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Saturday News and Notes Roundup 9/12/2009

  • Ernie Haase and Signature Sound offer 4 free songs off of their upcoming Christmas album– They are taking the approach that the Daybreak Quartet did in a certain way. If you let 5 friends know about this promotion you get 4 free downloads off of EHSS’s new Christmas album. I will say these four songs are very good, it is worth the time you put into scrounging up 5 friends emails.
  • Daywind launches new website- Well they are very close it is a big improvement over their last website, even though there are several bugs they are still working out. I look for them to have it fully functional, by hopefully no later than the end of NQC. But I could be off on that prediction.
  • Daniel Mount will be guest blogging throughout NQC week on various artist’s networking sites. He has also launched a Facebook page for fans of his blog.
  • Ron Blackwood and the Blackwood Quartet sign with “Homeland Records”– I will honestly say that this is pretty good move for all parties involved. I Have seen Ron Blackwoods quartet, and I will say there is a TON of potential there. But can they stay together and mesh and make some noise across the southern gospel world.

I am going to a Collingsworth Family Concert tonight, I will be posting a review of this concert hopefully tomorrow if not then early on Monday.

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