Pianos.” And of course tonights set list looks very promising. so stay tuned for a review of the Friday events.

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  1. JayTee
    September 18, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Thanks for the detailed report of the Together show, Nate!

  2. quartet-man
    September 18, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Thanks, Nate. Bill talking about the Jordanaires while Mark is trying to sing sounds like reverse of Mark interrupting Bill while Bill was singing his solo on “I’m Gonna Keep On Singing (or whatever that song was called), but it was probably funny. Bill did a lot more humor in the Trio days, but became a straight man to Lowry, but he was also funny at doing that.

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