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First thoughts On The Upcoming NQC

First of all  The Perry’s have released their exact NQC schedule Libbi Perry Stuffle post’s over at Southern Gospel Forums now and then and last night she posted what times the Perry’s would be on during NQC. I have to say I love the Idea of a artist posting their exact schedule for that week escpiecally if you are going to watch most of it via the internet. Which I will be doing and even though I only live 30 mins from Louisville Kentucky I can only afford to go on two nights, friday and saturday plus the cathedrals reunion and the cost of the online streaming. I am without a doubt anticipating the upcoming NQC more than any other in recent years. For one it will feature the “New” GVB I am super pumped about seeing David Phelps live for the first time!  The Cathedral Reunion is something I think will be a speical time that I don’t want to miss for the world! That week will also feature the debut (at NQC anyway) of the Collingsworth family. All I can say is it is about time,they have deserved it for a long time now. In my opinion they are one of the best family groups out there. Also something to look forward to is the Fire In  The Choir addition this year it is free to the public and should be a great addition to the already jam packed week of NQC. Also I noticed that the Sunday kick off show will feature the Hoppers And Greater Vision. While in the last two years it featured Legacy Five and the Booth Brothers my two favorite groups, I went last year and loved every minute of it. I would go this year as I really enjoy the Hoppers and GV, but alas I am saving my money for the end of the week. I will be posting more thoughts and notes on NQC as the date draws closer.

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