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Concert Review- The Collingsworth Family

A couple of weeks ago I got a postcard in the mail from the Collingsworth Family. They were letting me know they were going to be in my area soon in Columbus Indiana. I thought I might go to that.  I forgot about it until I was sent a link by a fellow blogger, to have a sneak peek at their new project. Well I was blown away by just about all of the songs on that project,  and thought I have to see them soon, and then it hit me Columbus September 12th. I thought okay if everything works out with work I will definitely go. Well everything worked out fine with work and I got to go and what a night it was. If you have never been to a Collingsworth Concert then let me describe it to you in a few short words, “Breath Of Fresh Air” that is to me what a Collingsworth concert is. When you go see multiple groups a  year like I do and for the most part (not always)  you get the same old ho hum type pure entertainment type stuff. With The Collingsworth Family it is so refreshing to see genuine singing and worshiping of God. They really know how to connect with their audience in a way that very few groups can these days and they can flat out sing/play with anyone in Gospel music. Yes there are those how shall I say it….  Glitches in the system but for the most part the Collingsworth family is a sight and sound to behold and they do it with a humble sincerity about them, that is very rare in today’s music world. Well on to the review which is what most of you are wanting anyway. I went to the concert with a good friend and her cousins that I had not met before. We got there about 45 mins early and the church was already ¾ of the way full and people were streaming in by the dozens. There were probably about 800 people there when it was all said and done. There were actually people standing up in the back.  Well after a quick congregational song the anticipation started building for the moment when the Collingsworth’s would come up and kick things off. And they started with (I have each song they sang Saturday listed in the order they sang them along with my opinion on each one)

  • “Trading This Old Cross For A Crown” they always do great on this upbeat song. They  turned it around at the end and while I do not prefer that groups turn around their opening tune it worked here.  it went over very well with the crowd.
  • “Holy Holy Holy” Their A cappella rendition of this featuring Courtney is absolutely stunning this is one of my favorite songs anyway so it was a special treat for me. They encored it once and the crowd really loved it.
  • “Ever Gentle Ever Sweet”- This song featuring Brooklyn, Courtney and Kim is a very simple yet beautiful new song off of their new project. The harmony between the three ladies was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. You can tell these women have sang together all of their lives.
  • Trumpet Medley (Come Into His Presence/ Shout To The Lord/Trees of The field)- I am a trumpet player myself so I always look forward to seeing Phil play the trumpet. And he did not disappoint Saturday night. I also noticed that  Brooklyn and Courtney were providing Live background vocals for the song’s. This went over very well, Phil nailed his last high note like I have not heard him nail it down before!
  • I Could Never Praise Him Enough- This is another new song that I just loved. It featured I believe the entire family with Kim and Brooklyn handling the verses. It has such an incredible message to it that just to think we will never be able to Praise God Enough for his wonderful grace and mercy.
  • Piano Solo- Goodbye World Goodbye- I have always loved to hear Kim play the piano she just never ceases to amaze me!!! The licks that she throws into this song is what makes it amazing! This one of course received a standing ovation.
  • Fear Not Tomorrow- This is also a new song off of their new project featuring Kim on the first verse. This song blows me away, I love the addition of “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” that was added into the song by the author. The amazing family harmony is once again very evident on this song. They received another standing ovation on this one.
  • Intros- Phil started the introductions by talking about how Columbus Indiana was a homecoming of sorts for them, Kim’s mom was born and raised in Columbus and there is still a lot of family of theirs that lives in the Columbus IN area. Most if not all their extended family from around the area was there Saturday night.
  • The Good Ole Day’s- This song featured Olivia and is on her new solo CD, and I am absolutely amazed about how far her voice has come along since I last heard them (Last November) This song is a country flavored song that actually reminds me a little of “Gold City’s” What Children Believe”. It is in a sort of first person mode with Olivia talking to her grandpa asking him to tell her about the “Good Ole Days”   The family did a wonderful job backing up Olivia on this one… This song went over very well.
  • I Know- This song featuring Phil Jr. who’s voice has like Olivia’s really developed nicely. This song written by Gerald Crabb specifically for the Collingsworth Family has a very good message to it that I love. They hand the lead up to Brooklyn who handles the transition expertly. What impresses me the most about these new songs is the fact that some of them they have not sung or practiced them very much. This song also has a built in turnaround that really added nicely to the live setting.
  • Violin Duet- The Lily of The Valley/He looked Beyond My Faults And Saw My Need- The girls have really come a long way on those violins. I remember hearing them years ago and thinking they were good but still had a long ways to go. The crowd was very enthusiastic about their playing and they received a very nice hand.
  • Kim Testimony- Kim got up and gave a very heartwarming moving testimony about God’s faithfulness in their lives. She thanked her extended family for being there and loving and supporting them. Then she set up their next song with a story about their time coming up with songs for the new project. She said they already had most of the songs picked but her and Phil and Courtney were sitting around thinking that there was something missing then Phil said it hit him. He remembered and old song written about 25 years ago called “Jesus Is Still The Answer” They went to the piano and started singing and Courtney who had never heard the song said “Mom this is it, this is what is missing off of this project” and Kim said “Yes your right this is it”. And it became the Title track for their new project.
  • Jesus Is Still The Answer- This song is a powerful old  song that I had never heard so it was new to me and what a song it is. They sing this song as a family with Phil and Brooklyn taking the lead on the verses. It received a standing ovation the crowd really loved this one.
  • I Shall Not Be Moved- This is another new song that features the entire family, they sang this as the offering was taken there was not “True” intermission Saturday night.
  • I Want A Prinicple Within- Phil introduced this song by saying it was written by John Wesley in 1749 and that a lot of people have never heard of it but they should. And I agree this is a song that everyone should sing in their hearts to God that we want a Principle within and not just a form of some church manual. Great family singing right here, this one is another that was well received.
  • I Can Trust Jesus- This song is probably one of the most requested Collingsworth songs. It may very well be my favorite song they have ever done. It rings with such a true but simple message that no matter what you might face in life you can trust Jesus.
  • Piano Medley (Keep On The Firing Line/O What A Savior/Great Is Thy Faithfulness/How Great Thou Art/ Hallelujah Chorus)- They closed with this and WOW was it ever powerful, they took requests and Kim played a little bit of all of them but when she went into the Hallelujah Chorus the crowd all stood as tradition and really got into the song. There was a long ovation afterward.

Overall- It was a wonderful night of worship in the Garden City Community Church, They sang/played/talked for about 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. I could have listened to a couple of more hours of their wonderful music without complaining. But there was one thing I will mention that bothered me all night, their mics kept cutting in and out at the most inopportune times. It was a bit distracting to say the least. And The bass was a little overbearing at times but those are the only minor complaints I have. If you have never caught a Collingsworth Concert before I insist that you go and see them soon. I for one cannot wait to hear them this Wednesday night The NQC. Also I would highly recommend you buying their new project “The Answer” and Olivia’s new Project “Then And Now”. The Collingsworth are a class act through and through. May God bless them as they go forward spreading the message and word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for he is truly the Answer to all of our problems.

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  1. Donna
    September 14, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    I am always so joy-filled when I leave one of their concerts. There is nobody like the Collingsworth Family!

  1. September 16, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

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