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Youtube Video Of The Day (Gold City)

I have been thinking about Gold City alot lately so I was looking through some of my favorite Youtube videos of them and this one stands out above all of the rest. In my opinion this was the best lineup they have ever had. This lineup features my favorite Tenor(Jay) My Favorite Bass Singer(Tim) and also one of my favorite all time Leadsingers(Jonathan),this lineup also has Southern Gospels Best Baritone(Mark Trammel) and of course my favorite Pianist Tim Parton. I am telling it does not get much better than this, except for maybe the Cats this is the best group the 90s had to offer IMO.

I am going to post a Youtube video of the day every few days or so. Some will be videos that I and I am sure alot of you have seen many times, but to me a video this good will never ever get old I enjoy it all over again everytime I watch it. Others will be videos that maybe have not been seen as much but really need to be seen. I will post my own videos as well from concerts I go to along with a concert review. I have  a few concerts I am going to fairly soon, so be on the lookout for reviews and videos.

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  1. quartet-man
    August 17, 2009 at 1:43 -04:00Aug

    That’s one of my favorite Gold City performances too. (I also love them doing When He Calls I’ll Fly Away and When He Blessed My Soul.) I love on the live versions of the two latter how the tenor would take the root note up an octave and the bass would slide down. That had them covering 4 octaves and one of the things I love about mens quartets are the extremes.

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