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Dove Brothers-“Hold On” Review


I have been a Dove Brothers fan since I first heard “Get Away Jordan” and I have closely watched the changing/evolving of this great Southern Gospel group over the last 4 to 5 years. The change started on  “Anything But Ordinary Everything But Typical” and has progressed to where “Hold On” is today. They still have the core Dove Brothers sound, but they have added quite a bit of old country flavor to that sound. I for one am in the crowd that really enjoys the “New” Dove Brothers sound. The lineup for the Dove Brothers on “Hold On” is the same as it has been since Hester and Martin joined. Jerry Martin- Tenor,  Mcray Dove- Lead, Eric Dove- Baritone- David Hester- Bass and Jerry Kelso- Piano. Let’s get this review going shall we.

1. Hold On- This song is a great driving country flavored song that gives a wonderful message. Mcray shows a side of himself that I have never heard before and I love it. He really puts a lot into this song and that is very evident. Towards the end of the album they have terrific lead up to what seemed like was going to be a false ending. But they cut it just short and they went back into the chorus with power and  finish off the song very strong.  I love this song one it is one of the best album opening tunes I have heard in a while. 10/10

2. I’m Gonna Rise-  This is a nice easy tune to tap your foot to and it is one I really enjoy . The song builds from beginning to end and it does a nice job featuring each singer throughout the entirety of the song. It also has  a good message that there will be a day when we are going to rise, and fly out of this dark world. 8/10

3. Leaving On My Mind- I am blowed away by this song, it really reaches out and pulls you in no matter where you are. David Hester carries the lead all the way through, and in my opinion it is the best I have ever heard him. And I love David Hester’s vocal styling’s. The song is a very  personal song that can relate to all of us young and old a like. Even though it is written in first person it seems to pose the question.  What is on your mind, the things of this old world or a future above with our Lord. Great great song that I listen most everyday multiple times. 10/10

4. When I wake up in the morning- This  song starts out a capella making you wonder how the song is going to turn out. Then it kicks into a old style sounding convention  song, Jerry Martin carries the melody throughout and he shows why he is one of the best tenor singers in the business today. The song has a very similar message to the previous three before it and that is the hope of heaven. I like this cut 9/10

5.He’s Gonna Smile On Me- Eric Dove is in my opinion one the most underrated baritone in the business . He really shines on this great “Feel Good” song that is starting to really grow on me. I love the second verse it starts out “I have Been called  a fool and used just like a tool but I still believe in Golden Rule”. That really hits home with me, as it should it is not always to treat someone else like you would want to be treated when they use you and cut you down but God will reward you if you do.8.5/10

6. A Little Good News-  This is a country crossover song, a lot of groups have been doing this lately taking a country  or CCM song and making it a southern gospel radio single. This song featuring Jerry Martin has a really nice flow and feel to it. I like the message that it portrays about the need for some actual GOOD news in the world today. It makes a great country song but I don’t think it fits in with the normal status quo of southern gospel songs even though I like how they added at the beginning and end the line “The Gospel is The Good News Needed Today”. The Dove brothers have shown with this song. That they are not afraid to reach across the lines, and pull songs from other genre’s and make them fit and I commend them for that. 9/10

7. Back To Egypt- This is vintage Dove brothers right here in my opinion and I really enjoy this cut on a great song. It features the two brothers on the two verses  and they do a great job. This song carries a good message as well about not returning to sin or in this case Egypt. If I was them I would have added  a turnaround at the end and really hammered home the ending. But I still really enjoy their cut on this song. 9/10

8. Little David- I grew up singing this song, our church had this song in a chorus book and I sang it all the time growing up in front of my church. I did not know it was a southern gospel song until I heard Triumphant’s cut on it on their “Look To God” album. The Dove Brothers nail this song from beginning to end. It features of course the David in the group David Hester and he nails the verses. I like this cut only slightly better than Triumphant’s they featured David Sutton the tenor on their cut. I feel it fit’s a bass singer better. Great cut on one of my favorite songs growing up. 10/10

9. Jesus He’s Everything To Me- This toe tapper is a great upbeat song that will have you singing along all the way through. It also has a wonderful message sung in a style that fit’s the Dove Brothers very well. It features David Hester on the verses and he does a great job as always. This is one I cannot wait to hear them do in a live setting.9/10

10. He’s Sending Miracles- This song makes a good closing song on a strong project, written by Mcray Dove he sings the verses with passion and a confidence that I love. He is one of my favorite lead singers on the road today and he does not disappoint on the title cut or on this great song. This song is personal to me as well it just speaks to me in personal way. 10/10

Overall-9/10- Is this the best Dove Brothers album ever. Only time will tell but it is one of their best and I love it. Over the last several years they have really changed the sound of the group, but in a good way in my opinion. This group can sing about any style they want  and do it successfully.  I am looking forward to watching this group grow and no matter what style they sing for the most part, as long as they stay true to the message of Christ they have my full support.

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  1. Leadsinger
    September 7, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Sep

    Great Review, the Dove Brothers are one of the best acts going today. IMO Great site keep up the good work. I am looking forward to upcoming reviews!!!

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