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Paid In Full “No Trace Of Rain” Review

Paid In FullPaid In Full Burst onto the scene a couple of years ago by winning the horizon award for a new group at NQC. Now they have an established and growing fan base and are putting out some good music. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a member of the group wanting me to review their new album. I had actually not heard much of their stuff before this album but I accepted the request and I am glad I did. The Members of this group are as follows. Lance Moore- Leadsinger, Brock White- Tenor and Bradley Littlejohn-Baritone.

1.If The Truth Be Told-  This album kicks off with a stirring anthem that reminds me a little of the Cathedrals hit “Jesus Saves”. Paid In Full sings this song in a style that suits them very well it is upbeat  and carries a very good message about spreading the gospel and truth. I love the line that says “The Truth Is A Sword That Can Cut Through The World’s Deceptions” Great song to kick off the album.10/10

2. I Go To Jesus- Lance Moore wrote this song  and it is very well written and sung. It is a slower ballad style song that has a personal feel to it, that is portrayed very well by Lance. The song shows some nice harmony from this trio on the chorus. This song would make a great radio release for Paid In Full good song. 9.5/10

3. This Is The Day- The tempo picks up again for this encouraging song of praise to God for all that he has done for us. Once again a strong lead vocal from Lance Moore, he really can sing a solo line very wel. The group once again shines in ensemble work. 8.5/10

4. Praise Makes The Walls Come Down- When I first heard this song I did not really like it that much. After listening to it multiple times it has grown on me a little. It has hard driving country feel to it, that fits Brock Whites  Voice well on the verses. This song will probably go over better live. 7/10

5. Lead On- This song is a bluegrass song sung by a Southern Gospel group. These guys pull off this style very well. If you heard this song for the first time, and did not know this was a Southern Gospel group you would think they were a solid Bluegrass group. Good song. 7.5/10

6. My Soul Is Firmly Anchored- This is one of the highlights of this album, they sing this one as a quartet with Gene Mcdonald providing the Bass singing. And of course Gene really puts his signature on this one, he is one of my favorite all time bass singers. This group could seriously make it as a Quartet. I believe in my opinion they sound better as a Quartet. This is a great song that Legacy Five has recorded as well on their upcoming album. 9.5/10

7. Waiting For The Morning- This is a solid song that is from the pen of  Lance Moore He also sings the solo lines. Its a song that fits the sound of Paid In Full very well. They have some nice harmonies towards the end, the one drawback for me is that it ends rather abruptly. But it is still a good song that is well sung. 8/10

8. Light Doesn’t Make A Sound- This song from the pen of Woody Wright, features their baritone Bradley Littlejohn. It is a great song that really draws you in. It is sung in a style that I really enjoy and Bradley really communicates this song very well some singers are good communicators and Bradley Littlejohn is one of them. Wonderful song that I believe they will be singing for years to come. 10/10

9. It Takes Faith- This sung has easy listening swing style that I really enjoy. It also has solid lyrics that goes nicely with the fun musical arrangement. This is another one that I think ends rather abruptly, but it seems to fit on this song. 8/10

10. Faith Moved A Mountain- This is a story song that is really growing on me. It once again fits Brock Whites singing style. It tells a neat little story within the song about a little girl named Faith. She helps win a neighbor named Tiny that most people had given up on, over to Christ. Nice song that will make you think about witnessing for Christ. 8.5/10

11.The Other Side- This song written by Stephen Hill, is in my opinion the best song on the album and there are some really good songs on here. What a message this song carries about the hope we have as believers for heaven which in this song is referred to as “The Other Side”. Lance Moore sings this song as a soloist and sings it  with a raw feeling to it that reaches out pulls you in whenever you hear it. What a lyric and the vocal is stunning I love this song it has that song of a lifetime feel to it in my honest opinion. 10/10

Overall-8/10 This is a solid rating for a good album that I really enjoy, and this group now has a new fan in this blogger. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this up and coming trio. I highly recommend this album to anyone that likes a variety of styles and good harmony, or just likes Southern Gospel Trios. Or in one case a Quartet with Gene Mcdonald singing bass! I am looking forward to catching their main stage appearance on Wednesday night at NQC.

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  1. anthony
    September 10, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    howdy, i like your review. since they came on the scene, they have always put out good music, (Jake Hess) was a big help to them. i am 2 cd’s behind on them, but will remedy that situation. that’s for your thoughts.

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