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NQC-Wednesday Night Review

Wednesday night at NQC was  a great night for Southern Gospel fans. I was looking forward to the night concerts all day long. And I will say that  I was not disappointed at all. There are several highlights that I want to go over.

  • The night started out with Legacy Five, Greater Vision  and the Booth Brothers singing “Jubilee” that really helped to set the tone for the rest of the night.
  • Paid In Full did a two song set that was really solid. They sang “My Soul Is firmly Anchored” as a trio. whereas on the album they had Gene Mcdonald as a  guest bass vocalist for just that song. They actually sounded great on that song without the bass lines. They closed with a rousing rendition of “Truth Be Told.” I came away very impressed with Paid In Full in a live setting.
  • Naomi and the Segos did a solid set. With the highlight being a terrific rendition of “One Day At A Time.” The Crowd really gave Naomi a very warm ovation…
  • Tim Lovelace then took the stage, and was his usual funny self.
  • The two Kim’s were fantastic. Your probably thinking there is a group called the The Two Kim’s. No but close, Kim Collingsworth provided masterful accompaniment to Kim Hopper on the hymn “Blessed Assurance” it was quite stunning.
  • The Collingsworth followed the “Two Kims”, with one of the best sets of the night. I was once again like Saturday Night amazed by the Collingsworth Family. They came out and opened with one of their older songs “Not The Same.” It received a nice ovation. The Collingsworth’s  were only just getting started. They then sang my favorite new song off of their new project “Fear Not Tomorrow.” This song was very well received by the crowd, which is not always the case with new songs. They got a prolonged standing ovation. Phil talked for a bit and decided to have Brooklyn and Courtney play a violin Duet. I was expecting some fiddling. But they slowed it way down and went with the slower “No One Cares For Me Like Jesus.” Iand it seemed the rest of crowd was in awe at just the sound of two violins and a piano. A nice change from the norm. They received another prolonged standing ovation. They closed with “Jesus Is Still The Answer” and it was also well recieved. Well the Collingsworth made their point tonight,that they belong on the mainstage at NQC ,and have been long overdue.
  • Karen Peck and New River sang a pretty standard set tonight. “Hey” went over well like it always does. The highlight of their set though was “We Shall Wear A Robe and Crown” and it was just incredible. They were joined at the end by the Talley’s. Eric Bennent also joined them and really cemented some Bass notes on that song. I always enjoy “Karen Peck and New River’s” sets and tonight was no exception.
  • The Talley Trio also sang a pretty standard set, nothing flashy just some good singing. The highlight was the ever powerful “His Life For Mine.”
  • The Booth Brothers also like the two trios before them sang a standard set of songs. Ronnie sounded really good on “Crying In The Chapel” He is not Elvis but then again he is not trying to be. Michael was making us laugh of course. They closed with “The Secret Place” and “His Grace Is Sufficient,” on the latter song they were joined by the previous two trios (Talley’s & KPNR) and really finished it off strong, having the crowd join in on the singing.
  • I slipped out during the Pfiefers set so I could set up an interview with some of the Legacy Five guys. But I did catch the end of their rendition of “Holy Holy Holy” I love that song so I enjoyed it. The crowd ate it up and the Pfiefers received quite the ovation.
  • The Kingdom Heirs did not disappoint tonight they kicked things off by having L5 join them for “Wedding Music.” Glenn Dustin took the first verse and Jeff Chapman took the second verse. This was a highlight of the night for me. I love that song and to see two of my favorite Quartets sing it together was a special treat. The Kingdom Heir’s sang a very good set with several great numbers. Chapman was really on tonight he nailed his notes on “God’s Word” and on a new song called “Help Me Lord” but the big Highlight was “I want You To Know.” I absolutely love this song and to get to see it live for the first time was great. The ultra big highlight from their set was “What We Needed” WOW! It was off the hook. They were joined at the end by L5 and they really hammered it home. Billy Hodges nailed what I believe was a high Ab which is insane. He handed the mic off to Frank Seamans at the end and Frank also nailed ultra high note. Overall it was a highlight set of the night.
  • Legacy Five started their set off with “I Found Grace” which is one of my favorite L5 song’s and they of course blew it out of the water. The crowd gave a very nice ovation. They then went with a A cappella medley. It was also very well received, crowds always love it when groups sing with no music, it makes them seem more real. Then Scott told the story about Frank’s son, and had Frank sing the ever reliable “Peace”(When I Leave It In Your Hands). They closed with the same song they closed with in chapel “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” The Crowd really loved it. Lari Goss arranged that song the way L5 sings it and it is just such a great arrangement that I cannot help but love it even more than before. I am looking forward to see what L5 pulls out on Friday Night.
  • I missed most of Mark Bishops set but what I did hear was pretty solid.
  • The Greenes set was a highlight of the night for me. Taranda was sounding better than ever tonight. Her and Jeff Snyder on “Miracle In Me” was received very well. I was delighted when they sang “When God Has Another Plan” which is one of my favorite Greene’s song. Tony Greene then gave a incredible testimony about his battle with his Kidney Failure. They then sang “Hold On” the atmosphere was charged with emotion. They received the longest standing ovation of any group I have ever seen at NQC.  It was very well deserved after what that family/group has been through.
  • The Bowling Family sang a very nice set highlighted by “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master” and “I Never Shall Forget The Day.” On the latter song they were joined by the Greenes and The Whisnants.
  • The Whisnants sang a nice set. The highlight was  the last song “I’ll Pray For you.” On which they were joined by several other groups. It was very fitting for the night and it went over very well with the crowd.
  • The Dove Brothers sang 4 new songs “Hold On” was very strong and Little David was solid. I also enjoyed “A Little Good News”. They closed out with “Rain” of course. It of course was ate up by the crowd. Triumphant joined them on the end and it was funny to watch Clayton try the Mcray dance. Good solid set by the Dove’s. Even though I heard they sang the exact same set list on Monday night. In the same order…
  • Triumphant sang a very strong set tonight. The opened with “One Drop Of Blood” I love Eric Bennents smooth vocal style. They then sang the ever reliable “Don’t Let The Sandals Fool Ya” the crowd still loves it. David Sutton was featured on “What A Wonderful Day” he is a smooth tenor and can sing multiple tenor styles. Then they sang their hit song “Old White Flag.” I love this song and I love watching Jeff Stice acting like he hates it. I think deep down he really actually enjoys it. They closed with “Everyday” and were joined by Gold City. I will say I really enjoyed the the two bass singers, Eric Bennent and the Legend Tim Riley at the end. It received a rousing standing ovation from the crowd.
  • I was looking forward to seeing Gold City all day, since it will be the only time I get to see them this week,and they did not disappoint. Tim Riley is just plain AMAZING! They opened with “I’m Not Giving Up” which was very well received. Then they sang “When I Get Carried Away” Chris Cooper was very solid on this one. Then the moment the crowd had been waiting for, a Tim Riley solo. He sang “Under Control” and it was great I loved every note. They closed with a very rousing rendition of “When He Blessed My Soul” which really showed what Chris Cooper was capable of. He is only going to get better folks. His ultra high note towards the end was something to behold. They were joined by Triumphant and The Doves at the end and what an ending it was the three tenors Cooper, Sutton and Martin was incredible. Seeing Gold City with Tim Riley made my night complete.

Overall it was a wonderful night of laugter, tears and of course great singing. But I do have a few complaints a  review would not be complete without them. Well really I only have one complaint and that was the sound people. Just about every group with the exception of maybe a few had mic problems. Either the mics popping and cracking or not being turned up very loud at all. Or in Arthur Rices case turned up too loud! But other than that complaint I had a wonderful night. I will be attending the GVB EHSS show tomorrow. I cannot wait to hear the “New GVB”. I will be doing a review of that one sometime tomorrow. I won’t be attending very much of the Thursday night concerts for I have class this evening. I will be catching the very end so I will write a short report on what I do get to see.

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  1. Donna
    September 17, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    WOW, what a great write up!!! I only saw about half of the concert on NQC TV last night, but I’ll watch it in full after NQC is over. I, too, am quite impressed with Paid-In-Full. I’m glad both they and the Crist Family were on Main Stage.

  2. Phil
    September 17, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    fabulous write up, i almost feel i was there!

  1. September 17, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

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