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Jubilee! CD Review (Booth Brothers,Greater Vision, Legacy Five)

About a year ago Scott Fowler got together with Michael Booth and Gerald Wolfe, and started discussions on doing a project with their three respective groups together. So they got started and after almost a year they have released the “fruit” of their idea. It was a wonderful Idea that I was very excited about when I first heard about it back in February. The three groups are Legacy Five (Frank Seamans- Tenor) (Scott Fowler- Lead) (Scott Howard- Baritone) (Glenn Dustin- Bass) and (Tim Parton-Piano) Greater Vision (Gerald Wolfe- Lead) (Rodney Griffin- Baritone) (Jacob Kitson-Tenor) and The Booth Brothers (Michael Booth -Tenor) (Ronnie Booth -Lead) (Jim Brady-Baritone) So with no further ado here is the individual review each song will be rated In my opinion with a number on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being really horrible and 10 being very good so let us begin.

1. The Happy Jubilee(GV BB‘s L5)- This song is a cheerful number that features all three groups, it is arranged so that it sounds like a mens choir. I love how the Tenors will sing one part and the “Lower Parts” will repeat. Also I like on the second verse The Booth Brothers sing the first stanza then L5 sings the second stanza then the chorus starts again. It is a song that really gets stuck in your head and you will find yourself loving it. 9.5/10

2. Come Unto Me(Booth Brothers with Scott and Gerald)- The Booth Brothers are featured on this classic song they were joined by Scott Fowler and Gerald Wolfe. Michael sang the first part of the second verse and was joined by Scott and Gerald on the second part to make for a great sounding trio. 8/10

3. He Pilots My Ship(Just Greater Vision)- This incredible song from the pen of Ronnie Hinson is sung by just Greater Vision. It features Gerald Wolfe on the verses and he proves why he is one of the best singers in the business today. I love their cut on this song, Gerald sings it with so much passion and makes it his own. I want to hear this one live sometime. They made a great choice for a song for Greater Vision to sing as their solo song. 10/10

4. I Can Hardly Wait(Legacy Five and Greater Vision)- This song featuring Legacy Five and Greater Vision. Is a great song that has a nice beat to it. Glenn Dustin steps out for the lead on this one and he does a great job he has some nice low notes throughout the song. It has a catchy tune that you will find yourself tapping your foot to. 9/10

5. In The Sweet By And By (Booth Brothers)- This is the solo from the Booth Brothers, it is a old classic hymn that has been re-arranged by Jim Brady and I love it. It has a acoustic guitar driven track with a little drum rhythm and piano. The vocal harmony is stunning. It would have been right at home on their “Harmony Project”. Like Greater Visions Solo it was a great pick for the Booth Brothers sound. 10/10

6. Someone Who Cares (Legacy Five)- When these groups went to pick out their solo songs they each picked one that was arranged to their strength’s and this one that Legacy Five sings is no exception. It is a slower lightly orchestrated song that has a wonderful message to it that features Legacy Fives strength and that is ensemble single. Scott Fowler steps out for a nice lead on the second verse. This is a song that takes a few spins to really like a lot and that I do. 9.5/10

7. Better Hurry Up ( Greater Vision With Jim Brady and Scott Fowler)- I actually got to hear just Greater Vision stage this song back in April, I had no idea that it would be on this project. This song is another one that fits Greater Vision very well Jim and Scott are featured for a couple of quick lines. This is a great song  that should do well on the video. 7.5/10

8. Jesus Is Coming (Booth Brothers with Glenn Dustin)- This is a great song that has the Booth Brothers singing as a quartet with Glenn as the bass singer and man is it wonderful. Glenn sings the first verse and I will have to say that it is the smoothest and best I have ever heard him sing. The way Glenn blends with the Booth Brothers would make you think he has always sang with them. Ronnie does wonderful as always on the second verse. It is a great song that I hope to see sung live someday. 10/10

9. Life Will Be Sweeter- (Legacy Five With The Booth Brothers)- Legacy does a great job covering this old Cathedrals classic. I did not think anyone could come to close to the Cats on this one but Legacy Five does a wonderful job on it. Tim on the piano amazes me once again, his solo in the middle is terrific. And Scott does his best Glen Payne impersonation coming out of that Piano Solo. The Booth Brothers can be heard slightly in the mix but this one is owned by Legacy Five. 10/10

10 Jesus Will Hear Me When I Pray- (All Three Groups) this is the other song that features all three groups and it like “The Happy Jubilee” is a winner. I really like the vocal arrangements on this one as well, these guys make a great Mens choir. This song will make a great closer for their “Jubilee Concerts”. If I was them I would have built in a turnaround for the ending of this song. That is just my opinion overall I love this song. 9.5/10

Overall 9.5/10- I would have given this project a ten out of ten but I had to dock a half point for the typos in the artwork. That might sound picky,but to me when you do a project like this you cross every t and dot every i. The problem with the artwork was the fact that the song “Jesus Is Coming” is listed by  a completely different name on the back of the CD case. And they spelled Glenn Dustin’s name wrong. But overall this is a wonderful album that I will recommend to anyone that loves good ole’ Southern Gospel singing. These three groups are arguably three of the best in the business.  I am looking forward to seeing a “Jubilee” concert that will hopefully be reminiscent of a “KingsGold” concert of the 90’s. You can order this project off of the artists websites.

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